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  1. Just woke up and it looks like the amount of people in the biomes has gone down a bit. Good time to try my luck in the Jungle again.
  2. I have a red one I'm trying to find a home for.
  3. Are you sure they were in all of those sites most of the time? Maybe someone was removing them. It does seem strange that your numbers were at that level after being in so many sites.
  4. I have a Volcano egg you can have when it comes off cool down in an hour.
  5. Oh I thought it was just a wording error. Well if the ward was still working past the 6 hours then that explains why my eggs never got any sickness.
  6. I'm wondering if the wording could be changed to avoid confusion. When I used to ward on mine I think it said "already protected" and when it was long past the 6 hours I checked out of curiosity if it could be done again and it still said "already protected".
  7. I am taking a break from hunting for the last Jungle I need so I can have a pair of each. Too frustrating. I'll just get extra of the others to give away and I'll catch that 2nd Jungle when I least expect it. 🤣 Still have a red (Volcano) up for grabs in about 4 hours if someone needs it.
  8. I have a red (Volcano) that will be off cool-down in 5 hours for anyone that needs one.
  9. I still need Alpine and Jungle for my second set. Jungle is a pain to get. Especially with that tricky Kingcrowne trying to prank me. 😂
  10. Kingcrowne egg, you tricked me once. But mark my words....you will not trick me again!
  11. Just added eggs to third ER. No sickness so far. "Crosses fingers* Going out for a bit so I will fog them until I am able to regularly check in on them again.
  12. My eggs have been in ERs for 6-7 hours and I have not had 1 get sick. I kept the eggs fogged until they hit 4 days and then put them in 2 click sites as recommended. Several other people I have talked to have done the same and had no problems. I think some people have put their eggs in too soon and in too many hatcheries and when their eggs got sick they didn't give them enough time to get better. Patience is important during a new release.
  13. It is a spare. I will set up the teleport and pm you in a few minutes.
  14. I can send you a red one from the Volcano biome. Earlier I influenced it to be female (don't know if influences transfer to other accounts). You can have it if you would like it.
  15. I'm not sure if they have been fixed. Which eggs do you need?
  16. According my scroll I joined May 23, 2012 which also happens to be my birthday. 😁
  17. Thank you so much. I have a bad cold and my brain is a little fuzzy right now.🤣
  18. How do we add dragons to an already made group? I made a fun codes group and I'm not seeing an option to add to it. I checked my dragon's action page and didn't see anything for it and editing the group only gives setting options. Thank you in advance for any advice. 😁
  19. Or Pokemon themed. Definitely some possibilities there. And would we able to modernize dragon descriptions? If these new ones are PR themed it would be hard putting a medieval type description on them.
  20. This made me giggle a little and I couldn't agree more. I appreciate the spriters hard work and the hatchies look very nice. But if they turn out to be Power Rangers themed I most likely won't collect any more.
  21. I would love to see an extra egg slot and ways to organize. I would love to see a birthday themed dragon. Maybe wearing a birthday hat and playing with streamers and confetti.
  22. A White egg from parents I picked up from here ♥ Spriter Alts in lineage. Wanted to pass it on. Please include a dummy egg. Alts
  23. That art is beautiful. Thanks for posting it.