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  1. if that 'report' button is the same as the one during the valentines event this year, than it is broken according to TJ.
  2. Summer festival just started!!!!!
  3. Is there an option to lock a dragon so that it cannot be release? I want to clean up my scroll and release some unwanted commons but there are a few I want to keep. Those are either gifts or have pretty lineage. Please help. Thanks.
  4. While I do ignore all the blank want box trades, I am also amused by what people put in the want box. It is my first time seeing someone use 'heterozygous' to identify dragons bred from 2 different breeds. @HeatherMarie I did have a couple offers where the accept button was grayed-out because the other scroll is locked. It is extremely helpful.
  5. I am looking for specific breeding pair image. Shimmer x (insert breed). Where can I found a database or a thread where people show their prize lineage? Thanks. @Quetzals and @Imzadi thanks!! that works
  6. not sure if this has been suggested: - can we add a filter or sorting option? I want to know which eggs I can afford in the market. Right now, I need to go through every breed. - Also, I want to know which eggs I still have to unlock, if there is a sort option for that, it would be wonderful. - One last wish: can we drop the 'price' for gold and silver?
  7. At least you know the paint WILL dry. I've never seen a CB gold or silver in the cave. I have seen coppers but never fast enough to snap them. 😅
  8. Need more room to type in the 'want' box. A filter for lineage would be really helpful. I am constantly looking for CB, but now, I have to click every single egg to check their lineage. It is soooooooooo time consuming. Definitely need to see more than 1 page of eggs. There are so many new trades popping up, I am missing so many trade opportunities!!!! All in all, the public trade is an amazing tool for trades! Thanks TJ.
  9. I have the same problem (no option to put in "want" for public trade) when I use Internet Explorer and Edge. Chrome is fine.
  10. Not all breeds are available from the 'breed' drop down. I don't see any gold , silver or copper ... Am I missing something? Sorry it is early in the morning here 😅
  11. I use Windows 7 at work: Internet explorer - drop down doesn't work Chrome - Drop down works Firefox - Drop down works I use Windows 10 at home: Internet explorer - drop down doesn't work Edge - drop down doesn't work Samsung Tab A Chrome - Drop down works Drop down on Explorer / Edge stopped working about 5 days ago.
  12. "filter by" and "sort by" drop down doesn't work. I have this problem since Sunday but saw from the thread that most people's issues had been fixed. I don't know what I need to do.... Sorry, I am not very good with computer / technology X.x Can someone shred some light on what I should be checking to identify the problem? thanks a lot.
  13. @Fuzzbucket thanks. No need to be sorry. I haven't won LOL best of luck to everyone else.
  14. Raffle question: in the past winners could choose the code of their prize dragon. Is it still the case with the monthly raffle?
  15. No luck with the raffle either and then I have seen people trading purebred 2G prize and I was like what the.... I mean where is the fun? I feel the pain about trading too. I currently have 3 holiday x common/uncommon checker looking for either bloodswap or whatever offers. nothing. Absolutely nothing. I have more luck asking for nice people to breed 2G common from holiday than trading. So sad.
  16. this is my friend's bad luck: https://dragcave.net/progeny/PahL4 She has been trying for green since 2013. She stopped playing for a couple years and recently re-joined. Some of the non-green eggs were left to die in the past out of frustration.
  17. Thank you ARK and the person who nominated me.
  18. I see. Thanks and good luck catching the new release.
  19. Is there new release in Alpine, Coast and Volcano? Those bio are empty too....
  20. April release: new eggs are already mixed with old? is it like this for every release?
  21. Any particular reason we cannot name eggs?
  22. Maybe maybe! Thanks Ruby Eyes.
  23. Thank you both. In the past, once an egg is ER-able, you could not influence it. At least that's what my memory said LOL ..... Glad to know it is 3 days or more now. I have no object to this!