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  1. Wow my stuff never makes it in here! You're welcome. Enjoy. I just found this lovely. I never find pretties like this Thanks anon.
  2. Okay, so I've seen all this literature (clickbait articles tbh) on how couples who are inseparable are doomed. My boyfriend and I just celebrated our one year anniversary and we're still inseparable. We wake up together, go to classes together, carpool, eat together, watch netflix together, run errands, visit each other's parents.... and the list goes on (we do these things most days). At the beginning of our relationship, in the honeymoon phase, it became a real problem because our friends became annoyed because we wouldn't spend enough time with them. We've worked out those problems, I spend most nights on my own and hang out with my friends more often, but I still worry that maybe this is still too much time together? Especially with everyone saying it is. The problem is neither of us want to spend our time doing anything else. We go on adventures and switch things up, so neither of us are bored with each other. Is this normal behavior? Anyway TL;DR, how much time is TOO MUCH time with a S/O? I know there are many adults on here with marriages and things, and I just really need advice. I am 100% positive that this is the man I want to marry (he's also 100% positive), and I don't want things to "fizzle out" I suppose. I'm just very anxious when it comes to these things.
  3. It's so nice to see your descriptions back in the queue! Glad to have you back. Yeah we go through the queue to nothing every two weeks or so. I'm letting them build up for a reviewing event though (I think). On that note, anyone message me if they don't want to wait lol
  4. A veggie cup with ranch. It has celery, broccoli, carrots, and red bell peppers.
  5. This doesn't really tell me much about the dragons individually and reads like a description of the entire breed. How do the two Sinos interact with each other? Delve into the horrible things that happened in the past? Maybe there was a cataclysmic war in the clan, wiping out most of the clan and the two Sinos were somehow involved? Maybe like a Groudon/Kyogre/Rayquayza deal? The Zyus summoned them to save the clan? Idk there's so many possibilities!
  6. Managed to find an all number code in the AP! 10658
  7. I could let them build up for a couple weeks. We actually get about 100 a week I think. (Or more) Then we could run a review thing. Rn we have 9 in the queue.
  8. You can PM me any time you need. I'll be happy to help with proofreading/anything you need.
  9. I always accept fictional place names (I have several myself). You should be fine using them. Just don't reference Earth.
  10. It's a different one because Sock started the other and she wanted to leave it, so Herk had to begin a new one. The other one doesn't exist anymore. And omg that sounds great. Idk I'm off my game. Your description was fine, I just edited for flow. I would have accepted as-is.
  11. Yes, that is the DC graveyard. If you would like to discuss it any further, we do have a thread for it here: I'm not sure if this was supposed to be a question, a glitch(?), or a discussion, but you can continue the discussion there. If you believe this was a glitch (probably resulting from maintenance), then you can take it to Tiny Little Questions in Help and see if anyone else is experiencing this problem frequently.
  12. I cut down on the wordiness, but I'm not sure how to reword the first sentence to not be awkward. I honestly just probably stared at it too long. TBE; Tabs just posted and mine is probably inferior. Also if you want to keep your descrip as-is it's fine other than the "frequently" thing.
  13. Well, you could say this egg roCks!
  14. Since Sock as requested that this be closed, feel free anyone to remake this thread.
  15. I reject all drakes who are portrayed as being very intelligent (able to have conversations with others). I can bring this up to other mods and we can coordinate and perhaps change the rule if necessary.
  16. https://dragcave.net/view/ukF82 Named mine after my favorite tree; I have one tattoo'd on my back!! I had to steal the name off one of my vines though.
  17. I really love the new dragons! Thanks to TCA and Odeen for these new lovelies. My babs are just about to hatch so I can catch my next batch. (Very rhyme-y).
  18. Earth Gurl


    RIP Chester Bennington. Reviving this thread in case anyone was also a big fan. I saw them live for the first time back in like 2011 and held hands with him. My dad loved Chester. He's really upset.
  19. I needed somewhere to vent, and I'm assuming this is the thread. I've been obsessed with Sherlock Holmes since I was 14. I've watched pretty much everything Sherlock Holmes there is. The old ones (starring Basil Rathbone), The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Jeremy Brett will always be my favorite Sherlock), and the movies (I don't think RDJ butchered him; he seems like he's also a sociopath); I've also read all the stories (I have the full collection). But I had never had the inclination to watch Sherlock. Something about a modern Holmes irked me a bit, and I was unsure if I wanted to watch. I was there on Tumblr when the Reichenbach Falls thing happened, and I remember him killing himself (no spoilers for me, I've read the final problem as well as watched it in The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes). I thought the whole thing with the painting was clever. My boyfriend convinced me. I'm currently binging it. It's really brilliant, but I have a few things to say. 1. I've never really considered the notion of Sherlock Holmes being a sociopath, but I like it. It's so true, I think. 2. I'm NOT happy with how the portrayed Irene Adler. She's not a prostitute, she's an opera singer. It's so absolutely ridiculous, and I think 100% they sold out her character for sex appeal. They made her less than what she was. Not saying a prostitute is "less", but she was more composed than they made her out to be. She wasn't a horrible person, which I got from this series, she just cared about her safety and wanted to move on with her life. I feel like half of the whole dominatrix thing was unnecessary. I was slightly okay with how it ended, but had me asking "Why is she THE WOMAN? She didn't outsmart Sherlock. Not really. She didn't escape; he came to her rescue as a damsel in distress. Why does she deserve the same respect owed to THE woman? Why? 3. I am not that satisfied about how they portrayed Dr. Watson's reaction to Sherlock's being alive. Yes, it would likely have happened that way, but I found the reaction of Dr. Watson in The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes a lot more pleasing. Also, you wanna talk about feels, watch the Final Problem with Jeremy Brett and David Burke/Edward Hardwicke and then his return. Gives me goosebumps. 4. I hated how they portrayed Mary in the RDJ movies. From what I've seen (I just started series 3), she is a much better person than in the movies. I'm excited to see her dynamic with Sherlock. 5. @ Sherlock for making a dig at David Burke/Edward Hardwicke/The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes; he made a comment about Watson's mustache claiming that he wouldn't want to be seen walking around with an old man. TBE - if anyone ever still looks at this thread, feel free to debate me.
  20. Dead dragons, as far as I know, are able to be described but once the descriptions are accepted, it (obviously) doesn't appear. Usually to check, I just go to the dragons' page and it'll have the encyclopedia link saying (Undead dragon). It must have been a glitch, but it did just say that your dragon was dead rather than an undead. If you'd like to resubmit, I'll review it again.
  21. Bred this little buddy: [x] Definitely had a nice giggle.
  22. As of right now, the winner for the Platinum group is Lagie with 45 total descriptions! The winner for the gold group, with the highest number of descriptions written overall: Kakaru_of_DOOM with 57 total! The winner of the Bronze group is Peachycupcake525 with 21 descriptions! The winner of the no trophy group is SunstonePhoenix with 25 descriptions! *Platinum and Bronze are subject to change as Kanaye, dirtytabs, Rainbowlight, and ab613 need to submit their final amounts. You have the rest of the day to do so and to check to make sure I have everything! Congrats for a very successful DraDeWriMo! Prizes will be distributed soon!
  23. Caught up once again! Sorry for being quite absent this weekend; I was really sick. Finally feeling a bit better though! Last push, guys! YOU CAN DO IT! Keep writing! Winners will be announced July 1.
  24. You can resubmit it. I looked it up too and I ended up changing it. Sorry. I misread it as "butting". Also queue is back at 0 and I updated the google doc, if ya'll wanna check it (Tabs, Kanaye, etc.)