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    DONOR STIPULATION (valid for all gifting threads that I'm active in)

    -Please follow the rules of the thread. I will sometimes report a successful gift if listers haven't, but I may not have the time to do that every time. It would be best if giftees report directly to the thread after claiming. ^_^
    -Gifts are given in a first come, first serve basis. ^_^
    -I will give views and hold gifts until they grow up into adults. ^_^
    -I will allow giftees to do anything with their gifts. No need to ask permissions for killing, regifting or others. ^_^
    -Inbreds are sometimes given, but those are rare occasions. ^_^
    -If you don't want a gift reply me. ^_^


    Dragons are separated by frozen hatchling barriers with names. The dragons below those hatchlings are the dragons which are categorized in the group (the name is the name of the barrier hatchie).

    Dragons which are below a female Shallow Water named 'BSA Breeding Pairs' are the dragons which produce the eggs I gift in The New BSA Gifters (including the Shallow Water mentioned above). Frozen hatchie barriers are again used, this time to separate Magi, Red, Pink, Purple and Trio pairs. The pairs are sorted with the female on top and the male just below the female, to prevent confusion. The pairs below my Leetle Tree are pairs which are not fixed yet (they will be changed).

    Pairs which are not below the Leetle Tree mate for life. If you see some of the names of the dragons there which have a (male initial)x(female initial)'(name), it means that the dragon is an offspring of the two dragons which are mentioned as initials.

    To prevent inbreeding, please check lineages first & be careful when breeding Pinks from me because some of the dragons are offsprings from the original pair (for the Pinks: PInkyBrownChoco & PInkyWhiteChoco). I will gift two unrelated Pinks if I'm gifting a Starter Pack.

    There are also a Magi which is an offspring from the pair ONJ Magic & Another Magic Show and a Purple from Reminder of XD001 & Sake Purple.

    That's all. ^_^ Thanks for reading. ^_^