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  1. Have been happily egg locked for a few hours now, just came back to read some theories and state that I cannot WAIT to see the adults! <3 Thanks TJ, LadyL, and anyone else involved with these wonderful additions! (Lady I can't wait for more information on these guys. :3) Also, happy birthday Socks, hope you had / have a wonderful day and have many great years to come. ^-^
  2. OMGoodness they look lovely! <3 Sort of late to the party, but better late then never! ~ goes hunting ~ Have to use my Phone, though, which I'm not completely used to, so wish me luck. -cannot wait to get the computer back-
  3. (( :0 *Helps Esko Up* )) Serena stared at the Male for a few seconds, as if lost in thought, before slowly turning her head to look at her caught paw once more. Though she did keep an eye on the Golden Shimmerscale, better safe than sorry, she supposed. After about a minuet of studying her caught paw, and taking the Golden Shimmerscale's words into mind, she concluded that there was no other way but through digging it out. However, where she stood now, there was no way she was able to turn around to dig herself out, not at least without causing immense pain to herself in the process. She turned back to him, and though she didn't want to be a bother, she knew that she was limited in her options, and there really wasn't anything else she could do, so she asked. "I believe that you are correct, and that I will have to dig it out." She paused, then continued after a second or two, "But I'm sort of in a predicament." "You see, I fear that I may have done something to my paw when I stepped into the hole, and where I stand now, I cannot dig myself out." "So I ask, if it is not much of a burden, would you mind . . ?" She stopped, looking at the male once more, hoping for the best. "Would you mind digging my paw out?" She lowered her head, not in shame, but as to say that she really did need his help, but she was embarrassed to ask a favor such as this on someone she didn't know. Keeping her eyes on the ground, she waited for his response.
  4. I got the name "My Boots Are Made For Walking" for my 1st Green Dino. :3
  5. Serena continued to silently tug at her caught paw. She silently mumbled under her breath, wishing she had never left her den that morning. "This is what I get for sticking my nose where it doesn't belong," she growled to herself, cursing her curious nature. She pulled more, but then stopped when pain ran up her leg. "What the. . ?" She turned to look at the hole and the paw that it had consumed. She assumed she must of hurt herself when she got caught, but she wasn't too sure how bad the damage was. She stopped pulling, not wanting to hurt herself any more than she already had. Sighing, she began to think about what she should do when she heard a voice ring through the air. In a loud but calm matter a male voice yelled. "Everyone, That's enough! Please listen to me." Serena turned to the voice, peering through the trees to see a male Cassare dragon. There was something about his appearance, maybe it was just his squished snout, his short tail, or maybe just his bright blue eyes that sparkled with knowledge and understanding that had caught Serena's attention. Whatever it was, there was just something about him that was different. But in a good way. He continued talking, and then a lavander skywing chimed in. As the two continued to talk, and while Serena was trying to still hear what they were saying, she saw a Pgymy hatchling climbing and clinging onto the top of the female Pyralspites head. Serena's pupils dilated and her heart skipped a beat, that Pgymy hatchling was so cute! She just wanted to snuggle it. Serena shook her head. What was she thinking?! She sighed, looking back at her caught paw. Then she heard footsteps, and quickly turned to see a male golden Shimmerscale approaching her. She froze as he cooed. "Well hellooo there," in a kind and smooth voice that had a hint of mischief to it. Serena's pupils then contracted in size, as not knowing this dragons intentions, she became frightened. Her fur stood a little on end as she flung her tail in front of her. She tuged at her paw once more, but still being stuck, and causing her more pain, she stopped. Looking up to meet the other dragons eyes, she tried to look as big and bad as she could, but pretty much failed. "Hello there," she said in a cautious tone, "Can I help you?"
  6. Hey everyone! Just wanted to say that I'm sorry I haven't been as active, since I've got limited internet and only a Phone to write this on, I apologise in advanced for not being able to change any text that concerns talking to it's appropriate color and if my writing seems sloppy, rushed, or anything like that. I hope anything I do post on the rp is sufficient for now until I get the computer hooked up again. Then I can go back and change them to how they should be. (Unless you guys don't care, then I'll leave them be) That's all for now, hopefully I can be back to normal soon. Oh, and happy late Birthday Windra! I hope you had a marvelous bday and have many wonderful years to come! <3 ~Cup
  7. Serena continued eavesdroping, she was aware that it was rude, but her thirst for knowledge, and curiosity still tugging at her ears, completely overthrew what ever guilt she had for doing so in the first place. It was hard for her to pick up anything from the conversation, as if the others were whispering so that she could not hear them. She stretched her head farther, and unbeknownst to her, took a step or two out of her protection of the trees, revealing herself more. That's when she heard it. "Who is that?!" She froze in place, something deep in her gut told her that whoever yelled that sentence had seen her. Continuing to stay still, she hoped that she was wrong and that they were talking about something, or someone, else. Then another voice rang through her head like a bell. "HEY! YOU! Who are you and what're ya doing here?!" That's when she knew they were talking to her. She turned her head slowly towards the eyes that now fell upon her. But before she could say anything, she lost her footing when a roar rang through the forest. She fell on her side, quickly rolling over to see a blue nebula with purple swirls in her wings breaking up an argument that had just broken out between two dragons. Surprisingly, it was the two that addressed Serena's presence. While everyone was distracted, Serena tried to stand and hide back in the protection of the forest. But as she went to get back up she realised she had gotten her back left paw stuck in a hole. She began to tug to free herself, but stopped when everyone else began to settled down. She really didn't want to be seen, not in this state, and she didn't know if these dragons were threats or not. She slunk back into the shadows, still silently struggling to pull her back paw free. She turned back to the others. They could help me, she thought, though I may be an easy target now, too. She sighed, not knowing what to do. Still tugging at her foot, from the shadows of the forest, she stared at the others, wondering if the ones who saw her would still be wondering to themselves about her presence, and if they would be willing to help her. . .
  8. Serena sighed, they really could be hurt, and she didn't want to have the guilt of knowing she may have left someone out there to be tugging at her for weeks. Finishing her last fruit, she took off, glancing at her den once more. It should be fine, she thought, there isn't anything valuable in there anyway. She didn't have to transverse far to get to the clearing that lead into an open area, where her instincts told her that the colliding of the dragons had occurred. She stayed in the shadows, raising her nose to the air. Ohhhh Lord yes, there were MANY other dragons in this area. She questioned that, wasn't it just two that had ran into one another? Sure, maybe someone would come check on them, but this amount of dragons was a LOT. Maybe too many. She heard voices, and decided to get a closer look. She walked out of the shadows, but stayed in the protection of the tree's. Welp, she thought, my sense of smell is still working fine! She saw many dragons of many species, some in the air, some on the ground, all now focusing their attention on a Pyralspite , an Almandine, and most likely a female from what Serena could tell. She was asking the others about something, but Serena couldn't make it out. She began to walk out into the clearing, but stopped, drawing her paw back in. Should I go over?, she thought, not wanting to draw attention to herself. She stayed in the tree's, hoping her Golden coat wouldn't reveal her to any of the others. But she knew they still might see her if they glanced over. She stood still, trying to listen. What was so important?
  9. Serena emerged from her home, a cave full of beautiful foliage that she had allowed to grow into her den since she had took residence there. She didn't mind, the colors and smells the plant life brought were more than enough of a reason to let them stay. Upon stepping outside onto the dew covered grass, she pulled in a breath of fresh, and wonderful, air. Holding it a second before releasing it for the tree's to grab to convert once again. She stared before her into the place she called home, The Forest of Lilliana, a beautiful, wonderful and peaceful area. She stretched, her Golden scales glistening in the sun rays that were lucky enough to break through the thick roof of tree leaves. Standing up, she made her way to the small stream that was her source of water. You would actually find that this small stream connected to the Soime River if you followed it long enough. I should go visit the family, she thought to herself, It HAS been awhile, can't let them worry too much about me. She chuckled, fond memories coming back. She finished drinking the cool, fresh water and began to search for some fruit. They seemed to be not as abundant lately, as if other dragons had made there way through. How could she have missed them though? She pushed the thought away and began to pluck the sweet fruit from their tree, when she heard it. A crash of scales hitting one another, and the squawks and chirps of a few dragons singing unpleasant tones. She quickly stretched her head towards the sky, trying to see if she could catch a glimpse of whatever had caused the noise. But the tree's wouldn't allow it, fully blocking her vision and whatever had just unraveled. She just wanted to shrug off the thing she just heard, but curiosity had grabbed her ears and was tugging. Hard. She really wanted to go see, but what if it was something dangerous?, and even if it wasn't, she really didn't feel like interacting with another being today. But then again, someone could be in trouble, hurt, or even worse. No , she thought, Don't think like that, they're probably fine. She turned her whole body towards the point of the noise. Should she go?
  10. Wow, I do believe you are correct! Someone loves their pillows :3 Yeah but that's just 60 successful dragons o-o , there's bound to be failure somewhere. *imagines all the pillows* Oh, I just found a Storm egg, that had a pillow parent. Not everyone is breeding what the owner wants ~Cup
  11. I have to agree with you there, It IS a majestic sight <3 *Jumps into the fluff, disappearing among all of them* AHHHHH, oh, wait, this is really warm ~ Z z z z ~Cup
  12. I will not make more than a single scroll. I'm perfectly content on just a single scroll. I frown upon those who use multiple scrolls and holding scrolls. REAL family members and friends are not holding scrolls and will not be used as such. I will not make a holding scroll and claim it to be a family member or friend. ~~~~~~~~~~ How Did I not find this till now?! Silly me I'm proud to just have one scroll with all my beautiful dragons <3!!! ~Cup
  13. I thank the person who dropped this beautiful gift off at the Abandoned Page <3!!! https://dragcave.net/lineage/yhdwT I wuv him so much ^-^ Wow OMGoodness another <3 https://dragcave.net/lineage/4GUTr Thank you for whoever droped this lovely off too <3!! I thank both unnameable people for these amazing gifts, I will love and cherish them ^-^! ~Cup
  14. Really like this idea, and It would be useful! I don't have any divider/ title Dragons or Frozen Hatchlings for this specifically, because I don't want to have to name a dragon for that purpose. This would come in very handy, I do want some dividers, and this would just be perfect <3 Support 100% ~Cup
  15. I've been wanting to join a RP, but I wanted to join one that hasn't gotten too far into the story. So, this is perfect <3! Oh, and an F.Y.I: I'm probably just making this one dragon, so yeah OMGoodness I wrote a lot o_o'' [i'm so sorry] Thanks for adding me, glad to be joining <3!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dragon's Name: Serena Dragon's Species: Undine (Alternate / Yellow) Age: 152 ( Which is still very young for a dragon, for anyone unaware ;3 ) Gender: Female Appearance: For the most part, Serena is just an average looking Undine, the main difference is that she's an alternate to the original green color, now, of course, being Yellowish/ Gold. One distinguishing feature though, is that she has beautiful, bright, sky blue eyes with just the lightest hint of a hue of lavender mixed within them. Other than that there is not much else besides a few scars from her many years of life, but those hold their own stories . . . Personality: Serena had always been more of an introvert , preferring to be on her own than living in a group, which was different than her kind, them living with water spirits and what not. Even as a young hatchling she would wander away and lay in fields by herself for hours on end, lost in her own thoughts. Besides this, she is a loving and kind soul, and would never hurt another being unless it was in defense or survival/ hunting. Serena is also known for being very wise, scaring some of her peers because of her knowledge. But she intends no harm from this, she just loves learning and knowing. (She absolutely hates not knowing something) She is a dragon of a strong mind, and a pure heart and soul. But a strong mind can't defend someone from everything, and with her heart and soul being pure, she has some very weak defenses in her, in which some of the strongest and most powerful evils could easily get a hold on and control, if done just right . . . . . Backstory: Originating from the Soime River, Serena spent her hatchling and adolescent years living with her family, friends, and the neighboring creatures. Her father and mother had been/ are one of those rare pairs of Undine that do mate for life, and this had been their seventh batch of eggs. She came along with another sister and two brothers, one being a runt. She had been the first born alternate to her parents, and they seemed to adore her over that, which she never really cared for, but they loved all their offspring just the same. Many good years were spent here, conceiving many happy memory's. But a few bad ones were created, too. If any of them left a mark it would be when she lost her brother, the runt, to a Brute dragon, but she doesn't much care to talk about it. In later years she went on her own, though she does visit her family and the others every now and again. She traveled to the Forest of Lilliana, finding it to be a good place to reside. Not to far from the river, but far another to be alone. For the most part. She quickly learned a forest is full of other creatures that want to know your business and be up your butt all day, but she knew they meant no real harm. Just curious, she supposed. She had lived in this forest for many, many years, only traveling to other continents to gain knowledge. She currently lives there to this day, and plans to live there for the rest of her days. To her, it's the perfect place. Little did she know that soon she would be thrown into an adventure unlike any other, testing her bounds, and her sanity. Can she help defeat this evil and bring peace back to these lands, or will her pure heart and soul fall victim to the monsters that once claimed they were the saviors of nature and all its children? Other: - Is not a fighter, in fight or flight, it's flight. She will defend herself if she absolutely has to. BUT, if it comes down to defending someone she cares about, she will do anything to defend them, to the point of sacrificing herself. - Pretty quick and agile, can run and fly faster than her species is known for, and is pretty flexible. This was from her hatchling days when she wanted to get away to be alone. [ With the siblings she had, she needed to get to places they couldn't] - Loves a good story, and telling them, too. She's not all about knowledge, she loves tales of old and any book, for that matter. [she would probably read a math book] - But, as stated above, loves knowledge and will go through almost anything to obtain it. She loves knowing, and the things that keep her awake at night is when she doesn't know something, or if she can't figure something out. - She doesn't really know of the problem that's occurring because of her being alone for long periods in the forest. She barely knows anything about the continents outside of the areas she has lived in, but this doesn't bother her much. [ One thing she doesn't really care about knowing for she doesn't want to leave her home ] - She won't trust or warm up to someone right away, show that you're friendly, mean no harm, trustworthy, and smart, ( among other traits). Then a friendship should bloom, she really is a kind and caring being, she just has standards! [she can't help the way I created her >:3] - Secretly has always wanted a partner, but being who she is, never went out for one. She never really cared to have offspring, or live among others, she just wanted someone to snuggle and quietly talk with as they watched the sunset together. ~Sighs, lost in thought. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~Cup [ This dragon doesn't like carrot cake, she likes vanilla ]
  16. I really like this idea, I've always wanted the ability to be able to keep/ freeze an egg as to be able to keep it on your scroll. [ Though I haven't started this, I want to begin freezing hatchlings, and having a few eggs of the species to go along just feels like it'd complete the collection of that dragon, ya know?] The BSA mentioned for the Speckled-throated dragon would be an awesome bonus, too. Overall, I love and support this idea 100%
  17. Wow, love the designs of these eggs! Really nice X3 Wasn't expecting a new dragon till Christmas, but yay, new one's X3! Thanks to everyone/anyone who helped with the new dragon ^3^