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  1. Have any of you heard the rumor that an Olympic Dragon will be released during the Summer Olympics this year?
  2. I've been playing dragonvale since October of last year. I love dragonvale. I wish the devs would make it possible to trade dragons or gift dragons to other people. I just barely got the Emerald Dragon last month, but this month I already got the Pearl Dragon and 2 of the Forge Dragons and a second Pearl Dragon in the Breeding Cave now. I started making an egg display collection. Is anyone else doing that? My gamecenter name is bluemonkey9455.
  3. I personally think the Avengers is one of the all time best movies ever made. A large part of it has to do with Joss Whedon's vision for the movie. His humorous one-liners are some of the best. I think Incredible Hulk would have to be my least favorite of the movies leading up to the Avengers and Iron Man 2/Captain America would be tied for my favorite movies leading into the Avengers.