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  1. I'm trying to catch some omen from AP but not with a lot of luck.  I saw an influx of cavern lurker a couple hours ago.  now, it is a wall of shadow walkers.  does the AP rotates with breed during certain time of the day?

  2. Can we have a "Clear" button to clear the filter selection? 

    During holiday breeding season, possible to have another filter which only has the holiday breed?

    If we can have a filter for mate's breed, that would be awesome! It will make trading holiday a lot less painful, as in less clicking to check mate.


    When I have something to trade, I like to browse through as many existing trades in the hub as possible before putting a trade up.

  3. Anyway to find out if I am blocked by another person on the forum?  I sent a PM to someone with links to gifted eggs; however that person hasn't read the PM for almost 2 days now.  But at the mean time, that same person had been on the forum posting in various trade threads.  I am trying to find out if this person didn't get notification, missed the notification or what.

  4. Just now, angelicdragonpuppy said:


    Forgot about PB stripes. At least you know right away if you failed or not, though, versus having to hatch the darn things. >__<

    Indeed and for that reason, I have no, absolutely zero, plan to have gemshard in any lineage project.  But I do admire people who are brave enough to do so.

  5. 3 hours ago, Kaini said:


    You get an email, and then you don't get the egg until you claim it on the /raffle page. Here's from when I won Icarus:




    If you don't claim the egg before the end of the month, it just goes away. There's no re-draw, and it doesn't get passed on to someone else.


    What would happen when you try to claim the egg while egglocked?  Auto-abandon the prize?


    @Kaini  Good to know!  Thanks. :)

  6. There used to be a thread to trade / gift / ask for help on mate for even gen checker.  I forgot the thread name.  (That's what happened when you come back after years of hiatus.)  Can someone help?  Thanks.

    @13310 thanks!!

    @rinoa26 oh! didn't know about this.  thanks :D

  7. 17 hours ago, HeatherMarie said:

    This may be something only TJ can answer, but perhaps a mod knows.... When you click the 'report' icon on a Trading Hub trade's Want text, what exactly does it do? I mean, does the user get a warning to not misuse the text box, or have the ability to make public trades removed (like it warns on the box itself) the very first time, or what? And if they are given a warning first, how exactly does that work since there is no way to directly communicate with a user in-game? I mean I'm sure TJ has the ability to add something to someone's scroll, but... Not really an important question, just rather curious.


    if that 'report' button is the same as the one during the valentines event this year, than it is broken according to TJ.



  8. Is there an option to lock a dragon so that it cannot be release?  I want to clean up my scroll and release some unwanted commons but there are a few I want to keep.  Those are either gifts or have pretty lineage.  Please help.  Thanks.