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  1. Welp, I played through it only once and Ion has already won my heart; I'm not sure I could play through and go to the dance with anyone else now. 🤣 They're my kind of dragon. ❤️ Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Sending lots of love and hugs and positive vibes everyone's way! 🤗 The eggs and hatchies are looking good; I can't wait to see the adults! Thank you TJ, spriters/ artist, and everyone else involved in making this event happen! ^-^ ❤️
  2. I'm not sure what I was expecting exactly as we watched the hatchlings grow, but I am blown away nonetheless! They look absolutely amazing, and I feel they really capture the essence of Halloween! Thank you TJ, Spriters, and all else involved in making this event happen and giving us this wonderful new Dragon! ❤️ (Also, whoever thought of the funny potato part in the story; you're great, gave me a good laugh.)
  3. OMGoodness! These adults look amazing!!! ❤️ I'm definitely going to collect them like crazy!!! ❤️ To all of those involved: very well done! They are absolutely gorgeous and a wonderful new addition to our cave!
  4. Happy Birthday, Dragon Cave! 12 years and still going! ^-^ Absolutely loving all these new additions and updates, and I'm so excited for the new dragons!! ❤️ Good luck with grabbing eggs, everyone! And thank you TJ, spriters, and all else involved in making this happen! It's greatly appreciated! 👍😄
  5. Oh goodness, I forgot this event was here and was greatly taken aback for a moment when clicking on my scroll. So. Much. GREEN!! I love it!! (Some of the dragons look really nice in this green! ) Good luck to everyone hunting eggs and taking part in the mini-game! ^-^ And thank you for the event, TJ! Have a Happy Easter and April Fools, everyone!
  6. This was an absolutely wonderful event! The dragons and flowers were simply amazing: from the designs of both, to the personalities of the dragons and the descriptions of the flowers; it was all so well done and creative, and I loved every second of it! <3 And being able to send and receive unique Valentines notes was quite lovely! <3 The new Valentines dragon is also really nice! I love the colors and the flower theme it has! Thank you TJ, spriters, writers, and all else involved in making this event happen! It was an awesome one! ^-^
  7. Happy Valentines Day! Sending lots of love, hugs, and kisses everyone's way! <3 I just started the event, and I'm already in love with it. I love the personalities of all the dragons, and the descriptions of the items are wonderful. (I especially like the one about the AOD scale! ) The new eggs look nice as well, I can't wait to see what the adults look like! I still have to grab my two, however, so I better get on that. Happy hunting everybody! <3
  8. Well darn, I'm really sorry to hear that EATW is gone. It was definitely one of my favorite Hatcheries, and I loved the Tools that were provided. Thank you, @Ext3h for all your hard work and dedication that you had put into the site. I understand it must be hard doing this, but we all know it's for the best. I'm sad to see it go, but it was wonderful while we had it. R.I.P. EATW </3
  9. Oh my, these dragons are absolutely gorgeous!! I can't wait to see what lineages and pairings people come up with! Kudos and thank you to TJ, Spriters, and anyone else involved in making these dragons, along with the whole event, possible! <3 (And thank you so, so much, TJ, for allowing us to get CB Christmas Dragons that players may have missed. It's greatly appreciated!) No matter what kind of Christmas dragon you prefer, or if you're team Ice or Fire; I hope every individual had a wonderful Holiday season on DC and in their own personal lives. You are all wonderful people, and this community is amazing because of that. Please, everyone, stay awesome! Lots of love to you all! <3 And a Happy New Year once it's here! Here's to another great year ahead! ^-^
  10. Have: 2G Aegis Egg from Pacified Aegis x Bronze Tinsel. (Also has a unique code: gabe1) https://dragcave.net/teleport/ce8192ab6552b47d089d3fcef9c4000a WANT: Offers? Not really looking for anything specific. Nice lineages are appreciated. ( No CB Holidays, however, please and thank you. <3 ) ( Also, two more Aegis eggs of this lineage have made their way to the AP! Keep an eye out for them! And good luck if anyone looks for them! <3 )
  11. So, I've got a few questions. I've scanned throughout this thread and understand that Hollies and Misletoes cannot be influenced since they'll just become the gender they were originally assigned to in the cave. However, I've seen some people mention that they've precog'd some eggs and found them to be the opposite gender. Is that a glitch? Or is it that some people will be lucky enough to get the opposite gender? I'm also curious about Solstice dragons. Will CB eggs still grow into the Rosy version? Or will they grow into the Blue version if caught at the correct time? I have two CB Rosys, but I'd love to have a CB Blue if they're available. I guess to sum it up: are dragons going to stick to the way they were when CB, or can we get different genders/ variations depending on certain circumstances? Sorry if these were already answered; I'm just curious. Any answer would be appreciated if anyone knows. ^-^ And good luck with everyone hunting! I know everyone wants the ones they missed, especially the Hollies, but please don't stress yourselves! Enjoy this beautiful and wonderful time of year! <3
  12. Aww yes! I can't wait to get this party started! *Does noddle arms while dancing like an idiot.* Thank you so, so much for bringing back Christmas CBs, TJ; I know many, if not all, of us Cavers appreciate this more than we can express in words. <3 Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all! ^-^ Let's make it a good one!
  13. Just added some of mine on as well; all were incuhatchable except two, but those two only had a few hours left before hitting the 4 Day mark so I figured they'd be fine. Came back just a few minutes later and they were sick with over 3,000 views each. I use EATW world as well, it seems that's most likely the cause since everyone posting here is/ was using that site. Guess it'd be best to avoid that site for awhile. And like PrincessLucy said, Christmas and Holiday Breeding is going to be here soon. I hope they get it fixed, and that people realize before they lose their eggs. I'm really sorry to hear about your eggs, AngelusMicheal.
  14. I can do it if you still need someone to. ^-^
  15. I'll gladly help you out as well, Eternal. As Miral said, multiple mods could be a huge help to you. (And I still have my gifts I wanna give away. <3 ) They can help keep thing organized, take and hold gifts as well as distribute them, perhaps post for you if you can't, etc. This is an absolutely wonderful idea, but doing it alone may just be a little too much. (I say that out of love. <3 We all appreciate what you're doing!) If you want help, I'll gladly be of service; my scroll is a platinum so I have the room. (Or will soon; if you do want my help I'll allow what I have now to grow and won't catch almost anything else to have the room for gifts.) And I also have access to DC and its Forums quite often. This is just a suggestion, however, it's all up to you. Good luck and have fun spreading the love and cheer!
  16. Thank you, Terrafreaky, for this: https://dragcave.net/lineage/FpNEk I absolutely love and adore Almeralds, and I think this pairing looks really nice together. <3 (I hope I can find a mate for him this upcoming Valentines day. ^-^ )
  17. I'd love to help out with this. Seems like a wonderful and generous idea. Spreading the love and cheer! <3 I can definitely do a low-gen prize; will also try getting some of my nicer lineages to breed for this. (Well, as long as my dragons cooperate, can't promise anything though.) Here's to an awesome Holiday season for us all! <3
  18. Have: 4 Black Marrow Hatchlings. (However, most gendered wrong. Fair warning.) https://dragcave.net/teleport/0900840bf42bc4a52179deae1ddc7282 https://dragcave.net/teleport/8865376a5de37a8a58c3b4d53e112d04 https://dragcave.net/teleport/449c710cdfb45959c49b760ef23d1953 https://dragcave.net/teleport/ef40cfa6212d153ac905b40526e751de Want: I'm really looking for a Female Black Marrow Hatchling that gendered correctly to her lineage. (She will be Frozen, and if someone can offer me this, I'll give them all 4 hatchlings if they'd like them.) Besides that, offer anything. ^-^
  19. Oh goodness, these Dragons are so cool! Such a gorgeous and scary addition to our Halloweens. <3 (And the name of these guys is just amazing.) Thank you TJ, spriters, and anyone else involved in making these dragons and this wonderful Halloween happen. ^-^
  20. Yeah, I'm having issues as well. Can't get candy, the timer hasn't even gone down, and my Hatchie was half naked as well. (And is wearing two of the same exact hat! XD) Definitely put a scare in me to see them completely different from how I left them, but I'd imagine it's some sort of bug/ glitch? Hope this gets fixed soon, I want to keep getting candy for my sweet baby. :<
  21. THE SPOOKY TIMES ARE FINALLY UPON US!!! Happy Halloween everybody! <3 I hope Y'all have a wonderful and spooky time filled with tricks and treats~ I'm so excited to see that past Halloween dragons are catchable via the cave again, thank you for this opportunity, TJ. Good luck hunting everyone! Oh, and I love the game we got this year. The little hatchlings are so adorable! <3 Gonna get that little guy tons of candy! >:3
  22. These new dragons look amazing! So gorgeous~ I can't wait to start filling my scroll up with these guys! ^-^ Gotta say, though, that Hybrid pairing did take me by surprise; I'm not complaining, however, I love it! <3 Thank you TJ, artist, and anyone else involved with making these dragons.
  23. What an absolutely wonderful surprise to wake up to! Thank you so, so much to whoever had nominated me; this is such a honor! This has definitely made my day, and my week; I'm so happy! ^-^ I'll continue on giving to and helping out the wonderful people of this community as much as I can. <3
  24. Well darn, just learned that Sock's leaving. That was a blow to the heart. Just bred my dragons. (Even got some Prizes! ) Never really do mass breeding, but for Sock's departure it was worth it! ^-^ Never knew you personally, Sock, but you were such a positive influence around the forums, and just a wonderful and amazing person in general. Gonna miss you, but I wish you nothing but luck and the best in your future! Thanks for everything, you've been an awesome moderator and friend to this community! <3
  25. Well this was a surprise. Just checked the raffle because it came to mind and thought 'Eh, why not?' Was not actually expecting to have won. :0 Oh, this has made my day! I'm so happy. ^-^ Congrats to the other winners as well, and good luck to everyone else next time around! And thank you so much, TJ, for this; I've always wanted a CB prize. (There also seems to be a lot of mentions of birthdays so Happy Birthday to everyone that has had/ having one around this time! Best wishes to y'all! <3)