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  1. I love both dragons...... but those Scimitar-wing Wyverns....one of my favorites in DC. The female is amazing. Must hoard these! ❤ Thank you spriters. Awesome dragons!
  2. Did everyone like the season finale? I had mixed feelings about it and most of the season. Shiva was definitely great in the finale.
  3. Great, thank you. I will pm you in a few days, after the new egg madness has gone by.
  4. Putting my eggs in the clicksite er tomorrow to avoid viewbombing. Then I'm going to grab some more.
  5. These are so cute! Thank you *whispers* Vampires please. 😁
  6. Hi, I just found this thread (I may have noticed it before a long time ago and forgot, not sure-bad memory sometimes lol) and I know I have a few Dusk's that I would grab in the Ap or in a trade or departure. I have to go through them today but I think the majority have messy lineages. Do you still take breeding requests? If so, I would love to try and work out a trade if possible. Thank you and I hope you are feeling better.
  7. Is anyone else seeing the tips on the male red dragon hatchie's wing is cut off? It looks like the male sprite is placed a little bit higher and the wing tip is missing slightly.
  8. I love the grey female hatchie. It's like she's saying "come at me, bro". 🤣
  9. Viewbombing seems to be on the rise again. Happened to me with the upside-down mints. Sorry that happened to you. You're so generous in the egg departures thread and this is just a mean thing to have happen to you. Wow, the hatchies are so cute!
  10. *whispers* Alien movie franchise. 😂
  11. Someone posted screenshots on the previous page that older eggs are starting to drop again.
  12. Yay, new eggs!!! Thank you spriters and TJ.
  13. I took this one. Thank you! Sorry I took so long to post. My internet went down.
  14. Both are Avatar of Destruction from a Guardian mom who was summoned on Dragon Cave's 8th birthday, which was the first day that Guardians could breed Avatars. Please let me know who gets it. Click me! gone Click gone You're welcome marienine and legofrodo12.
  15. I took the first one (white dragon). Thank you very much!
  16. Mint with codes in lineage. Add a dummy egg please. Gone MINT
  17. I was against a sprite update....until I saw VixenDra's Lines, shaded by Shadowwolf6. I really like what they did.
  18. 2g Gaia Xenowyrm add a dummy egg please. egg GONE! Thank you for the code . That happens to be my mother's name.