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[ Just call me Cup, or CupUp ❤️ ]    http://dragcave.net/user/cupup889 <-- Scroll :)

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    In another place, in another time; in another world, in another life~
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    Welcome to my profile! :)

    Unfortunately, life has been rather hectic and busy for me as of currently. I am trying to slowly get back into Dragon Cave, but it will take some time. I’m mostly just collecting dragons and trying to fulfil my end of trades I have promised. I hope to become more involved again in time, but for now everything is iffy.

    If I have not completed my end of a trade with you PLEASE let me know. I do have a list with all I owe, and I believe it to be accurate and up to date, but I’m not completely sure; I will try my best to get all these done in time. I greatly appreciate those that are patient and understanding!


    If I have a dragon pair that you'd like an egg from, message me, we can arrange something.

    Feel free to PM me anytime, and about anything, if you just wanna talk, let's talk!
    [I'm also willing to help if I can, but I can't guarantee anything.]

    If you do need to contact me, hit me up with a PM.
    (Or on Discord! 🦅 >>_TheGryphon_<< 🦁#2891 Or if you are part of the Unofficial DC Discord, you can find me as Cup 🐲🐉 )


    [F.Y.I. Things change on my scroll a lot because I can't make up my mind.]

    I'm currently trying to name all my Dragons; it's not easy, but I'm getting there. ( And it will happen, sooner or later.) It's going to be a loooong process, though. Wish me luck!

    My Scroll is also really messy for the time being because I'm so busy; I'll clean it up as soon as possible!

    Special Thanks:

    To 888888, for taking the time and dedication in giving me my first ever Neglected. I appreciate it so much, and will always treasure it. <3
    To anyone who has ever chatted with and was friendly and/ or helpful to me in DC.
    To anyone who has traded with or gifted me dragons.
    To the person/ those that nominated me to be Ark listed! It’s an absolute honor and I appreciate it immensely.


    Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful day! ❤️