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  1. what's "too much" in today's DC culture? sorry, I am out of this for so long .... I know these are highly valued or top tier: CB metal, 2G price. 2G holly, 2G from alt sprite. what else? and what would be consider 2nd tier? it used to be CB magma/ thunder / ice ... and 2G alt black I think. I need some DC crash course >.<
  2. hi all, I recently came back to DC after 2 years 'neglecting' my dragons ... >.< i am very out dated regarding what lineage people like ... i currently have three 3G eggs (a copper, a winter and a nhiostrife) from val' 09 perfect checker. no one seems to be interested to trade ... are these kind of lineage not preferred these days?
  3. i'm just curious ... when did DC start? the dragcave site bottom stated 'Dragon Cave Copyright © 2006–2018 T.J. Lipscomb.' but when 2006? anyone knows?
  4. hello, I just came back to dragon cave after a long departure. I don't have much to offer but I picked up a nice val'09 which I won't be able to continue. I am looking for a 2nd gen from 2017 valentine. I wasn't around and couldn't catch any abandoned ones. A 2nd gen with non-rare / non-holiday mate will be great. I don't have any CD gold or tinsel or anything too fancy. thanks https://dragcave.net/teleport/5fd55564db7ccf1ae456dde8c4f4ccb4
  5. thx mandrakekeeper for the wonderful gift. it is more than I expected when I wish for 'any pretty lineage (something related to x'mas)'. many many many thx again -teresa
  6. PointOfOrigin and Oasis both my original giftee SuperCream and new giftee BearTeddie have received a few gifts from their wishlists. fyi: SuperCream was busy and couldn't get on but I managed to get a few new hatchies for her after I traded her original gifts for what BearTeddie wants. my gifter: I never received any pm from my gifter. i don't know who is/was my gifter and I don't know if I got a new gifter after a few ppl dropped out / no show. I did receive a couple nice gifts from other ppl but did I miss/screw up something when I signed up? just want to double check
  7. my giftee has picked up the first few gifts. there is still one more to be picked up. if I'm lucky, I may be able to get another one. :-D ps: this's how secret santa is supposed to work. my giftee keeps picking up the gifts and I keep finding new things for my giftee until we're both exhausted. lol pss: I voted once a year. I'm not against the idea of non-stop gifting but since I think this is a special event and it wont' be as special if we do it too often.
  8. @mandrakekeeper and Claudii Thanks for the encouragement. I don't have a nice scroll since I just randomly pick up AP and CB eggs. so I don't have anything most people considered rare or pretty. I can produce a couple of 3G and maybe one 4G common checkers and that's about it. so when I got my giftee's list, I had to trade, which I don't mind, and even provide you-know-what-not-to-name promises (which I can fulfill by myself with ease) in order to fulfill my giftee's wishes. I understand we are only 'obligated' to provide one gift; but what's fun is that! let's gift more and MORE! the fact is, with such a limited scroll and almost no trade fodder from breeding, I still managed to fulfill a few wish list items, I'm pretty proud of myself; however, when it is not being recognized and feel like being ignored, I felt unappreciated. not a very happy feeling you see. @PointOrOrigin I didn't take into account that my giftee could be a new player. I am a very impatient person because time is limited and I always try to make the most out of my time. so to see the clock ticking, timer on eggs counting down and the gifts not being picked up, it was very very frustrating. I apology for not being considerate for new players or those who may not be available due to real life. One thing I would like to let you know. I am truly grateful that you and Oasis took up the task to organize this. As I said, it was a lot of fun in the past and I wish more would come in the future. Once again, thank you. @mandrakekeeper & Ruby Eyes After acting like a child (seeing so many people posted about their gifts and I got none *sob*), two very generous people dropped some gifts at my door step I feel loved. *hugging her precious gifts* many many thx. -teresa
  9. I traded in multiple eggs to fulfill my giftee's wishlist and I've been holding 6 eggs and egglocked myself for over 4 days; however, both pms from me to my giftee haven't been responded. due to lack of respond from my giftee (to pick up eggs), gifter (I don't even know if i have a gifter or if my gifter has read his/her PM about secret santa) and mods for help, I've decided to withdraw from this years' secret santa. thx for setting this up and i had a lot of fun with previous Halloween gifting and secret santa but unfortunately, this round has proven to be rather frustrating to wait for days without any communication from anyone. -teresa
  10. To Oasis: (^ colorded and bolded & increase font size to get your attention ) 1. my giftee hasn't picked up his/her gifts and most gifts (eggs) are now @ 3d 12h. what should I do? 2. I've not received any message from my gifter. -teresa
  11. I've sent 2 PMs to my giftee but my gifts have not yet been picked up. they're all eggs and still have time to influence. how long should I keep these eggs? I don't mind influence and hatch them and wait a few more days but if my giftee don't pick up them, what am I going to do? -teresa
  12. I want to Change! Forum name: teresadurfin Reason for change: got cb green opal, only needs blue ones now Wishlist: 1. a mate for http://dragcave.net/lineage/1BpHN (purple nebula x shadow walker female) 2. cb BLUE opal 3. any pretty lineage (something related to x'mas) :-) 4. a 3g blusang from blusang x heartseeker (perfect checker) 5. a mate for http://dragcave.net/lineage/HHKFH (cb red male x cb frill female) 6. anything with a pretty lineage
  13. hi all, been a long while since i checked this. thx to many generous ppl gifting me pretty mates for my dragons. these dragons have bred this season and i want give back to this thread. I have the following 2x winter magi which have identical lineage. I only need to keep one. plx pm me if you would like one of 'em this x'mas. plx specific which one you want. http://dragcave.net/lineage/d2xSn or http://dragcave.net/lineage/sIZ3j i have 1x ribbon dancer to gift: http://dragcave.net/lineage/Af50S plx pm me if you want this. thx pantera1: i'll update this post once i know who gets what. :-) edit: I DONATED AN EGG TO: RaisingDragons GIFTED EGG LINEAGE LINK: http://dragcave.net/lineage/d2xSn & http://dragcave.net/lineage/Af50S
  14. oh, so all I need to do is log on and sit back? :-D
  15. I just found out about the holiday event... I don't see any snow to collect.
  16. I stayed up late and for HOURS and finally got 7. *sleepy eyes* I got all of mine from alpine ... can they be found in other biome?
  17. I want to participate! Forum name: teresadurfin Scroll name: teresadurfin Wishlist: 1. a mate for http://dragcave.net/lineage/1BpHN (purple nebula x shadow walker female) 2. cb opal (any color) 3. any pretty lineage (something related to x'mas) :-) 4. a 3g blusang from blusang x hearkseeker (perfect checker) 5. a mate for http://dragcave.net/lineage/HHKFH (cb red male x cb frill female) 6. anything with a pretty lineage. :-D to mods: I had a lot of fun with last year's secret santa. thx for hosting and helping with this year. *big big hug*
  18. i'm not very active in trading. what gen is consider low? 2-3 is low i can tell, how about 4? is 6 still consider mid-gen? -teresa
  19. i've got the pretty, thx abunch! thx Evilminion for hosting this contest thx flower1818 for the lovely pretty sweety egg!!!!!!! -teresa
  20. may i've 2g heartseeker from sw as mate for url=http://dragcave.net/lineage/1Ujjj thx -teresa
  21. my santa just surprised me with 2 more metal, 1 of those is gold hatchie! thx a million time santa! -teresa
  22. ma santa gave me a silver egg!!!!!! my 1st metal!!!! so happy, so happy, so happy. thx santa :-D
  23. @SolarCat: sorry to hear u've been having a hard time with trade. i'm fairly new and thus don't 've good items to trade but once in awhile, i can catch dino and paper which i usually get decent hatchling trade offers. however, i'm not getting any offer for the paper egg trade i just re-posted. i'm just asking for 1 cb vine egg, i thought that's not too much to ask but still no offer. and i stated that it is to help members on a collecting thread. i've offered cb vine before and happily accepted 3-4 messy hatchlings so i thought my request is reasonable ... guess i'm wrong i've a discussion with a couple dc players and it seems that they all feel the trading evironment is not very 'friendly'. it is due to some bad experience from previous trades. either rude pm or unfair offer or offer rejected even the 'deal' was established via pm in advance. most ppl here r friendly and helpful. most ppl would ask for equal value trade, then 'good offer' which is understandable but when u pm them and ask if they would accept multiple of uncommon/common hatchies for a 2g metal, they don't even pm back with a simple 'no thx'. after a couple times, you get discouraged to offer when another perosn has a 2g meta to tradel. cuz u don't want the same 'humiliation' again as u feel ur offer is unworthly and not welcomed. i think stating 'pm to discuss' and 'will respond to all pm' etc helps to indicate you're more friendly and open to trade discussion. trade value of anything fluctuates based on what's hit (new release), what's rare (these don't change at the high end like cb metals, ng), what's hard to get (ice & magma r harder to find than thunder recently, even reds & pinks seems to drop less frequently as before; but these can shift when cave ratio change/adjust which is one unknow we'll never figured out and therefore will always contribute to the fluctuation), what's a lot of ppl r looking for (some time a group decide to work on a new project and needs lots of certain cb in a short perid of time and they r willing to trade down for those commons but once their need is satisfied, the 'market' is gone) one can ask forever he/she want for a trade but the chance of he /she actually gets that trade decresses as the asking price is further off from 'market value' which is not determined by any one person here but by the 'market'.
  24. I have received a prize! Forum name: teresadurfin Scroll link: teresadurfin Current amount of points: 87 Prize you received: cb winter hatchie Points it cost: 35 Collector you received it from: Amaterasu-sama New point total: 52 and i would like to cancel my other cb winter request. thx.
  25. i'm all in for another round of gifting; however could we space it out? halloween --> x'mas --> valentine is just a few months apart. then there'll be not much going on (cuz no holiday events) until easter (?). maybe an easter gifting round in late may/early june?