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  1. Myeh my finals are in June, I'm not out of the woods yet 😢check this form in any case. Not sure which interpretation of the Chang'e myth to go with, but I'll stick with this one for now. Username: greenglassesgal Host Name: Ruijie Zhu 祝瑞杰 Age: 18 Gender: Male Sexuality: Bisexual Appearance: Ruijie's got a skinny build, and stands at a standard 5'8. He has your plain old Asian black hair, grown to chin-length and cut with side swept bangs. He occasionally wears thickly-framed glasses over his dark brown eyes, but usually goes without them. He often wears collared shirts and slacks. Personality: Tending towards the awkward side, Ruijie is hopeless when it comes to social contact. As a result, he prefers to keep his distance from people, making very few close friends. He doesn’t like getting involved with things that don’t immediately concern him. If you pester him hard enough, though, you’ll find that he’s kind of a pushover. He's otherwise quite studious, and can focus on a task to the point of tunnel vision. History: At a young age, Ruijie was pressured by his parents to pursue a path of medicine just like them. He went along with it, immersing himself into his schoolwork to get good grades to go to a good university. Thankfully, he does enjoy the subject, though his drowning out of everything but studying didn’t do any favors for his people skills. Powers/Abilities: - Levitation: Though he can’t fly outright like Chang’e, Ruijie can hover up to 10 feet in the air. He can go as fast as his typical running speed, and it tires him out just as quickly if he tries to go past that. He can also hold his current altitude to cross gaps/pits, given that they are short enough to get over within 10 seconds. If he takes any longer, the levitation breaks, and he'll fall. - Gravity Manipulation: Ruijie can alter gravity within a 12 meter radius around him, decreasing it down to as low as that of the Moon. He can choose to be personally affected by it or not. Weapon(s): A staff. Other: why Deity Name: Chang’e Gender: Female Sexuality: Heterosexual Appearance: Chang'e stands at a willowy 5'9. Her pale skin contrasts with her long jet-black hair, which she keeps in two bunny-like loops on the top of her head, the excess hair trailing out in a ponytail. Her hair is further adorned with a pink flower hairpin. She wears a flowing blue and pink hanfu and has a jade bracelet on her wrist. Despite her cool demeanor, her eyes are a warm brown. Personality: Like the moon, Chang'e comes off as graceful, but distant. Years of relative isolation has left her yearning for more contact, but also robbed her of ability to openly express herself. She does try her best to socialize, though conversation is often stilted at best. Make no mistake, though--beneath her reservedness, she harbors an intense loyalty towards those she cares for. History: Chang’e was the wife to the legendary archer Hou Yi. As a reward for shooting down nine of the ten suns that were plaguing the earth, he received an elixir of immortality to share with Chang’e. When bandits attempted to forcibly steal the elixir from Chang’e when Hou Yi was away, she refused, drinking it herself. The elixir was too powerful, and as a result, she floated upwards, forever locking her to the moon to reign as its goddess, with only the Jade Rabbit and Wu Gang for company. Being detached from the happenings of the heavenly realms and mortal realms alike, she could only watch on as the corruption spread. When the time came for her to finally join the war, she chose to fight against Nv Wa, if only to prevent mortals from being killed by corrupted monsters. Unfortunately, she was defeated, and thus latched onto Ruijie to recuperate. Powers/Abilities: - Divinity: She's an immortal goddess. Granted, she's a recovering immortal goddess, but an immortal nonetheless. - Flight: Chang’e has figured out how to master the very flight that had trapped her on the moon. Though she still cannot cross the gap between the Moon and Earth on her own, she does have the ability to float around at will. - Gravity Manipulation: Chang'e can decrease the sway of gravity in a localized area of her choice with a thought, bringing it down to as low as that of the Moon. She can reverse this effect just as quickly. Weapon(s): A ji, specifically the double-crescent fangtian ji. The blade is made with a golden yellow metal. Other: chrys no
  2. Hello Chrys yes I am here to support! I see you've got my reserves already so that's cool. It's true that Nv Wa did get bored and started taking shortcuts in making people part way through, but for the purposes of this RP we can play her as her being protective over them as her creations. Forms will be up... once we figure out the plot.
  3. Haruka | Elevator "I-" Haruka started, before giving up, helpless in the face of Madoka's non-stop barrage of words. She was glad that she was already leaning against a wall, else she may have ended up being forced backwards by the sheer enthusiasm the girl exuded. Madako seemed to have the right idea, braced up in the corner of the elevator. Mercifully, the elevator stopped at its destination, freeing Haruka from the octopus girl's interrogation. She exited the elevator and gave Madako a nod of thanks in return. "Don't worry about it, I'm sure we'll get lots of time to get to know each other better in class!"
  4. Haruka | Dorms "Oh, uh, yeah. I am," replied Haruka. She was mildly startled by how quickly the girl with the cephalopod head slipped next to her. Must be excited to meet her classmates, her still-groggy mind thought. If the look on her face was anything to go by, the other girl was excited too, if not even more so. Now would be as good a time as any to start making new friends, she supposed. "Name's Haruka Maeda. Pleasure to meet you guys too." As she said this, a ding alerted her to open elevator doors, perfectly timed with their arrival. Explains the tentacle she saw earlier. Impressive. "Nice trick," she said as she entered.
  5. Haruka | Dorms BEEP-BEEP-BEEP-BEEP-BEEP-BEE- Haruka groaned as she slapped her phone alarm off. Then, she rolled over and snuggled back into the safe haven of her warm, cozy blanket. Truly, this was the life. BEEP-BEEP-BEEP- "Mmph." After a sleepy stretch, rub of the eyes and quick check for drool, Haruka checked her phone. It was still pretty early for her: there were still a good four more alarms queued up that hadn't sounded yet. Then again, she did have to save extra time to look for her class. Besides, it was her first day of school--at UA, no less! At the very least, she had to start off with a good impression. She shrugged on her uniform, simultaneously using her quirk to drop her course materials into the open mouth of her backpack. Running her fingers through her hair, she checked herself in the small desk mirror she brought to make sure she was somewhat presentable. Satisfied, she zipped up her backpack and opened the door. A tentacle zipped by, reaching to press the down button for the elevator. Haruka looked to see who the owner was. Two tentacled girls were coming down the hallway, chit-chatting about something. Maybe they were close friends or relatives? In any case, the fact that they were on her floor meant that they were quite possibly her soon-to-be classmates. "Mornin'," said Haruka, giving the duo a small wave as she exited her room and joined them on the way to the elevator.
  6. Haruka Maeda Female | 16 | Hocus Pocus: Pocket Hero Appearance: Casual: Haruka stands at 157 cm tall, and has a slender build with light skin. Her salmon-pink hair is cut in a short, flouncy bob with bangs. Her eyes are a bright blue with pronounced lower lashes. Outside of her school uniform, she often wears comfy, easy clothes like t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies and jeans. She'll wear the occasional skirt or dress if she's feeling cute. Hero Costume: For her costume, Haruka chose to go for a magician's assistant aesthetic... or at least, that would be what she was going for if she didn't throw a plush, pink cape with a bunny-eared hood over her whole ensemble. Looking past the cape, she wears a red-and-black pinstriped leotard with a short tulle skirt. For protection and modesty, she wears black tights underneath, culminating in a pair of black boots. She wears a pair of white gloves that help enhance her grip. Her cape is clasped at the front with a red bow, and she often likes to use it for dramatic flair when summoning objects. Besides being plush, the material is fairly stretchy and durable. Since she needs vision for her quirk, she usually ends up slipping off her hood midway through battle, but that doesn't stop her from insisting it's a necessary part of her costume. All of her costume is aesthetic, and doesn't directly help boost her quirk. Personality: Haruka is a lazy girl who'd spend more effort doing things to get out of a task than actually doing the work itself. For the most part, this applies to menial chores and schoolwork, but she will do one of them in order to avoid doing the other. She'd much rather be gaming, online, or sleeping. Luckily for her, she is intelligent enough to get by with this "due tomorrow, do tomorrow" attitude. While her laziness tends to prevent her from doing much socializing on her own, Haruka treats people she interacts with with a chill friendliness. Anyone who makes the first move in approaching with her will find that she can be quite the conversationalist. Despite appearances, she's always willing to help out anyone she considers a friend (at the expense of doing her homework). Of course, don't expect her to be particularly proactive when it comes to arranging activities and get-togethers. Ultimately, Haruka is driven by a want to help others. When push comes to shove, she will give her all in rescuing others, and go out of her way to comfort those in pain. She takes criticism harder than she lets on. Biography: Haruka had a relatively standard upbringing. Her mother worked in hero support with a quirk that allowed her to remotely hijack electronics, while her father was a mechanic with the ability to store small objects via absorbing them into his body. Her parents gave her much freedom when raising her, never pressuring her into doing things. Unfortunately, Haruka was a pretty unmotivated kid, and just used her freedom to shut herself in her room whenever possible. Upon seeing this, her parents started to worry for their daughter's future, and decided that they had to do something about it. In a bid to get her interested in something productive, Haruka's parents took turns having her shadow them at their jobs--no devices allowed. She was quick to determine that her father's repair work did not appeal to her. When she visited her mother's work, however, something clicked. Being able to help pro heroes save lives resonated with her in a way that watching them on TV couldn't capture. Yet, the more time she spent at her mother's office, the more she felt unsatisfied with the vicarious joy of simply supporting from the sidelines. She wanted to be the hero. For that, she decided to apply to UA. Hammerspace | Emitter Haruka can send inanimate objects into an unknown pocket dimension for future summoning. Her usual range is a 7 meter radius with an upward bound of 3 meters, though she can extend it with exertion. Objects have to be within her line of vision to activate her quirk on. Things are sent to and from her pocket dimension via cartoonish black holes that the objects fall into/out of. The holes themselves are nearly 2-D, and appear like circular cutouts of really black construction paper when summoned in mid-air. Living things cannot interact with the holes, but can attempt to grab objects before they are taken. Haruka is the only exception, being able to physically reach her hands into her dimension to pull things out. She can also just dump stored objects anywhere within her range. As of now she can’t store anything larger than a twin-sized bed, and gets increasingly more nauseous as the volume she stores increases. She cannot pocket things that are already being worn or held, and floating objects need to be manually pushed in. Canceling a hole before an object fully slips in causes it to pop right back out. If she is knocked unconscious, all stored items are ejected. Other: - She likes cute things - She would wear makeup if she knew how to, but she can't be bothered to learn - She can and will fall asleep anywhere - Minor otaku
  7. Neku - XDRS Front Hall This mess was just going to get worse and worse, wasn't it? In all honesty, Neku couldn't blame Key Boy for his judgement. Circumstances were pretty shady, and the fact that Nata pulled a knife on the kid didn't help matters. Still, it didn't seem like this X-Dreamers group was the same as Organization 13, whatever that was. Of course, just because he doubted the kid's claims did not mean he didn't want to cause some form of bodily harm to Joshua 2.0 over there. God, did that guy ever shut up? He was half-tempted to use the chaos to do something about it (i.e. punching Duke in the face), but they really didn't need that now. Maybe he could use his ex-dead-person cred to hit up that apparent ghost in Duke's head and get him to annoy him more. Have him constantly spout a bunch of math terms for good measure. That'd put Duke out of commission. ... And as if things weren't going downhill enough, the wolf-boy from before decided to lunge at Nata. Thankfully, Twilight managed to resolve that situation before it was too late. Neku felt sympathy for the guy, hearing his apology. As the silver mech scooped up the wolf, Neku approached him. "You heard the talking pony," he said to Nata. "Let him go." Moving on, he turned to the brunette. "Hey. I get where you're coming from. For now, though, I think it'd best to calm down and put a little trust in these guys. It's the only way we're going to get some answers." On cue, a new speaker made himself present. Yusei, as he introduced himself, was standing at a doorway with another woman. Finally. Someone who knows what they're doing. As Yusei beckoned the group to follow him, an odd, white humanoid creature with what looked like a Noise or Reaper sigil on its head peeped out of the doorway, before immediately hissing and darting behind Yusei for safety. It was hard to tell, but it almost seemed to be specifically glaring at Key Boy. Neku glanced back at the kid in question, then back to the newcomers. Wonder what their deal is? he mused, before following along.
  8. Neku - XDRS Front Hall Neku had just caught up with Twilight when one of the mechs came plodding behind him. It didn't seem to need to touch the wall--perhaps it had some sort of futuristic scanning function. In any case, he kept to the side and let the mech pass him. With a body practically made of weapons, he figured it was best not to get on its bad side. Speaking of scanning... A niggling gut instinct drew his attention to his pocket: specifically, its contents. After the Game had ended, Neku often kept pins on him out of habit, even though they were useless for everything but impromptu games of Tin Pin Slammer. He was in the RG, after all, and shouldn't have access to the abilities the UG granted him. Still, he couldn't shake the feeling that things were different now. He scooped the pins out of his pocket, noting with mild confusion that whatever pins he had before were now replaced with his starter deck. That mystery could wait, however; there were more pressing things on his mind. Plucking out his old Player pin, he closed his eyes, lightly touching a hand to the side of his headphones. Focus. A thrum sounded as his scan activated, soon fading into the familiar layered radio chatter of multiple thought fragments going on at once. So it does work! he thought, tuning his awareness so as to not be mentally deafened by all the voices around him. Unfortunately, just like Reaper walls, Duke's barriers still remained invisible. As he tried to sift through some thoughts, an odd something drew his attention to Duke. It was like Noise, discordant and staticky and blocking out his thoughts, yet not quite the same. "Alright losers," called Nata, bringing Neku's focus back to reality. "I saw that little magic trick one of you just did. Do you lot think I won’t kill you if you try anything?" Guess he picked up on it too? Magic trick or not, I don't like the look of those blades... Before Nata could make any attempt on anyone's life, a bright white light shone from the other white-haired person in the room, transforming them into some kind of white downy dragon. With a loud snarl, it reared back its head and fired a blue laser directly at the barrier in front of it. One blink later and the laser shot was careening all around the maze, forcing Neku to duck out of the way before it shot straight up towards the ceiling, blasting a hole through it. He stared at it for a while in shock, before glancing back to the dragon, who was human once more. It wasn't long before Nata started shouting again, and he couldn't help but facepalm once more. He just wanted to get over with this--without dying, thank you very much. As luck would have it, the walls of the maze shimmered with blue light, before shattering into pieces. Listening to Duke's monologue, Neku could only think of how much he wanted to punch the guy.
  9. Neku - XDRS Front Hall "See, she has the right idea," Neku commented as he watched Twilight walk off, using her wings as a guide. Before he could start probing his way around the maze himself, the white wolf from earlier padded up to him. "Feeling," it echoed, confirming that it was, indeed, a talking wolf. Or at least, it was a wolf. With a shimmer of light, it transformed into a white haired young boy. Guess that somewhat explained the talking part. He really wondered how he'd gotten to the point where shapeshifting people made sense and holy crap was that a sword?! He reflexively dodged to the side. A crack sounded as the attack connected with the wall, sending blue shards flying back. "Watch it, kid!" he snapped. It was a good thing he wasn't in the way--if the mangled sword was anything to go by, the boy was stronger than he appeared. It seemed that the boy was much more engrossed in the already-reforming wall, grabbing a piece of it from the air. The boy looked around as if to check for some sort of reaction from the rest of the crowd, and for one brief moment, made eye contact with Neku. Then he ate the wall. "... Okayyy. Not gonna ask." By this point, Twilight had somehow ended up wandering in a loop, and was working her way down a different path with someone else. Guess he'd better get a move on too. Keeping his hands out, he made his way over to them.
  10. Neku - Gateway Multiple universes. Right. That made everything make so much more sense. Especially coming out of a unicorn's mouth. To give credit where credit was due, Neku himself was familiar with the concept of alternate planes of existence--even if he didn't really understand how they worked. If those existed, then maybe alternate universes weren't all that farfetched, either. Besides, it wasn't as if there were many better explanations out there. He doubted that even he would be able to dream up something this surreal. He decided to follow along when said unicorn started leading the group away; from what it looked like, she (?) seemed to be the most knowledgable one around. And as much as he wanted to question his sanity when the unicorn called over the star-Luma-thing, he wasn't going to get any answers without putting a little trust in her. If my universe really is in trouble, then... What's going to happen to my friends? Did... he even know about this? Neku was jolted out of his thoughts as the unicorn telekinetically opened the doors to a stone castle. He gawked a bit at its interior. Though architecture wasn't really his thing, the twinkling marble and ethereal lighting truly gave it an otherworldly beauty. "Horsefeathers, Duke!" shouted the now-exasperated unicorn, pressing a hoof to her head in what seemed to be a facepalm. There went his sense of awe. Neku - XDRS Front Hall As Duke finished up his little monologue, Neku, too, found himself in a facepalm. This guy was like a Support Reaper version of Joshua, and boy was he not in the mood to deal with that again. Before he could do anything, one of the two mechs--Fiddlesticks--charged the wall, trying to brute force its way through. It wasn't working very well, and the other mech clearly agreed, restraining its companion from doing any more. It was for the better. While ripping a hole through Duke sounded like a lovely option, Neku didn't want to murder one of the few people that looked to be in the know. Even if they were an insufferable jerk. He sighed. Walking forward, he reached a hand up to where the barrier seemed to be. Sure enough, a solid force pushed back, a familiar glow underneath his touch. Unlike the walls he was used to, there wasn't any stupid requirement they had to fulfill other than simply getting across. He turned back to the group. "We could try feeling our way around," he offered, shrugging.
  11. Neku - Gateway Neku groaned as he woke up, one hand pushing himself up, the other rubbing his oddly aching head. Why was he sore, anyway? It felt like he rolled out of bed and fell to the floor- Wait. He was lying on the ground. Dirt ground, complete with flowers. He was lying on the ground and waking up in yet another random place and god help him he did not want to go through this again, not after he'd finally, finally won his well-earned victory. Now wide-eyed and alert, Neku bolted upright, a cocktail of panic, dread, and irritation charging his nerves. Said cocktail rapidly changed to confusion, however, when he actually took in his surroundings. If the flowers he woke up on weren't anything to go by, the view of a strange boulder formation surrounded by an open meadow definitely clued him in to the fact that this was not the Scramble Crossing. Or Shibuya, for that matter. The strangest thing by far, though, was the assortment of people that were with him. Actually, people didn't quite cut it. There were people, some dressed in odd costumes and crackling with power, sure, but that was plausible in the Game. The anime-esque mechas, talking white wolf, and freaking purple winged unicorn definitely weren't. "What. The actual. Hell." This had to be some sick joke by the Composer.
  12. Name: Neku Sakuraba Origin: The World Ends With You Info: A Player of the Reaper's Game, Neku is a surprisingly insightful and imaginative individual beneath his snark and negativity. He was once quite the antisocial teen, but he's since gotten better. Abilities: - Psych Mastery: Neku can channel a wide range of psychic powers through the use of pins. He is limited to a maximum of six at a time, aside from his Player pin. His current pins include: > Psychokinesis - aka telekinesis > Pyrokinesis - exactly what it sounds like > Thunderbolt - again, exactly what it sounds like > Force Rounds - energy blasts > Shockwave - a psychic slashing attack > Cure Drink - summons a can of mysterious healing soda (?). Only works three times per battle. - Scanning: Using his player pin, Neku can read the surface thoughts of people in a close radius to him. Link to wiki: http://twewy.wikia.com/wiki/Neku_Sakuraba Extra: - Depending on what sources you want to trust, he apparently cuts out pictures from manga to show to his hairstylist.
  13. Hey guys! Wow it's been a while Any chance to squeeze in another at this stage? I might consider joining some time later.
  14. Wow, not many new posts since I was last on here, huh? Currently, I'm following Youjo Senki and Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid.
  15. Yyeaahh I’m just gonna be lazy and reuse the Ancients OC I never ended up using. Still a work in progress! Username: GGG Name: Evelyn Chen Age: 16 Gender: Female Romantic Orientation: Gray-romantic? Doesn’t get romance, but would be open to it. Appearance: She’s got a average build, standing at 164 cm (just under 5’4). She has light beige skin, standard Asian brown eyes, and bobbed shoulder-length black hair, the ends of which are a blonde-ish brown after her hair dye faded out. She wears her uniform neatly, her branch pinned to her shirt or jacket front. While not muscular, she is fairly fit from frequent hikes and walks. She is nearsighted, and wears contacts. Personality: To most around her, Evelyn is a kind, seemingly laid back girl. She rarely turns down a request, which tends to make her a bit of a pushover at times. She's also overly modest, constantly playing down her self worth and making self-deprecating jokes. Internally, she’s much more pessimistic, especially towards herself and her choices. In short, sweet on the outside, salty within. History: Evelyn comes from a pretty well-off family. Her mom's a popular party-planner, her dad’s a successful entrepreneur, and her older brother’s off at a highly acclaimed university. Surrounded by so much success, Ev felt pressured to be better herself. While she got okay grades, she felt that she was completely mediocre compared to her family. At some point, she picked up photography and film as a hobby, but even then, she still didn’t see it as really doing anything for her. She was pleasantly surprised to find out that she made it into Heaven’s Gate. Element: Earth Branch Color: Honey yellow with a gleam down the middle like a cat's eye stone. Weapon: Her weapon is a hunting rifle with a scope. Her bullets can either be the standard metal/other earth based substances or influenced by the element of her linking partner. When it comes to close quarters combat, she can also just use the gun as a melee weapon and whack enemies with it. Armor: Other: Knows basic Mandarin. She likes nature and wildlife photography the best. Ironically, she barely ever takes selfies, as she doesn't know what her best angle is.
  16. Yeah, that sounds fine. Just put him down as an NPC just following the group for now.
  17. Ah, sorry. I've been busy with a bunch of assignments and college apps lately, so I'm not going to be posting for a while. Go on without me if you want! I'll just lurk around every now and then to keep updated.
  18. Ren With a grate of wheels on concrete, Ren pushed her haul down the hallway of the Phi base, whistling a tuneless song. Today had been a pretty quiet day; only one bag lay in the cart this time. From what they had gleaned, the unlucky guy was just a 41-year-old Leaf, killed after sustaining multiple stab wounds to the chest and abdomen. According to reports, he had no known surviving family. A key card in his pocket tied him to a suspected Leaf-owned shelter a little off the edge of Flora territory. A used syringe suggested reliance on drugs, which perhaps contributed to the conflict leading to his untimely end. Other possessions included a matchbook, a handful of assorted coins, and a bundle of wires. Nothing else of note. Now all there was left to do was dispose of the body. It was a shame that he had no one left to see him off, but hey. Hopefully his soul would take comfort in the fact that he'd be remembered in some way, even if it was just for the sake of more intel. As Ren turned the corner, she saw one of the giatros coming her way: Jason Phillips. She had to admit, even she thought he was a bit... odd at times. Nevertheless, she liked to think that she was getting used to him, considering how their lines of work meant that they saw each other quite often. "Oh hey, Jason!" she said with a smile. "You're just the guy I was looking for! Any chance you'd like to take this one off my hands?" Cecil Cecil glanced at the vial in his hands for the umpteenth time. A colorless fluid swished around inside it. As innocuous as it looked, weeks, no, months of rigorous research and testing had led up to its development. Even then, it still felt like it wasn't enough. But there was no more time for that--he'd already pushed the deadline back far enough, and balancing his medic duties with this project of his was quite tiring. Approaching the meeting point, he saw a wild-eyed Leaf rushing down the streets, a baggie full of white powder in hand. Cecil looked away. No doubt someone was going to get hooked on that. Spending over a decade with the Flora had numbed him to quite a lot, but he wasn't sure he could ever be totally okay with the fact that they actively encouraged drug abuse to sustain the economy. Then again, he thought, fiddling with the vial, I'm not really helping, am I? "Hi Sir-er, uh, Theodore," he stuttered out, addressing the Poppy leader. "I, um, have the drug you requested." He held up the vial. "When taken with stimulants, it helps increase and prolong their effect, as well as ease the severity of subsequent withdrawal symptoms, regardless of past exposure. Since less substance needs to be taken to achieve the desired effect, it also reduces the risk of overdose, especially in long-time users. It's, uh, still like a work in progress, though, so you gotta be careful with it. I mean, the therapeutic index is only like 70:1 so I've got that to work on, and I haven't really done any human testing and I'm still iffy about the dosage and its form but I'm going with intramuscular injection for now since that seems to be the like safest option and-" He cut himself off, acutely aware of his rambling. "So yeah. Something pretty valuable, like you wanted," he weakly offered, knowing what Ted was ultimately looking for.