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  1. Yes please! It would make breeding so much easier for me.
  2. o-o uhh well... i've been ridiculously lucky today. 8 white eggs from the er pile today, all bitten one repulse 7 turn and stayed! I'm happily flabbergasted.
  3. I'm so excited to see these guys grow! *snuggles her pair* They do look kinda fluffy velociraptor-ish.
  4. I'm glad i managed to catch one of each color of these now i can breed them with my holidays and drop eggus into the AP for those who couldn't catch any.
  5. what time tonight will they grow?
  6. Their artist has said they're not, just uncommon if that. So you'll probably be able to catch some eventually! =D
  7. someone changed the dragon descriptions to something you'd find on a porn site. it's been fixed though.
  8. yeah, it's fixed now, be glad you never saw it, it was gross.
  9. http://dragcave.wikia.com/wiki/Currently_Being_Released Someone needs to go fix the descriptions and the facts for these guys on the wiki, some sick minded child has corrupted them. someone please fix this. Whoever this is needs to have their IP tracked and any scroll they have burned in my opinion... EDIT: They're fixed now but still... that was gross.
  10. http://dragcave.wikia.com/wiki/Currently_Being_Released go look at the day 6 dragon descriptions... this needs to be fixed, just ew...
  11. don't feel bad, that's what i thought too.
  12. Inbreeding dosn't really matter to me, I'll keep a dragon that i like and breed it with another dragon i like. Since inbreeding has no effect on them and mostly when I look at other's scrolls i don't look at lineages I tend to not pay attention to whether or not a dragon is inbred. Love the dragon, ignore the lineage is what I say.
  13. Looks like a western to me with it's front legs tucked in imo. EDIT: or that could be fur or something probably a wyvern now that i look closer. Very awesome though! can't wait to see the other hatchling gender and the adults !
  14. Me to XP my hellhorse refuses to hatch! *pokes the stubborn eggie* rotten from the get-go this one!
  15. I'm not one for lineage projects so i just catch one or two of each to breed more from later. =D i don't have enough pinks to influence breeding pairs so my cave lurkers will have to make me more eggies.
  16. I caught one of the green "copper" eggs with the code PikIL Pickle! lol, a fitting code for a green egg. Not gonna post a lineage cause i don't want it to die.
  17. we went from an uber rare to an uber common it seems i got my one since it seems these might not have dimorphism.
  18. I think one of my bloodscaled is being viewbombed XP it went from 2k to 5k views in under an hour. fogged it but seriously? Viewbombers are so bothersome >.<
  19. GAH! I would of had one if i hadn't forgotten to er an white egg XP ap'd that not to wait for a 5 min drop and hope i get lucky.
  20. I know right? I can't wait to see if my guess is right and they have flaming manes. might name mine after a rapidash if they do!
  21. I can't wait to see if these are as rare as some people say they are, then i can start breeding and gifting and making people's days!
  22. yay, i have one of every color now! Accidentally grabbed an extra reddish one though, i'll be abandoning it after cooldown. >w< now i can breed these with my holidays and eventually get both genders!
  23. Wooo~! only one more to get and i'll have one of each. And i can breed them with my holidays to get more
  24. Aw XP i was going for that one too! Gratz.