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  1. Pink BSA: influence was only possible on eggs with 4 days or more in the past. It has been changed?
  2. Oh!! Didn't know that. Thanks.
  3. Great ... my friend abandoned the wrong mint ... her upside down mint is now on someone else scroll..... anyway to get it back? Note: We believe the abandoned egg never hit the abandoned page since all abandoned egg would gain 1 day, that would put the egg to 5d 10hr. Abandoned page currently showing 5d / 5d 1hr eggs. And the egg in question is still at 4d 10hr
  4. Do upside-down mint produce upside-down offspring? Also, for those who got a 'regular egg', it could be either a regular balloon or regular mint with location shown as 'cave'. Correct? Just curious, could these be traded as well?
  5. What's the rule on getting a different colour floret than the parents? My friend and I were testing paring and she got this: https://dragcave.net/lineage/Y74BI Thanks.
  6. A lot of people are asking for upside down mint trade. I know 2018's cannot be traded. Was it tradable last year?
  7. Ok. Can the mint be influenced?
  8. I missed last year April Fool event. May I ask how many upside down mint can each scroll received?
  9. Ouch I got 2 but still missing purple and of course missed all the CB gold and silver too...
  10. because of the current release, I am paying more attention to the CB drops in the cave. what happens to all the CBs that didn't get picked up? The codes will be recycled? i.e. re-generate for another egg (could be a different breed) Or once a code is assigned / generated for a breed, it will recycle at the hourly drop but the breed won't change? PS: still no luck with the purple egg >.<
  11. wow, those purple and golden eggs are hard to catch. Do we know if they will be rare or uncommon?
  12. valentine 2018 activities: my friend was checking the messages and clicked the little flag next to one of the message. I think that's the 'report this' button. She didn't mean to. Would that cause any problem?
  13. march 2018 release: I am TOTALLY egg locked at the moment .... *come on, eggs HATCH!!!!* how long will the new eggs drop? I've been monitoring the caves and noticed eggs in alpine and forest got snapped within 30 secs!! I'm afraid I won't get new babies thanks.
  14. zombie: these are obtained by killing an adult during Halloween. These stay with the scroll. If an adult is killed any time outside of the Halloween period, they won't turn into a zombie and will just be a 'tombstone' which will eventually disappear from the scroll. That's my understanding from reading the FAQ from TJ. Did I get this right?
  15. How hard is it to kill an adult dragon? I was checking out the wild dragon page and found this: https://dragcave.net/lineage/rgLm
  16. Thanks for the link and to all those who helped breeding to figure out the colours! Just curious: how come TJ's black x striped paring used to produce white striped?
  17. from DC wiki about Striped: "The different colored variants of this dragon can be obtained by breeding a Striped dragon with other particular dragons that have strong colorations themselves" E.g. Striped x royal blue = blue striped. Can they produce white striped?
  18. how can you tell those 3 hatchies are in the wilderness? i'm just curious.
  19. encyclopedia: where can I find an image showing all the dragons? mine is not completed because I was never my goal to view everything X.x but now I am interested in starting my own lineage project which I have never done before ^.^ I just want a quick 1-page reference so I can see how grown dragons look like. I know DC wiki has everything but I don't want to click every breed to compare the looks to find a pairing I like. can someone help? thanks a lot.
  20. from DC wiki about aria "Bright Pinks used to only breed Pink Dragon eggs after being discontinued, or the egg of their partner's breed; as Aria dragons, they can produce eggs of their own kind again, however will still breed Pink eggs on the rare occasion" Is this true regardless if the aria dragon is from the initial release years ago or the re-release? thanks.
  21. I am sorry, I hit something, not sure what buttons ... and posted twice. So sorry
  22. I have been paying more attention to what people ask for in the trade posts. I noticed a lot of people are asking for hatchies, regardless of breed/lineage/gender, even for some CB trio, xeno, gemshard, lunar etc I understand some of these aren't really 'rare' found but still it seems that people are really eager to get ride of eggs for hatchies. as if there is some sort of a race to get adults on their scroll. Am I missing something? Or it is just the 'trend' these days.
  23. hi all, I am not looking to be a mod but what does 'You must have at most one active warning point. Past warn history will be taken into account, but it won't affect too much. ' mean? I recently came back after 2 years away from DC... I am a bit behind on all the new stuffs implemented in the last 2 years. thanks.