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  1. The good friend, Ms .5 mm mechanical pencil
  2. Man, compared to my friends I'm the shortest. I have to look up to talk to most of them. I'm about 4 ft 9 in. Went back to China last summer and found out I was still short enough for 1/2 price train rides.. well there's a plus
  3. My favorite food is probably rice. I can't live without rice. It's like the condiments you put on a burger. I need it to eat everything else. As for types, defiantly homemade Chinese and some Japanese and Indian food.
  4. I hate American fast food, so much greasiness*shudders* But chinese is good when they don't add so much oil.
  5. I use the first one on the list of click sites post, which is AND. But I am part of another site that generates enough views when I put my eggs up that I won't need a hatchery
  6. Whenver I'm near guinea pigs I start to get my usual cold symptoms.
  7. Vampire black cats with a light-up eye function.
  8. My room is so disorganized that making an attempt to find a particular item is impossible. I am residing with a lovely spider that makes its web by my bed. Once you step in, it's chaos.
  9. I feel so lucky that my worst injury that I can recall is a sprained arm from being stupid and falling off the monkey bars (I dunno how that even happened).
  10. Mai Pet Peeves: -Hypocrites. -Little kids under the age of 11 who think they are "cool" because they can say PG-13 things. -People who write messages online with horrible grammar and/or spelling. (how am I supposed to understand y'all?) -Those who think Taylor Swift is better than any artist(s) active before 2000. -The ones who never respond when you talk to them. - And too many more.
  11. I like the music box version of the theme song ( simple and clean) ^.^
  12. Darn I found this today But I think Nimrodel's "Pink Sky" was good and gets my vote
  13. Gaahhh I have Windows 7 and I have not been able to play because of all the problems with maple and windows 7. My friend recommend it to me last year Dx