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  1. Glitch?  I've been trying to get a past holiday egg and I keep getting told I've reached my breed limit.  Happened with a Abandoned egg and a Holiday tab egg.

    It just occurred to me that maybe someone didn't like their code on a Holiday tab one and abandoned a cave-born, and I was just assuming it was bred, so that I should have been able to get it.  But if it was CB and in the Abandoned area, then I can't . . .   

    Still, it makes me nervous to try breeding my Garlands and then not getting to keep one because of this.

  2. Interesting. So then they catch a "normal" and it is alt-ed later?


    ETA: I actually saw a Tetra in the Coast and in the AP. Caught neither as my new glasses seem to be giving me slight double-vision on the computer and my clicks weren't actually on the eggs. haha sigh

  3. Hey guys how's the hunting going-


    user posted image

    LOL Oh you made me sad, though. Miss Community.


    So, I am back for a break from the cleaning and trying to recover from the drama of bathing the more difficult to groom of my cats.


    I have to say that I think there should be some leeway here. People who are frustrated should be able to voice that. People who want to talk about other topics should simply carry on talking about the other topics surround the releases.


    I did learn there was a chance of nabbing one from the AP by reading everything since my last post, and I did actually see a green there. Didn't get it, but it was the first I have seen of any of the new eggs.


    I'm not going to obsessively hunt any more, but I'm also going to resign myself to the fact that I may not get CBs of them. I love to have a CB pair of as many as possible, but I have contented myself with (for example) bred Xenos, whose release I was here for and still couldn't get.


    The sprites I have seen of the Tetras are adorbs. I really look forward to getting any of these guys, which makes the game entertaining to me. I'm one of those people who gets distracted when there isn't something to find and so I wander off. I'm counting on a lot of the current hunters being like me. biggrin.gif

  4. I sure hope they aren't going to be real "rare". I haven't gotten any at all, nor seen their descriptions in a flash by, so I'm going to give up for now and go back to what I'm supposed to be doing: cleaning house for my in-laws' visit.


    Sure do hope everyone else gets egg-locked soon, so when I can pop back, I can grab some. tongue.gif

  5. @lilbunniesdragons


    I will breed you a sibling for your Blackfyre after Halloween, just remind me after Halloween in this thread because i expect my inbox to be full after Halloween.


    *i have a cold and tend to forgotten things in this state so i hesitate to delete PMs*




    Please also remind me to breed you a sibling for your Targaryen after Halloween. If you need a sibling. wink.gif

    Thanks, Tigerkralle! biggrin.gif


    No idea why I just got an email now letting me now there was a reply to my post.


    Guess I need to be better about stalking the forum. Sorry to reply so late.

  6. I want to start breeding my Targaryens and Blackfyre sidepiece, but worried I'll start a project and not have a slot for the Halloween releases. Too tired to go digging through threads, so I thought I ask that from y'all.


    Also, I'd be happy to contribute to the breeders list, but is it being maintained right now? Should I wait until Avarule is active again?


    I'm currently egglocked, but if you'd like me to breed for you.. you can see my breeding page HERE I can't help with the Blackfyre (still waiting on a mate for my 2nd gen) but I can breed from both primary lines and the alternate line. Just post here or PM me if interested.


    Thanks for the replies and, Tigerkralle, thank you for the Blackfyre!

    Wow, you are amazingly organized!


    I'm very interested in the alternate line, as well.


    But I don't want to be too greedy and ask for too many eggs at a time. I'm definitely not a Lannister.


    Thanks for all the replies! Tigerkralle, thank you for the Blackfyre!!

  8. It's a good thing I have lots of 2nd gen greens. I bred 23 pairs to get one green Stripe! But you have a PM with a transfer link. Good luck getting the rest of what you will need. If you need another 3rd gen any time, let me know. wink.gif

    Awesome, thank you so much!


    I can now focus on my almost ready Royal Blues while waiting for that lil baby to grow up. smile.gif I can't believe it was such a task to get a green! Stubborn lil critters lol

  9. I have a lot of EG 2 green Stripes and could breed through them trying for a 3rd gen green once I am unlocked. Just let me know if you want me to try. smile.gif


    By the way, look for Stripes in the Forest and Jungle, not the Desert.

    That would be awesome! My 2G greens ended up throwing a white baby, so I have to wait a bit to try them again. At least they didn't refuse! smile.gif


    I have a bad habit of clicking through all the biomes, looking for various things and seeing a description I want and forgetting to check the biome lol. *sigh* I feel so crushed when it says someone else got the egg first. wink.gif

  10. I've been fooling around with the Green Striped version. I have a 3g Green waiting on a mate (can't breed for it until I become un-egglocked), but then I need to catch more CB stripes to work on the other half of the lineage.


    However, I keep screwing up and clicking on the dratted Spitfires lol. I should probably stop APing them and take it as sign to work on a Spitfire lineage for this project.


    I don't want to formally volunteer on the Green stripe and then get stuck with only the one-half, but the Royal Blues are coming along. I have 1 adult 2G, 1 hatchie 2G, 1 egg 2G, and hopefully the last CB hatchie will not be rejected!

  11. My current batch of eggs could hatch any time now. If you can wait until I'm out of egglock, I'll adopt your egg. biggrin.gif


    Got it! Thanks!


    And for the record, I'll take any Targaryen egg that needs a home. I don't want to see any of them abandoned.

    I second Cinnamin, lol


    I'm also egglocked, but should be free shortly, and am happy to take any spare Targaryens. My lonely Prince is quite snappish lol.


    Avarule, since you sent me a hatchling, should my request be edited to one egg?




    A new dragon is spreading awareness!

    Username: lilbunniesdragons

    Dragon: Genetic Brittle Bone Awareness


    I named this beauty that Dusky Flareon sent me in honor of a brave young boy I once taught. They moved away a long time ago, but when he was in 4K, he was determined to grow up to become a star athlete. His Osteogenesis Imperfecta was pretty severe, but he was so cheerful and determined to enjoy every aspect of life as if he weren't constantly at risk of broken bones.


    I hope he still has that joyful spirit!