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  1. Sign me up! This will be a piece of cake!
  2. Recently, on another message board, a topic was about doctor who. I was curious. I watched an episode. And I fell in love. You can watch Doctor Who on Project Free TV, or search Doctor who online on Google. You can find pretty much all of them!
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    A woman doesn't own a child, no matter what stage of pregnancy. It's not just men who think abortion is wrong. I don't think someone should kill a baby. And yes, it IS a baby. And some people say the child wouldn't have a good life. Wouldn't you rather have a life, then no life at all?
  4. Oh. My. Goodness. That sounds like heaven. But of course, there are probably no Farr's in Canada, whatever that is.
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    It sounds tough, but I have an idea of what I want to do. I probably won't finish though. I'll try!
  6. I just chose something from the poll, but my favorite is.....*drumroll please* White Lightning! I had it at a small ice cream parlor on my trip to the states. It's chocolate, with streaks of white. It's got a minty, chocolaty taste. This isn't ice cream, but my favourite dessert in the world is chocolate hazelnut gelatto. I had it at a little ice cream shop in old Quebec. Speaking of gelatto, my town's getting a gelatto place, which is surprising, since it's such a small town. We will soon have 3 ice cream places. Wow, that's a long post for favourite ice cream.
  7. Hmm....mangoes are definitely delicious. And bananas. And kiwi. In that order.
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    My family likes to call me a carnivore. There's a reason for that. Once we took a fast, since we're Christian, for about 30 days, and guess what my parents decided to take a fast from? Meat. It was tough. I really like meat, of most kinds. Especially turkey. I don't see any reason not to eat meat. A bunch of people not eating meat is not going to stop the food industry from producing it. But sometimes going vegetarian is a health choice, or people just don't eat meat because they don't like it.
  9. A tad shy, but when other dragons annoy me, watch out, they might find fire breathing down their necks! I'd like to go off by myself and breathe fire in the dark so I could read.
  10. I'm stuck in this egg, with no way out until I hatch. I want to break free, I want to discover who I am, but I need to be fed. Food.....Oh food.
  11. I adore Minecraft. Most of you guys listen to BlueXephos, right? Could they just post the next SOI episode already?!?! Speakin' of them, just reminded me, gotta go check their channel. My current building project in creative is an emerald house! The new snapshot is amazing, but I'm still trying to find a Jungle Temple!
  12. I thought of mine because my middle name is Joy, but Joy was taken, so, Joyful! I'm not that Joyful much though.
  13. Walunio Firedance. Just so funny! No comment on mine. Does anyone know how many views, clicks, etc. needed for my dragons to become hatchlings?
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    *jumps and dives into a river* Aaaghhhhhhh! RUN!
  15. Joyful

    Swipe A Dragon!

    *swipes Element Spirit Element*
  16. Nice. My brother bought Minecraft, and I play it, occasionally, I guess. Pretty fun!
  17. Hmm...my dad's ancestors are from Germany, and my mom's are from Ireland, I believe. Not too sure.