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  1. I bred this egg between CB CW and Mutamore, surprised they would even accept each other.
  2. -removed to prevent confusion over the items that are available. The part picture is adorable, everyone did a wonderful job in making it a huge success. <3
  3. I can't do anything for the people Tassind explains. I've clicked all of them multiple times and gone back but there's nothing new on the list. My friend did it all last night and she has 37 items...
  4. The adults are absolutely beautiful! So happy that this is a male-only breed. I love them Great work spriters!
  5. All 30 items here! I'm surprised I got all of them, even though I missed a day. The part with the mixed up gifts was really confusing.
  6. Finally named my little Val'16 dudes. I had the idea that they're brothers so I found the perfect brotherly names for them. I can't believe Bienfang and Valsparr weren't taken. EDIT: omg, finally! I'm unstuck!! I love the old Heartseeker, he's so sweet The Arsanis are my second favorite, the hatchlings sound adorable. I can't wait for the rest of the story! <3
  7. Ok, who else is stuck in the gully? I can't do anything and I'm still stuck in the stupid loop.
  8. Ooh, I like that philosophy. When a relationship within their proximity is going well, they're in a good mood. But when there are problems, they're likely less than approachable, that's how I see it. I have a whole new outlook on this breed now.
  9. Heartstealers hatch pink? The adults are red, though...
  10. I'm still stuck in the gully...I got the chalk and torch today, I remember reading about those and getting them before, though. Hm. I love the look of the new dragons! Breeding plans still pending, unfortunately. Here are my thoughts; Females: Red (Eaglefeather) Albino (Shasta Oakleaf) Males: Astrapi Xenowyrm (Reznorith) Royal Crimson (Alistair Wulfric) ^ Lineaged & Cave-Born mates in plans. I can't wait to see the adults!
  11. I bred them yesterday though. Val eggs were still dropping then.
  12. Corona Topaz I wanted to breed him with Kaikyri, my Grave. But they don't seem to like each other. Guess I'll keep trying.
  13. My link unfroze and I finally got to the gully. That's it. I don't know what items I missed by missing a whole day but here's what I got: Berries, dragon, statue, gems, feather, bucket, bucket with flowers. Why can't I leave the gully? I've tried all the options and nothing is working for me. I already have the beetle, pearl and six invitations from the other day.
  14. Golden Wyvern vHold - Maybe a new wrestling move? Grave Dragon 938- My best friend's house number. 9 - Her next door neighbor's mailbox number. w- Friend's bedroom window looks west. Creepy? I think so! Gold fiNGr- Finger!
  15. I've seen a single Heartstealer on each wall, refreshed over 50 times and I finally got one yesterday. I haven't seen another since.
  16. What's going on with the event?? Isn't it supposed to be the next day? Because I can't click the "next day" link, it's gray and barely visible. I wish my eggs would hatch already, I can't wait to see these hatchlings. Ugh, I have lazy dragons. Though I've always had lazy dragons, ever since I joined it's taken forever for anything to grow up.
  17. While you weren't logged on, your dragons had a fight. They buried the dragon to hide the accident, assuming you wouldn't see it. Why does my shallow water dragon have a "Splash" action?
  18. Find a large net and bring your little sister to use as bait. How do I obtain a chicken?
  19. According to the calendar, yes. That doesn't make any sense.
  20. Can anyone tell me what the breed of the father is in this pretty lineage for my little Heartstealer?