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  1. I love the new dragon. Great job.
  2. I'm doing the event on my phone and I'm stuck at the part where you choose a club. The game doesn't allow me to move the arrow and choose another option besides astronomy.
  3. Part off my gingerbread wall has the gumdrop trim hanging off the top edge instead of firmly on top of the wall. I checked everything just before it ended and it didn't look like that. :(
  4. I really love the Mimics. It's great that they have some bat inspiration. The male is amazing, and the female too, but I love the male a lot. Thank you! They also look somewhat gargoyle-like to me. :)
  5. Wow, that's too funny. In all this time I've never seen it. Thanks for the info. 😊
  6. I'm not sure where to post this. Sorry if this is not the correct place. I saw this egg in the incubator on Silvi's Lair and didn't recognize it. The description says it "does not actually exist" so why is it in the incubator and what is it? Tia
  7. Having this same problem.
  8. Congrats! Same with me. I got eaten and then snagged one in the AP 11 minutes after the date change. I now have one from 2017 and 2018.
  9. I'm another player having trouble finding the Dragon's Dilemma game.
  10. Sending cards back to anyone that has time to send one to me. Thank you in advance. Have a great day! 😊😍
  11. If anyone wants to send me a card I will definitely send one back. Thank you in advance. Have great day! 😊
  12. Thank you. I was just looking at it again and thought it might be that. It just looked different to me.
  13. I wasn't here when Yulebucks were originally released. I have always wanted to know.... what is the bump on it's stomach?
  14. Agreed. Or why even pick up the eggs at all if they're leaving? Sounds like they aren't really leaving.
  15. I saw a Caligene and enraged Aegis pairing that looked really nice.
  16. You're welcome Cassie_Fenix and Dragon_Arbock. Still hunting for one more CB Holly. I am determined to catch one. 😊 I would love to see a Yeti-type dragon. Not sure if that would even be possible and still look good. 😂
  17. I can do that for you. PM me please. 😁
  18. I haven't bred my Solstices yet. What do you need? Please pm me. 😊
  19. Thank you! I just caught a Holly so I only need to catch 1 more and then I am done. Good luck with your hunting/breeding, too. 😊
  20. Finally got 2 CB Yulebucks (1 I caught and 1 I got through a trade with a nice person). Now onto Hollies. 😊
  21. I am so happy! I haven't been able to catch any CB Yulebucks or CB Hollies. I had literally just about given up. Did I get one? Nope. But..... I was able to snag a nice lineage with a Yulebuck spriters alt. It has been one of my scroll goals for years. Even if I don't get the CBs, I am content. 😁 Happy Holidays!
  22. Looking for CB Yulebuck. Have two CB Snow dragons that can be bred with dragons of your choosing. You would get two eggs 1 from each pairing. PM if interested. Happy Holidays
  23. I hope the drops get tweaked again. Too many caveblockers that most people no longer need anymore. A flood of Yulebucks and Hollies would be wonderful. 😁
  24. Thank you TJ for giving us the Holiday biome. What a generous gift. I am having fun catching the ones I missed. 😊