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  1. @SolarCat: sorry to hear u've been having a hard time with trade. i'm fairly new and thus don't 've good items to trade but once in awhile, i can catch dino and paper which i usually get decent hatchling trade offers. however, i'm not getting any offer for the paper egg trade i just re-posted. i'm just asking for 1 cb vine egg, i thought that's not too much to ask but still no offer. and i stated that it is to help members on a collecting thread. i've offered cb vine before and happily accepted 3-4 messy hatchlings so i thought my request is reasonable ... guess i'm wrong i've a discussion with a couple dc players and it seems that they all feel the trading evironment is not very 'friendly'. it is due to some bad experience from previous trades. either rude pm or unfair offer or offer rejected even the 'deal' was established via pm in advance. most ppl here r friendly and helpful. most ppl would ask for equal value trade, then 'good offer' which is understandable but when u pm them and ask if they would accept multiple of uncommon/common hatchies for a 2g metal, they don't even pm back with a simple 'no thx'. after a couple times, you get discouraged to offer when another perosn has a 2g meta to tradel. cuz u don't want the same 'humiliation' again as u feel ur offer is unworthly and not welcomed. i think stating 'pm to discuss' and 'will respond to all pm' etc helps to indicate you're more friendly and open to trade discussion. trade value of anything fluctuates based on what's hit (new release), what's rare (these don't change at the high end like cb metals, ng), what's hard to get (ice & magma r harder to find than thunder recently, even reds & pinks seems to drop less frequently as before; but these can shift when cave ratio change/adjust which is one unknow we'll never figured out and therefore will always contribute to the fluctuation), what's a lot of ppl r looking for (some time a group decide to work on a new project and needs lots of certain cb in a short perid of time and they r willing to trade down for those commons but once their need is satisfied, the 'market' is gone) one can ask forever he/she want for a trade but the chance of he /she actually gets that trade decresses as the asking price is further off from 'market value' which is not determined by any one person here but by the 'market'.
  2. I have received a prize! Forum name: teresadurfin Scroll link: teresadurfin Current amount of points: 87 Prize you received: cb winter hatchie Points it cost: 35 Collector you received it from: Amaterasu-sama New point total: 52 and i would like to cancel my other cb winter request. thx.
  3. i'm all in for another round of gifting; however could we space it out? halloween --> x'mas --> valentine is just a few months apart. then there'll be not much going on (cuz no holiday events) until easter (?). maybe an easter gifting round in late may/early june?
  4. i sent a lineaged vine egg to moonlightelf by mistake ... i've since replaced it with a cb vine (just sent a trasnfer link to moonlightelf). we believe it should be reported. i'm terribly sorry 'bout the mistake. it wasn't intentional :-( -teresa
  5. 3 cheers to my gifter, tjsweepers, who gave me 3!!!!! lovely eggs. aaahhhh so so so so so happy. :-D i'm so happy that i finally got a 2g egg from blusang x pink. thx so much and i've to show off this amazing magma. all my other magma are messy. now look at my new pretty! did i tell u i love it? :-p i'm passing another gift to my giftee. waiting to be picked up. :-)
  6. I Would Like To Join This Project! Forum Name: teresadurfin Scroll Link: http://dragcave.net/user/teresadurfin PM Link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...DE=4&MID=192320 Hidden Word: x'mas! always Sign Up Date: jan 7, 2013 Point Total: 0 Eligible Dragons: 0 (i'm new and never signed up in the old thread)
  7. thx for all the wonder dragons from this thread and now they've all grown up (i feel so proud!), i would like to register them so that i can offer their offspring back to this thread and spread the wonder of this thread this's my 1st time listing my dragons, plx let me know if i used the correct form :-) (to save space, i didn't repeat the fancy pic & forum/scroll link etc BAH! FORUM NAME: teresadurfin SCROLL NAME: teresadurfin Christmas or Shadow Walker Dragons: offspring of Shadow over my Snow Angel (2g sw from white wing angel) x Golden Angel of Past Shadow (2g gold wing from white wing x sw) Christmas: offspring of Shadow Dancing with Christmas (2g sw from ribbon dancer) x Dancing in Present Shadow (2g dancer from sw) (note: i'll be keeping the sw offspring from halloween 2013) Christmas or Shadow Walker Dragons: offspring of Winter Magi's overlooking Shadow or Winter Magi's Christmas Shadow (2g sw from winter magi) x Winter Magi of Christmas Past or Winter Magi of Christmas Shadow (2g winter magi from sw)
  8. i agree, volcano needs some more movement. i actually really like mint cuz they look so cute, so plx include it in next rd, thx :-) -teresa
  9. I want to redeem a Prize! Forum name: teresadurfin Scroll Link: http://dragcave.net/user/teresadurfin PM Link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...DE=4&MID=192320 Current Points: 82 Prize I want: cb winter x2 (which is 35 pts each)
  10. i'm glad u like my gifts. i didn't do a very gd job during the halloween round. i had to ask for help (n' luckily, there were plenty) to give something decent to my giftee. i think reaching silver trophy does help! :-D i've not heard from my gifter but as ppl pt out, there's still lots of time so i'll just w8 n c. n i really want to thx Flamemynx & WhiteBaron to organize this. really appreciate it. -teresa
  11. i haven't heard from ma santa, should i be worried?
  12. TA DA! Forum name: teresadurfin Scroll name and link: teresadurfin FINAL total of Flood Control dragons: 103 Grouping: The flood is at the bottom of my scroll. thx for organizing the contest and i'm all in for rd 2 but ya, can we do some other dragons? there r too much blue on my scroll :-p
  13. I RECEIVED AN EGG FROM: Tigerphoenix GIFTED EGG LINEAGE LINK: http://dragcave.net/lineage/XXubK
  14. For this Christmas I would like a 3g moonstone or white from lurker thx for hosting the raffle & merry x'mas to u all edit: that was fast! I got an even gen moonstone/white lurker checker hatchie from salmonbaby, thx!
  15. I RECEIVED AN EGG FROM: Wanderer GIFTED EGG LINEAGE LINK: http://dragcave.net/lineage/Ql3HQ I RECEIVED AN EGG FROM: Dracaena GIFTED EGG LINEAGE LINK: http://dragcave.net/lineage/KgDld
  16. when i click "black oven recipe" nothing happen ... i mean shouldn't a black recipe pop up in the middle and let me select ingredients? but i see is a grey-out "MAKE" with the kitchen background artwork.
  17. i picked up this ss white egg today. sooooo happy!! :-D however, i don't know how to create a mate for it ... i've no holly of course. can someone give me some idea of possible mate? this'll also help me determine its gender. thx -teresa
  18. COUNT ME IN! Forum name: teresadurfin Scroll name and link: teresadurfin Favorite aquatic breed, and why: waterhorse, like their color OHH YEAH, IT IS ON! Forum name: teresadurfin Scroll name and link: teresadurfin I have at least ten bottled beauties, so add my name to the list and let's get this party started! Grouping: The flood is at the bottom of my scroll. A WINNER IS ME! Forum name: teresadurfin Scroll name and link: teresadurfin I have at least sixty bottled beauties, so that Honorable Mention prize is mine, all mine! Add my name to the list, and make sure to send me something awesome when the contest is over! Oooo, pretty! Of all the dragons on the Honorable Mention prize list, I'd say these three are the most tempting... 1 - 2G tri-color snow angel from marrow 2 - 2G 09' valentine from vine 3 - 2G sweetlings from old pink Grouping: The flood is at the top / bottom of my scroll.
  19. @panthera1: thx for the update. and i see ur pt of keep'g SW & x'mas dragons only. and consider we alrdy 've black for Scrooge’s dark mind and sunsong for his lust of gold, i agree we don't need to add marrow. :-)
  20. these are other x'mas dragons i need as mates for a couple of my shadow walkers. i don't expect to be gifted multiple dragons. i'm listing these as options to provide flexability to pair giftee/gifter. HUMBUG! FORUM NAME: teresadurfin SCROLL NAME: teresadurfin PAIRING PREFERENCES (e.g., Shadow Walker x Ribbon Dancer): sw x winter magi as mate for Winter Magi's Christmas Shadow or Winter Magi's overlooking Shadow PAIRING PREFERENCES (e.g., Shadow Walker x Ribbon Dancer): sw x ribbon dancer as mate for Shadow Dancing with Christmas
  21. i thought marrow could represent the 'sinner' side of scrooge. marrow feeds on the dead (the poor would have no means to bury their love one properly and corpses are left to be devoured by marrow) and scrooge doesn't care if the poor died. what do you think? panthera: thx for adding my sw x snow angel request. all: i like joining lineage thread where ppl discuss what they r trying to accomplish. i'll add my pairings to this thread as i find appropriate mates.
  22. HUMBUG! FORUM NAME: teresadurfin SCROLL NAME: teresadurfin PAIRING PREFERENCES (e.g., Shadow Walker x Ribbon Dancer): marrow x tri-color snow angel as a mate for this if the above is not possible, back up request: PAIRING PREFERENCES (e.g., Shadow Walker x Ribbon Dancer): shadow walker x white-wing snow angel as a mate for this
  23. i hope i'm not too late to report this before a new update: i think i was awarded too many pts from last update. plx check
  24. yes u can offer eggs/hatchies here by using the "Trade a dragon" form. 1st pg of this thread listed the max pts u can ask for different eggs. u can offer an egg for less pt then listed but not more. when the exchange is done, the receiver should report here and pts will be transfer from receiver to donor when the mod update the thread. currently, our mods r busy and can't come often so the thread is bit out of date.
  25. i've 2 cb reds for u, 1 is a hatchie & 1 is an egg. if u'r ok, plz pm me. thx