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  1. A long, silver snout inhaled deeply through nostrils, taking in the scents surrounding her. Her eyes narrowed, sensing the smell of a recent death. She leapt through the trees silently, determined not to be caught. With the strength of the smell determining its size, it must have been a dragon killed. She decided she should watch out, or even eliminate this new threat. It was only until she heard voices that she slowed down, gradually coming to a stop. Peering through the trees, the silver caught sight of a few dragons leaving a body. They couldn't be the killers, though, because none of them were bloody- well maybe the vampire was. She made a move to readjust her paw, but miscalculated where the branch was. She bit her tongue as the small twig attached to the branch she was on snapped, making a small but audible crack. She could only pray that they did not hear it.
  2. You know you've played too much MK8 when you take a turn and almost attempt to drift :< Or when a slow car is in from of you and think of a red shell.
  3. *gentle nudge* *goes back to waiting patiently and happily*
  4. Halietus snapped out of his straight-faced trance after hearing the loud growl behind him. He turned around, seeing the other hatchling on the ground. The ball of energy hopped over and lay down beside her. "Hun-gary? S'tat why tum make snounds?" He asked, tripping over his newly learned words. He tugged on the grass and smiled at her. "We make hunungary go awea!" Hali affirmed with his cheerful grin, scanning the area for something possibly edible.
  5. The hatchling shook his head and looked at the bright blue dragon. New friend? Yippee! He gave a radiant smile and hopped. "I mam..." He thought for a bit, looking for the right name. "Haalietuus!" He chirped, stretching his cool new name out for the sake of his poor tongue. Yes, his tongue would suffer much in his life from the amount if talking he would do. "I oakee... Okkai... O-kay!" He answered, trying to imitate the way she said it. He was, in fact, fine. It was probable that his ditziness would have made him forget about his little incident. Halietus pawed at the fluffy cloud, feeling an urge to simply tackle and roll around on it. His energy was bursting, especially now that he was out of his egg prison.
  6. The young dragon's eyes fluttered open as something was tickling his nose. H-huh? Wu-what is this? He thought. It was almost too dark to see anything, but it was something long and slender flicking it's tip on his snout. Need to get a-way! He panicked, and tried to back up, only to see his space was limited. The hatchling shot his paw somewhere in frustration, the punch landing on his face. He was stunned as his muzzle started to sport a nasty bruise, but soon the tears welled up. He started to cry, and punched again, this time it hit the shell. Immediately, a jagged hole appeared, ceasing his sobs. The hatchling started to pick at the paw-sized hole until it was wide enough to tumble out. He wiped his nose gingerly, and tried to take in his bleary surroundings with difficulty. He wobbled out of the cave blindly, and soon received a face full of something fluffy, with a faint outline of bright blue upon it. "Wh-Who?" He asked it shakily, trying out his newfound voice. ----------- Annoyance. That was the first thing she felt when her eyes opened. How dare this... 'thing' trap her. With her idea of a snarl, she swiped at the thing, scuffing the shell while small wisps of smoke drifted from her nostrils. Outside, the shell of the egg was heating up slowly while it shook and rolled. The hatchling started to kick, punch, anything to get out of there! There was a sudden, harsh bump outside of her egg that sent her tumbling out. She tried to recollect herself as her vision cleared. Whatever had hit her shell was an enemy. She turned and saw the thing. It was large and gray, with specks of brown on it. She lunged at it, and scratched it. It didn't react at all. The young dragon realized it wasn't alive, it was simply a... rock. She puffed in irritation, and walked out of the cave in a sort of dignified way.
  7. It's so cute ! I love it, thank you so much!
  8. May I have a Citrus Wyvern sipping a glass of lemonade? :> (Yes, I have permission)
  9. Yum Mayfield Brown Cow popsicle
  10. Shun the non-Krispy-Kreme-believer! Orange chocolate? Probably yum... Fresh tamales