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  1. ((Oh goodness, I'm so excited to start! Thank you for allowing me to join! )) ((Side note for everyone: I'm starting in the village and making my way to the forest.)) ((Yeah, I'm going to say that he can speak dragon. A rare skill, but quite valuable. He also speaks out loud even though the dragons telepathically communicate with him.)) __________________________________ Charlotte sat amongst the adults in the meeting room, taking in the information they were all presenting. How crops were doing, the herds, and the supplies; everything seemed well and in order until the forest fire came up. The room grew quiet as a young farm hand spoke about the sudden burning of the nearby forest; he explained how almost everything was destroyed, and anything that may have survived wasn't doing so well. The cause for the fire was unknown. Discussion was held, and in was decided that Charlotte would go explore and maybe figure out the reason behind it. After packing supplies, she took off into the sky, reaching the height where the air is brisk and calm. She enjoyed these flights; they allowed her to think. She landed amongst the charred and dead foliage after some time and began to take in her surroundings. She decided to lose the weight and tossed her bag over to the side. Ow. She froze for a second before turning around to face her luggage. She knew what was going on here. Ethan, get out of the bag. Now. And that he did; he knew better than to disobey Charlotte. He looked up at her, his bright, green eyes melting her heart before she could get any lecturing in. She sighed. Ethan, dear, why did you come along? And without asking? You know you could get in trouble for this. Plus, you're missing valuable lessons. He kicked at a rock, sending it flying. I, I just wanted to be with you. I don't like my teacher, he smells like beef! You're a better teacher. Please, let me stay? She sighed, even if she wanted to send him back, it'd be a waste of time. Alright, you may stay with me. Maybe I can teach you some things while we are here? Much more fun than learning math, I suppose. Come along, let us explore. And that they did, looking at the charred and destroyed remains of the forest that once was. Ethan was so infatuated with every little thing. They began to venture deeper into the mess.
  2. Hi there! My name is Cupup889 (It's best to not question the dumb username.) I'd prefer if you'd call me Cup, but do as you please. This RP looks fun and interesting, so I'd love to join! If you're not accepting then let me know and I'll delete this post, thanks! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Name: Charlotte Species: Arsani Dragon (Female, of course.) Age: 970 Appearance: Charlotte looks like a normal Arsani, with her eyes being the only exception: they're a neon aqua. Personality: Charlotte is a kind and gentle soul that tries to bring peace and happiness to all that she can. She has a nurturing and motherly nature and will defend anything she deems defenseless and/ or innocent. However, she can stand her ground and will defend herself and/ or someone who needs her. She's also very intelligent and carries a lot of wisdom with her. Lineage: Unknown, as she was stolen as an egg. However, she believes to be Cave Born. History: Charlotte was accidentally stolen as an egg by a young human child, whom then brought the egg back to their village. Knowing the egg would no longer be accepted by any mothering dragon; the village took the egg in and raised it themselves. They took great care of Charlotte and treated her as equally as everyone else. She grew to become the village dragon; protecting and helping raise the village and its inhabitants. She was also a nanny to any children that had to be watched. For many years she watched over the village she called home. Extra: Though she loves everyone in the village equally, she secretly adores Ethan the most; he's gained a special place in her heart. She sneaks him off and tries to teach him all she can before lecturing must start again. She also has a bit of a burden on her, seeing as she outlives the ones she holds dear. She tries to not let it get to her, however. _________ Name: Ethan Species: Human, male. Age: 10 Appearance: A small, young, caucasian boy. Brown mess of hair, freckles, and bright, green eyes. Personality: Curious about the world and everything it holds. He adores Charlotte and spends as much time with her as he can. Naive, but loves to learn about whatever he can. Lineage: Father and Mother are the leaders of their village, and is an only child. History: Not much since he is so young. He has begun his training as to be the next leader of their village. Though he does try to avoid his schooling as much as possible: he doesn't care about keeping the sheep counted, he cares about knowing why flowers grow. Extra: Loves Charlotte dearly, and is very close to her. He secretly wants to explore the world instead of being stuck in a village that's making him grow up just a little too quickly. (( I hope these are fine, if not let me know; I'll begin RPing as soon as I'm aware if they're good.))
  3. I think I just died a little from how excited I got. SO HYPED. Look at all this wonderful new stuff!!! Thank you,everyone involved! <3 You're the MVPs! Happy Birthday, DC!!
  4. . . . (I sat here for a bit thinking of what to type, but honestly, I'm speechless.) This has got to be my favorite Christmas dragon, next to the Solstice, and next year I'm definitely grabbing more of these guys. Stunning and gorgeous, and so much fluff! <3 (Can I just have a hundred of them now for my scroll, please? ) Kudos to everyone involved in helping bring us this wonderful event and dragon for this year!
  5. Bruh. Very well done, they look absolutely gorgeous! Would never have predicted a change for the two headed dragons; but I'm glad it happened, as TJ stated, those wings are astonishing. Kudos to spriters. ( Sorry to anyone who had wished for them to stay as they were. I understand change can be hard and somethings people just want things to stay the same It preserves it. Although, please try to be happy. You don't have to like it, but don't let it get you down. ) Again, very well done; I can't wait to see more later on in the future! <3
  6. Happy Halloween Everybody!! <3 And good luck as well
  7. *Bags under eyes staring at screen* So worth it . . .
  8. Can't wait! Getting closer and closer <3
  9. https://dragcave.net/lineage/QTij3 :3 and I've found a mate for him! <3 https://dragcave.net/lineage/U0qDW
  10. https://dragcave.net/view/V8H6k I wish I could keep this on him forever <3 Edit: Saw an above post and totally forgot to say thank you TJ and Everyone else involved, much appreciated!
  11. OMGoodness yay, it's time! <3 Happily going to grab eggs that I missed in years past *Runs off to have fun while dancing to spooky scary skeletons*
  12. Have never seen this topic before, and like, why haven't I?! Really like this idea if I'm getting the full picture of it. !00% Support
  13. http://eskipaper.com/images/portal-2-wallpaper-1.jpg <3
  14. Thank you breeder, beautiful lineage <3 https://dragcave.net/lineage/5JR7i
  15. CLOB code :3 https://dragcave.net/view/cLIoB This ones code fits me perfectly <3 https://dragcave.net/view/CUUfP Just wanted to share two I liked from my own babies
  16. Sounds fine to me. As Ælex stated, we should get this train moving again; before it really dies out. (Which would be a real shame because this RP has potential and I love the concept behind it.)
  17. OMGOODNESS THOSE MALE HORSE DRAGON SPRITES Ok, sorry, had to get that out. Loving how the new sprites look! As mentioned the Pygmies do look a little odd, but it's probably just the change, we'll grow accustomed to them in time. I still like them Can't wait to see what's next!
  18. Whoa, just asked a question about this a day or so ago, and now a thread pops up?! Cool. I support this one hundred and ten percent! I'd LOVE to change my forum (and possibly even scroll?!) name. However, I do see olympe's point , maybe something could be arranged to prevent any impostures? And the part about getting to know everyone, well for that, I'm not too sure. Maybe they could just change the name a little? So everyone can tell it's still them? I hate this name my younger self cursed me with. Like, I despise it. If anything, I'd just change the names to something like CupCup, or something involving a cup, so everyone knew it was me. ( Why did I go with Cup in my username, omg. ) Again, support all the way, a few loop holes would need filled, however.
  19. For anyone who doesn't understand, please check the Emotional Support thread. There Ælex explains everything. Please give him the time and respect he needs, and send a good word his way, it helps. Thank You.
  20. Oh Ælex, I'm sorry for your loss, I send my condolences your way. Please don't hurt yourself over this. I've never gone through something like this, but I want you to know you'll be ok. It'll hurt, for a long time. However, the pain will lessen, and it'll get easier on your part. Please try to remember all the good about him. Please don't hurt yourself, your family needs you now, more than you may think. It's fine to be angry, spiteful, upset, and it's fine to cry. Don't hold back emotions like those, they'll build up . . . I'm no therapist, I'm some random chick from the internet, but me, and many others, are here for you. Again, I'm truly sorry. Take time to relax and process your thoughts, gather them together. Take time to breath. Take your emotions out in a healthy way. Heck, if I was there I'd let you punch me if need be! It will get better, it will take a while, and there will always be that ounce of hurt you can't remove. But It'll get better. I promise.
  21. Yeah, I've heard that. Awe well, nothing I can do, I'll just have to deal with this username Thanks for the input AGYK, much appreciated!
  22. Alright, thank for the information, it's nice to at least know Thanks again Purplehaze, much appreciated!
  23. THIS. I've already posted, but just wanted to agree with the extra egg slot thing >3> However, I also wanted to add on that the Horse dragon was actually my first (although female she is) So this is just awesome <3!
  24. Oh Goodness! Cannot wait to see the updated sprites <3! Thanks for the info/ update TJ.