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  1. I'm be entering into my final year of high school soon. It's going to be exciting, but also a bit nerve wracking because of college applications and the work in the future. I feel like college will be a blast, but I have to do my best this year before that.
  2. I now have two of each of the new release dragons, as well as the Frills and Bright Pinks! I can't wait to see what the adults look like.
  3. I just got an alt Undine and alt Black!
  4. Ugh, it's so hard to choose from 700+ pokemon! But here goes: Favorite Types: Water, electric Favorite Pokemon: Dragonite, Blastoise, Heracross, Magnezone, Ampharos Favorite Shinies: Umbreon, Metagross, Gigalith
  5. Strange/cute little trinkets, scrolls, books, and other things, depending on my mood.
  6. No. That is the egg's way of testing you. In order to be worthy of raising that dragon, you must endure everything, and embrace the wind summoned by the egg's magic. This will continue until the day the egg hatches. If you can't wait that long, then I suggest you return the egg to where it came from. Who is TJ?
  7. *steals your blue gemshards. All of mine seem to be green (By the way, you're a Phoenix Wright fan as well!)
  8. I got my Zombie! I also caught 7 of the new eggs
  9. I managed to get one zombie out of the five adults It's my first zombie! The rest all disintegrated. I didn't prepare any hatchlings to attempt a revive on.
  10. Just traded for a CB Thalassa! Just a few more Xenowyrms to go before I reach my goal of a male and female CB Xenowyrm for each type.
  11. I like breeding and planning pretty lineages.
  12. What's a CB Blusang worth? Are they about as rare as a CB Xenowyrm or rarer?
  13. I caught this 8th gen Coastal Wyvern from Thuweds and Dorkface Thanks to whoever bred this! It must've taken a lot of work!
  14. I found a little Tri-horn Wyvern from Judas and Mary
  15. Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. I finished the 3rd Phoenix Wright game a few weeks ago, and it was AWESOME. I was a bit teary at the end. Now I'll playing the 4th game in the series. Sadly I haven't had time to progress beyond the first case.
  16. A bit sick. I feel like I have these cyclical colds occurring once every month. Thankfully they only last a day or two.