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  1. CB does not count towards ur points. it doesn't matter how/where you get them. only inbred and messy dragons NOT breed by you count. see the 1st post of this thread for full detail again.
  2. I want to Change! Forum name: teresadurfin Rank: (your trophy level or below) silver Reason for change: got some pretty 2g halloween dragons and want to find them some mates & 2g egg from frill has been bumped up to gold .... Wishlist: 1. any metalic (would LOVE to have a nice lineage one) 2. 2g (any egg) from blusang male x pink female 3. 2g purple neb from shadow walker, mate for her 4. 2g royal blue from female marrow, mate for her 5. 2g blusang from heartseeker 6. any trio with nice lineage (hopefully not with holiday mates cuz i am new and don't have any old holiday dragons to possibly continue the lineage)
  3. no, and in fact, u should update your original post every time u have new dragons. and if u get more dragons BEFORE a mod update your scroll, u can just edit your latest post (and ur origianl post of course) to minimize 'spam' i list my new dragons/hatchies separate from those already accounted for. in case there's an error, then it's easier to check.
  4. with all this talk about ppl now can't make it on sat because of tight schedules, pre-arranged plan. can we have a new thread: Gifting to peopl who can't make Nov 3rd i'm serious. if we can set up a thread to help those affected by sandy, why can't we set up a thread to help those affected by last minute rescheduling?
  5. rude comments are everywhere in the thread. i'm surprised that you were surprised.
  6. this's your wishful thinking. i sincerely hope that by sat, more ppl can participate. it's just like you say 'sometime the table flips you'.
  7. you know what, the ONLY fair deal to EVERYONE is actaully cancelled 2012 drop. i mean seriously for all those who speak of 'fair to everyone'. and i have no issue with cancelling 2012 drop. i know i'm weird in certain way.
  8. you do realize that it is impossible to achieve right? and you can tell by the pour of posts, negative posts, a lot of ppl feel like they're not being treated fairly. i agree he TRIED to be fair but unfortunately, no matter what he does, there will always be ppl not 'treated fairly'. is it fair for ppl in n.y to be flooded because of sandy? no. is it fair for us who planned ahead and now can't make sat? no. i say he tried too hard.
  9. i think ppl need to realize that the owner of this game is a young adult with limited experience on dealing with a situation like this. DC is like a mini government where TJ as the owner is a 'dictator'. i'm not saying this in a bad way *pointing to hitler* but i mean he OWNS this game. we, players of DC are citizens of DC who has no voting right. and we shouldn't. it is a FREE game. once a dictator and his advisors made a decision, that decision is usually final *history lesson any one?* ppl, there is no point arguing. if he didn't pushed it to sat, there would be unhappy ppl. those affected by sandy - we're showing our utmost sympathy to them. those who know they can't be here on oct 31st for whatever reason - these ppl we show no sympathy to you because the fact that you can't make it is not our problm. *ahem ok, we do feel abit bad for you* now that he decided to push it, there are still unhappy ppl. those affect by sandy and will be to busy to deal with their real life and not play DC for awhile - again, we feel really really sorry for your losses both in real life and on DC for not able to share halloween with us. ppl who made plan for the day and now find that they're screwed because they are organized and planned ahead - these ppl are pissed, we can tell. very pissed. however, we do gain a group of happy ppl - those who wouldn't have made it on 31st but can be here on nov 3rd. and then, there's the remaining group of ppl who can do either the 31st or nov 3rd - they're happy no matter what. i wonder if TJ has any idea how many DC users or at least an estimate, will be/would be affected by sandy. why would you pissed off a larger group to please a small group, if that's the case. but if most DC players are indeed concentrated on the east coast, i would say that's a logical choice. if the decision was just based on 'i feel for them', then i feel bad for us... whenever TJ and the mods make a decision, it will always affect some people whether large or small. i hope that he is reading or will read all the posts from this tread and listen to our voices, positive and negative. and learn to understand why ppl are upset. and start to see when your one decision affected hundred, thousand, could be million *this time i'm pointing at obama*, think twice and choose wisely. it is a learning curve. i believe TJ decision is based on a good cause. if he indeed causes disturbance to your life and/or schedule, i believe that's not intentional.
  10. I want to participate! Forum name: teresadurfin Scroll name: teresadurfin Rank: silver Wishlist: 1. any trio with nice lineage 2. 2g red from frill female 3. messy metalics 4. 2g egg from blusang male x pink female 5. 2g blusang from heatseeker 6. 3g purewhite striped trick or treat was a fun event, i'm all in for more
  11. breed egg then PM and then get refused doesn't sound ideal to me i hate to have unwant egg occupying my slot and in general, i don't like to AP offspring egg from my own dragons. in short, doesn't sound good to me. what other ppl think? if a wisher wished for a hatche with specific gender, gifter HAS to hatch the egg, if not the influence will be void and 72 hours wait is bit long to me .... not the worst but would be better if it is a shorter wait. cuz if wisher doesn't pick up, that doesn't give the gifter time to offer it other ppl either pm or trade thread
  12. usually the mods r very quick in closing "illegal" thread. consider they haven't, maybe they like this. have u sent them a PM to request approval? maybe better than just sit n wait.
  13. ok! someone plx request something!!! *eager to earn pts*
  14. so if i read and understand this right, we all start with 15 pts and since the only way to get more pts is by donating a gift, nobody can request rare until he/she already gives something. am i correct? just to make sure. here is a link to my magi: http://dragcave.net/lineage/ZfKbQ edit: and if i make a request and used up all my pts but then i could not donate anything because all requests are something i can't provide ... then that means i'm done with this wishlist? just thinking about it just now.
  15. you do know that a pb metalic is very hard to come by right? in fact, any nice lineage metalic IS hard to come by i like ur idea but u may 've to work out the pts better than just base on that wiki page. that is a good start but u can't just go by it imo. edit: also, by "Seasonal Dragons" u mean Holiday not spring/summer/autumn/winter i suppose? if not, they don't worth 100 pts for sure.
  16. i was never rewarded the 10pts from donating a cb red receiver reported it here: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showt...dpost&p=6605445 my pts was last updated on sept 18, 2012 and the donation was done on sept 25, 2012 I have new Dragons! Forum name: teresadurfin New Frozen Hatchlings: (44 hatchies = 44 points) Time is in the essence (Deepsea 002) Can't escape the sentence (Guardian 002) Mini Swet Mint (Mint 001) When is my turn (Moonstone 001) I jumped the line (Stone 001) Dung dung dung dong (Vine 013) messy but not alt (Vine 014) Freezy plant (Vine 015) Freezy shrub (Vine 016) Swimming in freezing water (Water 006) Swimming in icy dwift (Water 007) FLOOD fail (Waterhorse 006) FLOOD almost pure blue (Waterhorse 007) FLOOD wait in line (Waterhorse 008) FLOOD tinselkin (Waterhorse 009) FLOOD and calm (Waterhorse 010) FLOOD small horse (Waterhorse 011) FLOODED and frozen (Waterhorse 012) FLOOD and frozen on time (Waterhorse 013) FLOOD small pond (Waterhorse 014) FLOOD flood (Waterhorse 015) FLOOD one foot in hell (Waterhorse 016) FLOOD i go first (Waterhorse 017) FLOOD waiting for my day (Waverunner 002) FLOOD i come in 2nd (Waverunner 003) FLOOD flap your wings to flee (Waverunner 004) FLOOD blue sea (Waverunner 005) FLOOD something (Waverunner 006) FLOOD n frozen (Waverunner 007) FLOOD blue wave (Waverunner 008) FLOOD easy (Waverunner 009) FLOOD the messy (Waverunner 010) FLOOD hard (Waverunner 011) FLOOD frozen chicken (Waverunner 012) FLOOD up (Waverunner 013) FLOOD forward (Waverunner 014) FLOOD not too late (Waverunner 015) FLOOD messy Thuwed (Waterwalker 004) FLOOD there's no reason (Waterwalker 005) FLOOD johnny walker (Waterwalker 006) FLOOD river (Waterwalker 007) FLOOD medium (Waterwalker 008) FLOOD head in guillotine (Waterwalker 009) Messy Decendent of Thuwed (White 004) New Adult Dragons: (11 adults = 5.5 points) What's going to happen to me (Albino 003) Maybe I get to grow up (Daydream 001) I escaped (Deepsea 001) I grew up o0O ROAR O0o (Green 001) Running against time (Spitfires 002) I was a cutie once (Sunstone 002) FLOOD should've been frozen (Waterhorse 005) FLOOD n' freeze potential (Waverunner 001) FLOOD frozen deli lineup (Waterwalker 002) FLOOD slipped through the crack (Waterwalker 003) Kaboo (Whiptail 001) Link to Sign up Post: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showt...0entry6386989
  17. thx nxtashaxt and thundersky86 for helping me with 2 eggs for my giftee (the 2 eggs r exactly what my giftee wants, hurray!) now on another note, i haven't heard from my gifter at all ... so to my gifter: i'm still waiting