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  1. I get next to no internet access for a couple of days and suddenly there are things going on everywhere? >< I can't guarantee that I'll have time at all to post this year, so if there's any way to kind of back out of the team battles...I mean it's fine if I can't. Just skip my turn for now.
  2. Whoa when did a new mission get started? Also who's turn is it in the team battle?
  3. Oh...couldn't someone just substitute a character in or something? I mean I dunno, I'm probably just being silly but I don't really like when people use my characters. Blegh. It's fine. But I can't guarantee that I'll be able to post a new personality for her any time soon.
  4. Sure, but I'm dropping my character as well. I've got no time to be on anymore. Mostly.
  5. Hey guys, I don't think I can continue being in this RP, actually. My mom blocked the forums from the routers, so I can't even use my phone to get on. So yeah.
  6. ((So just where should I jump in? Should my character just rejoin Sierra and Kein? Who else is with them?))
  7. Ooh, improv. Some people are really good at that, but unfortunately I have a severe case of stage fright.
  8. ((So where exactly are they?))
  9. ((Ahhh what happened now? Recap please?))
  10. Cirila swooped down towards me, and I grinned. This was awesome. I reached out and stroked one of her whiskers. I knew she liked that. She purred and rubbed against my shoulder, clutching her pearl in a death grip the whole time. "Hey, thanks, Soiled," I said. "Now what? You wanna just wander?"
  11. Cassidy gave a faint smile. "Well, maybe I did. You never know. And as for my powers...they gave me the ability to create any power I wanted, whether it be for myself or others. I can remove these newfound abilities at will, of course. In addition to that, I also have the ability to distort the reality around me, although I've been keeping it down."
  12. "Oh, I'm just assuming that we're all friends of Kien here," Cassidy replied simply. She flicked a glance toward the gun. "After all, he busted us out from the lab, didn't he?"
  13. Cassidy blinked as the trio ran off. She'd catch up later. A green lamb and another person ran up, saying something about winged humans. Ah, they must be referring to Kien. "Hello," she greeted. "I couldn't help but hear that you were mentioning a winged human. Did he happen to have many flames around his body as well? I think I know who you're talking about, but what do you want him for?"
  14. Ugh, people were staring now. She shot them Heolsdor-patented Death Stares. "Move along, all of you! Nothing to look at! Just rehearsing, that's all!" She hoped the others wouldn't mind her saying they were practicing for a play or something, but these civilians had been standing there for a while. Some were recording, but wiping their phones with a nice burst of...well, some sort of disruptive signal, she supposed, wouldn't be too hard.
  15. Well. What a lot of drama. Cassidy didn't care for many people, but she felt as if she should go talk to this...Sierra girl. Walking up to her, she cleared her throat awkwardly. She'd never been terribly good at this. Sure, she'd had to learn to be the most graceful hostess at her mother's parties, but this... "Don't worry. She'll come around. No matter what you do, you are still her daughter and she still loves you." Cassidy gave the girl a small smile. That was terrible and she should never attempt compassion again.
  16. ((Wow. I took my sweet time with this post, didn't I?)) By the time Cassidy woke up the next day and changed again, everyone was gone. She was alone in the woods, from what she could tell, and...wow, she'd slept almost 20 hours. The lab had really tired her out. Where was everyone else? Did they all go their separate ways, or were they all on their way to some safe haven? She knew she couldn't go home like this, no matter how much she missed her family. She'd only bring danger to them. Maybe she could track down her fellow escapees. Teleporting, maybe? She'd read a story where a psyc
  17. @Snow: I have a friend who also loves LoL, and he sent me . Thought you might be interested. Oh god my first day is tomorrow in not ready for this help me.
  18. ((Wow you guys have gotta slow down. What's going on and are people just ignoring Cassidy?))
  19. Cassidy blinked after the man. Well then. She pulled an apple out of the void and bit off a chunk, enchanting her clothes with a twirl of her fingers. Her standard-issue, one-size-fits-all white smock morphed into an elegant black dress. Her black choker materialized around her neck as well. She tossed her perfectly straight hair over her shoulder and pulled out a comb. Finally she would have enough time to primp and preen. Spreading an impressive pair of wings made of pure darkness, she flew up to the top of a tree and ran the comb through her hair. It had grown almost to her knees. She
  20. Cassidy sighed in her cramped cage. Time to make her rounds again. The other prisoners would be starving. They always were. Sitting up, she gave herself metalbending powers and bent the bars of her cage just enough to allow her to slip out. She was extremely thankful that she'd received the ability to create powers. She removed her newfound ability and walked on. No point in keeping it, really. She already had quite a few useful ones she was retaining. Turning herself invisible took but a thought, and soon she was hightailing it to the nearest pantry. She went on raids once a week, always
  21. ((Name: Cassidy Heolsdor Nickname: Casey, Cassie (no one dares call her anything but her actual name) Gender: Female Age: 23 For/Against Dark Legion: Neutral, but she hops between the two sides, wreaking havoc everywhere. Powers/Special Abilities: Meta Power Creation and Chaos Embodiment History: She came from a family of noble descent, and she was caught and taken to the labs when out on a walk. Personality: She is elegant and refined, having come from a family of noble blood, and she still retains her lessons in etiquette and grace. She's very quiet unless provoked, and she was
  22. I'm a Peixes. KN-E-EL B-EFORE YOUR -EMPR-ESS. No actually. Uh. Sorry. I'm a Mage of Breath, though. Someone else as well, although I can't remember who.
  23. Kozuki can sleep wherever. Including standing up. But sure, she can have a room.