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  1. Wow, these adults look amazing! Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks to TJ, Spriters, and anyone else involved in making these guys! Darn, going to have to collect more of these before I get back to what I was originally planning!
  2. CB Fire Gem (Green) Egg! That went fast! Enjoy! <3 You may do as you please with it. Enjoy! ^-^
  3. Grabbed these little guys! Loving some of these lineages. <3 Thank you so much! ^-^
  4. CB Red Fire Gem Egg ^-^ ~Gone. You're welcome, Syiren! Enjoy! You may do what you wish with it! Enjoy!
  5. Eggies! ^-^ Whoa! Those went quickly! Enjoy them! ^-^ Here's Another: 2G PB Red Fire Gem (Both parents Red as well!) Gone. Enjoy! You may do what you like with them, and may take as many as you want! Enjoy!
  6. Eggies! ^-^ CB Blue Fire Gem Gone! Enjoy! ^-^ 7G Bronze Shimmer (Female) x Golden Wyvern (Male) Stairstep https://dragcave.net/teleport/9ae0c75996b14...9b77d3338538ed8 You may do what you want with them, and take as many as you'd like. Enjoy!
  7. Grabbed this cutie! Thank you so much! ^-^
  8. Good luck to everyone searching for eggs. Happy Easter! ^-^
  9. Eggies ^-^ Blue Fire Gem 2G PB (Parents both Blue.) https://dragcave.net/teleport/0d9bc67c70738...c163893e4fed6d4 Golden Wyverns: 2G PB https://dragcave.net/teleport/50d685e33c412...7279c5eb2418ca4 https://dragcave.net/teleport/8c2474b638589...de104d57009255e 3G PB https://dragcave.net/teleport/40cc2f3941f5b...db273c60de775d4 You may do what you like with them, and may take as many as you want! Enjoy! <3
  10. Both Fire Gems Green 2G PB https://dragcave.net/teleport/fa1948b1a6ea1...85c66758da750ce Blue CB https://dragcave.net/teleport/47b72f820cf80...b941066db138e15 Enjoy! ^-^ (Fair warning: Parents of green will eventually be named!)
  11. I have a CB Fire Gem Green Egg. (Gender unknown, sorry.) Green: Gone. Enjoy! I have it set as a two-way trade as I would prefer it go to someone who has none/ not too many. I understand some individuals have a hard time grabbing these, so I want to try and make some available. Just trade a dummy egg/ hatchling, ... (If you could also set up your scroll so that It'll be easier to check I'd appreciate that very much! ^-^)
  12. I have two CB Fire Gem Eggs; a Green and a Blue. Both will gender to be Female (Precognition.) Blue: Gone! Enjoy! :3 Green: Gone! Enjoy! :3 I have them set as a two-way trade as I would prefer these go to someone who has none/ not too many. I understand some individuals have a hard time grabbing these, so I want to try and make some available. Just trade a dummy egg/ hatchling, and allow me to check your scroll. (Setting your scroll up so that the check is easier would be much appreciated, too.) <3 You may also send in a trade if you need a female of the two colors available to complete your set. Thanks!
  13. Have some Eggies! <3 3G PB Golden Wyvern Gone, Enjoy! 5G Golden Wyvern (Female) x Bronze Tinsel (Male) Gone, Enjoy! 7G Golden Wyvern (Male) x Bronze Shimmer (Female) https://dragcave.net/teleport/5fe76db572266...c818623532ea5cb 3G PB Xeno (Astrapi.) Gone, Enjoy! Take as many as you'd like! You may do what you wish with them!
  14. 5G PB Golden Wyvern ^-^ Gone! Enjoy ! (You are very welcome jerzeeshadow <3.) Do what you would like with it. Enjoy! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ More Eggies! All of these are PB Golden Wyverns! 2G https://dragcave.net/teleport/e097835abafb7...6cc444fb02b9a80 https://dragcave.net/teleport/e95d3928f470d...b58b2f925849e39 4G https://dragcave.net/teleport/9299780b87585...81da6b5a1873f6a Take as many as you'd like. Enjoy! (Also, fair warning: some of the GW eggs may be related to other eggs that I have up; if you have breeding in mind, and don't want any inter-breeding, keep an eye out!!)
  15. Oh, these dragons are neat! Designs are well done, too. Thanks to all involved! ^-^
  16. Wow, both of these dragons look absolutely wonderful! Kudos to TJ, spriters, and all others involved with giving us these two new breeds. Goodness, going to be so busy with collecting. (Not that I'm complaining ;3 )
  17. Have a Gold! Reaching around 900 dragons soon! (A low number considering I've been here since 2012, but I've taken some long hiatuses. ) Higher trophies would be nice, or at least another egg slot.
  18. Thanks! Glad to hear, this BSA with Influence would seriously make things a lot easier!
  19. Wow, look at those adults! These guys look absolutely spectacular! <3 (Going to be busy trying to hoard all these new dragons now. ) Seriously, very well done. However, I have a question for the new BSA: What would happen if you used it on an egg, received the gender, then influenced it using a pink? Would it then be influenced? Or would the prediction cancel out any attempts to change the gender? (Sorry if this has already been asked!) Edit: I also just realized this will allow people to know the gender way before the egg hatches, which means quicker trading if the egg is already the desired gender. 030 (and as long as trading doesn't cancel out the foreseen gender.)
  20. Wow, five new breeds? You spoil us! <3 Can't wait to catch and raise all these eggs. Thanks TJ, spriters, and everyone else involved! Happy hunting and good luck to everyone!
  21. One new release can be caught in the Alpine and Forest biomes. The other new release is a hybrid: breeding a Coastal Waverunner and an Electric together may produce said dragon. Hope this helps! ^-^ ___ (Edit because I'm not posting twice) Wow, I'm quite shocked that we have new releases, wasn't expecting any! (I'm so sorry . . . no I'm not.) Seriously, though, they look awesome as always; kudos to TJ and everyone involved in creating these guys. <3 Egg locked, for now, grabbed two from each biome. (Hybrids are gonna have to wait because I want some CB Coastal and Electric to breed.) Also grabbed a Xeno during my hunt so yay. ^-^
  22. Charlotte did not rest easy; something was wrong. She tossed and turned in her slumber as distress and exasperation filled her soul. She growled in her sleep and pulled Ethan close to her; worry replacing any tranquility she may have felt before falling asleep. CRUNCH Charlotte jumped up in a moment of panic and wildly looked around. Her breath had quickened tremendously, and after making sure the area was secure; she sat down and took deep breaths. "What was that?" After finally calming herself, she opened her eyes and looked around once more. Something was off. Then it clicked: Ethan wasn't sleeping, or awake, or even in the general area. He was gone. "Ethan?" She called, looking around. "Ethan, dear, please come out." There was no response. Worry clutched at Charlotte's heart and refused to ease up. She grabbed her belongings and sniffed around, picking up Ethan's scent. She found it easily and began to gallop in the direction he presumably took. ______ Ethan had gotten up much earlier than Charlotte, and, not wanting to bother her, decided to explore the immediate area. He told himself he wouldn't wander far. He was lost before he knew it. He looked around at the charred trees, not knowing which way he had come. He kept his nerves; telling himself to not get upset, that he would be okay. A loud crack sounded through the air making Ethan jump out of his skin. Catching himself, he looked over at a fairly large tree that was now beginning to fall He was out of its range, and as long as he was cautious he could get a closer look after it fell. He decided to head that way. He got fairly close when he heard telepathic talking. "Dragons?" He whispered to himself. He decided to climb a tree, trying to keep himself hidden. He did lose his footing for a moment, and a branch crashed to the blackened ground below. He scurried up the rest of the tree and hid amongst the dead branches and shadows, ducking down. "Wow! That's a lot of dragons!" He whispered.
  23. The duo had been scanning the remains of the forest fire for some time. Ethan picked up, examined, and questioned everything he saw. Charlotte adored his curiosity for the world; it gave her a tranquil feeling inside that she couldn't quite understand, but loved nonetheless. They decided to break for a snack, resting in a small patch of grass that had begun to spring up from the charcoal ground. They ate their food as Ethan played with the soft grass; sliding it between his fingers, taking in the rough, earthy feel. Charlotte? Yes, Ethan? How is there grass growing here? Isn't everything supposed to be burned and dead? Charlotte stopped eating and began to pack up their supplies while taking the question into thought. Let me put it this way: Where there is death, life will follow. With destruction, comes creation. You can knock a tree down and uproot the rest of it, but you cannot stop the fact that more will grow in its place. It may take some time, but it will happen. Kill one flower, and usually another five will grow. Even the worst disasters will never stop mother nature. She looked down at the small blades of grass; running her paw through them. Yes, the fire destroyed a lot, but that just leaves room for more, much stronger, things to grow. Ethan smiled, laying down in the soft grass as he finished off an apple. Charlotte wrapped herself around him, placing a protective wing over him as they both started to doze off. I'm glad that the forest will come back, Ethan whispered, I really like the grass.