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  1. Fell behind on Day 1 of Inktober lol, but I'm particularly proud of today's~
  2. Harry Potter^ Sanma (Food Fantasy)v No refs for positons (no refs whatsoever for the first one) (sweats)
  3. Ok, I'm done with art Boston Lobster for Food Fantasy fanart event Btw, UID: 391217, DM me if you play o/
  4. Dang, that shading is on point. I love it~
  5. Lololol nice! It's been a while since I had Pocky Anyone feel like coloring my lineart for me? I'm lazy and colorblind and shameless This is as far as I got before I got lazy gave up
  6. Dang do I love your art. Especially the colors and clothing. If you're looking for ways to get better with anatomy, I've found that very roughly and quickly tracing other people's art is pretty good for practice, just keep it for practice only haha. I'm personally terrible at proportions, so I find that it helps having a temporary lined or checkered background to measure things against. There's a lot of anatomy tutorials online, and I mean A LOT. It's better to find one that suits you than to have other people recommend ones. Sometimes, the ones I've been recommended just don't work for me, because some people like to start from very basic geometric shapes, others prefer to simply use lines, and then there are those that like to start out a little more detailed.
  7. Oh dear, I hope your kitty is alright, Fort
  8. Hello What's this about flooding and bite marks? Are you guys alright?
  9. @LemniscateDragon!Ye Xiu is the best! Have you seen the Dragon!Ye Xiu pictures we posted into the discord? So cool ❤️ Much better than my sketchy af thing
  10. O h /sweats/ I remember the App Store gift cards used to have faceless ppl on it as well though. Soulless gift cards coming to eat your soul /is bricked
  11. @Ruby Eyes It's not meant to be spooky but ok haha
  12. Rawr~ Western Dragon!Ye Xiu Why did it embed sideways qwq
  13. That looks amazing! And Star Fox ❤️ Don't recognize SNES game thing, but I'm bad with colors anyways orz (so very bad with colors)
  14. Man, it's been ages since I drew a dragon
  15. https://youtu.be/5kAKgATcD1k
  16. Oooohhh you should try and do a zombie angel dragon sometime~