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  1. Sincerely thank you so much for posting this! Was stuck for much longer than I'd like to admit and this worked perfectly.
  2. Are you trying to decorate it with the desktop version of the site active or the mobile version? I'm using the mobile view for the tree on chrome and this has been the easiest year to move things around while on my phone. As for the ingredients I gave up trying to click them on mobile view due to the issues you're having, desktop view just makes it so much easier if your phone can handle it.
  3. It's not much, but I'm happy with how it turned out.
  4. Oh thank god they're real, was worried for a moment there |D
  5. Maybe they just hatch forever? Because the hatching animation keeps changing so, yaaaaa.
  6. Woo! Another awesome Halloween breed! Thank you TJ and artist(s) for the new breed, and happy Halloween everyone!
  7. After trying to summon one since Jan 2014, Rng finally caved ;-; so happy.
  8. Niceee, thanks TJ! Happy Easter forums
  9. Thanks for the heads up on the future downtime TJ! Can't wait to see the V-Day dragon this year :3
  10. Thanks for making the raffle larger this year TJ Best of luck to everyone!
  11. Finally got a female zombie and two of the new species! Can't wait to see what they are Happy Halloween everyone!
  12. Man I can't believe I almost missed this O: amazing story this yr guys! Thank you to everyone who spent time and effort on making this years Halloween event possible!!
  13. Torrential downpour, though it's been over 90°F all week so it's a welcome storm.
  14. Hmm I'd have to say when people go 10 or more below the posted speed limit when the signs are easy to see, change lanes without turn signals, and when someone opens the door to come into the room you are currently in then leaves without re-closing it...
  15. mrSoy, Guess their parents really liked soy sauce O_o
  16. You R Gravely Miss Steak N, when in doubt change words and add caps!
  17. G4M38L0RG = Vampire Dat boot = Green Dino The Moon-Bog = Moonstone Calvin Harris = Lumina What The Moon Brings = Horse Skyscreaming = Sunsong Amphiptere Thank You For Visiting = Guardian Parov Stelar = Speckle-Throated Kinda expected the Lovecraft stories to all be taken.
  18. Thanks for another year of colorful eggs TJ and all the artists who designed the easter eggs
  19. Huh I got a 3, was kind of expecting it to be worse considering most of the middle options looked the same.
  20. Heheh, happy April fools day to you too TJ.
  21. Can't wait to see the new valentines draggie!
  22. Aww I was hoping to get a frilled, but no biggy there's always next year. Anyways congrats to everyone that won!