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  1. I'm trying to catch some omen from AP but not with a lot of luck.  I saw an influx of cavern lurker a couple hours ago.  now, it is a wall of shadow walkers.  does the AP rotates with breed during certain time of the day?

  2. Can we have a "Clear" button to clear the filter selection? 

    During holiday breeding season, possible to have another filter which only has the holiday breed?

    If we can have a filter for mate's breed, that would be awesome! It will make trading holiday a lot less painful, as in less clicking to check mate.


    When I have something to trade, I like to browse through as many existing trades in the hub as possible before putting a trade up.

  3. Anyway to find out if I am blocked by another person on the forum?  I sent a PM to someone with links to gifted eggs; however that person hasn't read the PM for almost 2 days now.  But at the mean time, that same person had been on the forum posting in various trade threads.  I am trying to find out if this person didn't get notification, missed the notification or what.

  4. Just now, angelicdragonpuppy said:


    Forgot about PB stripes. At least you know right away if you failed or not, though, versus having to hatch the darn things. >__<

    Indeed and for that reason, I have no, absolutely zero, plan to have gemshard in any lineage project.  But I do admire people who are brave enough to do so.

  5. 3 hours ago, Kaini said:


    You get an email, and then you don't get the egg until you claim it on the /raffle page. Here's from when I won Icarus:




    If you don't claim the egg before the end of the month, it just goes away. There's no re-draw, and it doesn't get passed on to someone else.


    What would happen when you try to claim the egg while egglocked?  Auto-abandon the prize?


    @Kaini  Good to know!  Thanks. :)

  6. There used to be a thread to trade / gift / ask for help on mate for even gen checker.  I forgot the thread name.  (That's what happened when you come back after years of hiatus.)  Can someone help?  Thanks.

    @13310 thanks!!

    @rinoa26 oh! didn't know about this.  thanks :D