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  1. I've got Pokez recently <3 https://dragcave.net/view/poK3z Edit: And this beauty that goes quite well with my Username https://dragcave.net/view/CUUfP
  2. I've got four of each color <3 May grab some more later in life, but for now, I'm good *Snuggles LH Hatchies* Edit: Woops, miscount 5 Golds , 4 for the rest.
  3. Man I was only able to get one Silver! Awe well, no use complaining, Ill just continue to hunt and hope for the best.
  4. LET THERE BE SILVERS!!! and lag ._. Good luck to everyone
  5. Awe, no flood? Oh well, patience never hurts,I suppose Cannot wait for it though ( I'm aware I can breed G2 Silvers, but I want CB O3O ) I hope the flood will last long enough where I can catch it at a Time when I'm not busy, which floods usually do last long enough, so no worries. (Hopefully) :3 Good Luck to everyone!! ( and Happy B-Day Fiona ) ~Cup Okay whoa, lots of people in the biomes, like wow ._.
  6. If I may claim a spot? I'd love to be in one of the Reconnaissance groups. Gathering Information would be much better than Recruiting for Serena, given her personality and all. ( And a shout out to any of the characters in the group at the moment. If someone can heal Serena's paw with magic/ or something of the sorts I'd appreciate that, after Mekin helps her over )
  7. With a slight tug, that brought only the smallest twinge of pain, Serena pulled her paw free. She sighed with intense relief, happy to finally be free of the dirt that had held her. She chuckled in her head, how dirt could have held her in place, she'd never know. She turned, now having full mobility, to study her paw. It looked a little red, as if irritated, and just a little swollen. But otherwise, it looked fine. She turned to face the Golden ShimmerScale once more. She noticed his ears flick, and he puffed his chest a bit. Typical male, but she couldn't help but smile, she appreciated his deeds more than he could ever know."Mekin Wayward, always and forever. And your name is?" With that, he bowed, with a grin plastered across his face. Serena then felt her timid nature return to her. She pushed the feeling away, it'd be wrong not to say anything, she wasn't rude! With a smile she told him "Serena," and then she continued with "It is of great honor to make your acquaintance, Mekin." She nodded, and looked up into his eyes, they seemed to sparkle and breath with life. Without thinking, she placed her bad paw onto the ground, and put weight onto it. With no warning, the horrid pain shot quickly through her nervous system. Startled, she let out a tiny shriek, and a small flame erupted from her mouth. She quickly recovered herself, and brought her paw up once more. She shook her head, this was bad. She turned to look at the other dragons who had gathered, still discussing and conversing with one another. Maybe one of them could help? She turned back to Mekin, she wasn't aware of his magiacl ability's, but she really needed help. "Mekin," she began "My paw, it is worse off then I had thought." She paused, the continued "I ask that if you don't have the magic yourself, if you would be able to lead me over to the other group, with so many others there, someone has got to be able to help me." "I wish not to be a burden upon you, but I won't be able to do much with this." She lifted her back paw, it looking a little worse off now then it did earlier. "Would you mind helping me over to them?" (If Mekin is willing to help her, I was thinking he could lend her his shoulder, and they'll both walk over together, him helping to support her)
  8. Me too. I hope to just hope online and find a huge flood of the beautiful Silvers dropping. However, if all the research that has been conducted is correct, it'll still be some time. Oh well, at least we have some time for other things. (Shout out to the people willing to take their time to do the research!) Still, I can't wait to grab those beauty's! I've seen many people already have this idea, but I want to do a Gold, Silver, Bronze, then Blue lineage <3!! ~Cup
  10. ((Welcome back Miko!)) ((Esko are you going to add more to your post or leave it as it is?)) ~~~~~ She continued staring at the ground, noticing small details such as a withered flower, eaten away by hungry bugs that had found it as an easy snack, or the prints in the ground, almost faded away, left by creatures of all sorts that had traveled through the forest in years past. "Noo Problem!" Mekin had responded, and in a flash was down near the hole, using his beautiful claws to dig out the dirt that held her. She felt bad, having to ask him to do such a deed, knowing that Shimmer-Scales more or less valued how they looked. Plus, being a Golden Shimmer, she felt even more awful. Though she didn't believe any creature was better than the other, she knew how prized a Golden coat was. "Th-Thank You, I really do appreciate you helping me." She paused for a second, realizing she hadn't even asked his name, how rude of her! " Pardon my manners, you being so kind and chivalrous, the least I cold do is ask you your name?"
  11. Oh Alex, I'm so sorry that had to happen. D: If you're able, please tell Brotato I hope he feels better soon, and that he has a quick and easy recovery. (Hospitals visits and stays can be horrible, I would know. . ) Best of luck! ~Cup
  12. Yay, next color is dropping! <3 I've grabbed three Blues so far, and hopefully after my Bronze hatch I'll be able to snag a few more :3
  13. OMGoodness I know right? Seriously, all those nice low time eggs that I want, but I don't want to fully lock my scroll with eggs and hatchies and then the new color start dropping. >…<
  14. OMGoodness Miko happy Bday!!! <3 I hope you have an awesome day, and also a safe flight. Good luck with the wedding too, they can be boring. . But fun, too.
  15. Well, I've caught four, so I'm pretty happy. I hope everyone else is getting some Bronze love too! I'd try to grab another, but silly me misclicked an Undine during the flood. Anyway, good luck to everyone else, thanks again TJ for the flood, and cannot wait for the next color now. :3 ( although I also can because I want egg room before they arrive. )
  16. Alright, I hope you're correct, that'll give me time to Grab some eggs. Thanks!
  17. Never mind, caught one <3 Finally!! Thank you so, so much TJ! Seriosuly, really appreciate it. Does anyone know how long the flood will be on for? I'm egg locked for around 2 hours and depending how long it'll last I may have to abandon some eggs.
  18. Man, hunting has gotten me nothing so far! Oh well, if That's how lady luck wants it, then so be it. Man I really wanted to have between four to six of each color, but I guess that won't be happening anytime soon. Oh well, good luck to everyone else. Hopefully I can still get a few. (Maybe, at the very least, two so that I can influence ) But for now, I have to hit the hay~ Again, good luck to the rest of my fellow hunters. May our dreams be filled with Bronze eggs~
  19. Gosh, I wanted to grab at least one egg from each biome, and then just egg lock myself on the rest. But Wow, I can't catch any. .
  20. I completely agree. They're so hard to grab, and having to use a Phone doesn't help. >…> (for me at least. )
  21. Just a thought that passed my mind, but wouldn't it have been really cool if the sprite changed according to the time of day? During the day they only had their one pair of real wings, but in the later hours the illusion wings would appear. Don't get me wrong, I adore their look, just thought I'd share my passing idea. :3
  22. OMGoodness!!! I absolutely adore their design! <3 I don't have a specific breed of dragon that I hoard, but man, I may start! Beautiful, absolutely stunning. Plus as a side note I FINALLY reached 500 dragons! Gold trophy baby. <3 (took long enough, but I guess my hiatus didn't help. )
  23. I own a Russian Tortoise. Love the little guy so much. <3
  24. *Inpatient Cup Intensifies* I REALLY want to see the adults, cannot wait. *_* This fourm has become quite complex, I really hope the process to get the other colors isn't THAT difficult. Goodness that drawing Stella, I swear. (It's perfection and I want one)