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  1. Here's a link to a group with all my frozen hatchlings if anyone needs it https://dragcave.net/group/13227
  2. Yeah, idk I didn't see the Weedgod one. I have a bunch of druggie dragons. Drug names are fine as long as they don't imply that the user is doing anything illegal or inappropriate. Something like "Weed Dealer" may be objectionable. That name was fine. @Niomedes Sorry about the confusion!
  3. I would either get a CB Alt Black (My fav dragon other than Holly & Purple) or a CB Soulpeace (my fav hybrid).
  4. I agree that that name is fine. Schitt is a family name, plus it's not that close to sounding inappropriate. @jerzeeshadow it's all about context with names. None of those names are family names either, just blatant censor evasion.
  5. I usually like to attempt to breed shinies to the AP, but I just realized that I abandoned a silver I bred that I really need: https://dragcave.net/progeny/sjwlq the first one it's had. Needed a mate for him: https://dragcave.net/lineage/I8JMr Opps.
  6. Omg so I'm so anxious and excited. I work in greenhouses (my dad has run greenhouses his whole life, and so did his father). I started working for my father's company last spring, and I'm currently taking a Greenhouse Management class... I've been very involved, and I've learned a lot. And my father's boss approached him today and said that if I would be willing to work as head grower (for a 500+ acre facility) he would pay for my master's degree in horticulture. I'm so nervous! This is a no brainer in what I need to do, but I wasn't expecting this. The head of the Agribusiness dept. at my university offered me free grad school for a masters in Agribusiness a few weeks ago, but I don't want to be an economist or a professor, so I turned it down. I never expected to go to grad school. But I'm so confused and behind. Applications start this month, and I don't even know if I'm eligible for the program. I have the grades, but idk if I have the prereqs. Ahhhh I'm just so happy. My boyfriend is so excited for me too and so supportive. I may have a career.
  7. Yeah I'm at 202 and I have Neglecteds and Zombies, so maybe Zombies don't count. So I guess technically it's 203?
  8. 2G PB Desipis thank you, geminia! 2G SW from Ridgewing thank you, anon! 4G Marrow thank you, anon! 4G Lurker from Black Tea checker thank you, @HeDy! 2G SW from Gold thank you, @Kiritora I have a future mate planned using David Bowie! 2G Witchlight PB thank you, @Nexu 2G Lurker from Falconiform thank you, Federal! 3G SW x White Checker with awesome code, thank you, @Vhale! 3G Grave x GW checker thank you, @Undomiel 4G Marrow thank you, anon! 4G Marrow x Black checker Thank you, anon! 2G Grave from Mageia Thank you, @Rare_Hunter21 4G Marrow x Flamingo checker Thank you, anon! 2G Lurker x Black Thank you, @gotw3 2G Desipis from Cassare Thank you, anon! 3G Marrow x Red stair Thank you, @Kaityn 4G Marrow Thank you, anon! 3G Lurker x Gold Checker Thank you, @Infinis! 2G Grave from Plated Colossus Thank you, @Infinis! 2G Lurker from Snow Thank you, @abbyhursty 2G Lurker from Falconiform Thank you, @Infinis 3G Caligene from Winter Seasonal Thank you, @Lavinia 2G Grave from Sapphire Thank you, @Infinis 3G SW Thank you, Medicitoj 3G Lurker x Silver checker Thank you, @herk! <3 3G Lurker x GW checker Thank you, @herk! 3G Lurker x GW checker Thank you, @herk 4G SW x Ice checker Thank you, @herk 5G SW x Ice checker Thank you, @herk 2G Desipis PB Thank you, anon! 4G Marrow x Purple Neb checker Thank you, @Lavinia 2G Caligene from Horse Thank you, @bloodonmyfangs Awesome haul this year! Can't complain.
  9. Yeah I just ran out of Precogs and managed to find some really nice checkers, but after this, I'm only going to keep PBs or CBs unfortunately. I think we let too many Halloweens loose vv Wow that's perfect.
  10. Thank you TJ for this Halloween to remember, and thank you to birdzgoboom and Process for their totally epic Omen Wyrms!! If birdz wants to PM me the concept art or more info, I'll be happy to post it here after the thread is locked. However, since we're beginning to get adults, I'm going to close this. Continue the Halloween/new sprite discussion here: Omen Wyrm Breeding New Sprite/Misc Discussion I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!
  11. I am also getting BAD GATEWAY every time I try to save the grid sort. I've notified TJ.
  12. I'm really excited for these new dragons! I already have some name ideas for them. Reminds me of a movie I saw once that was really really spoopy.
  13. What a wonderful Halloween event we've had this year! Thank you to TJ and spriters for the lovely Halloween biome, the fun game, and the awesome treats. You can continue talking about the release in the Happy Halloween thread, and in the current site discussion threads: https://forums.dragcave.net/topic/180739-so-what-hatchling-are-you-taking-trick-or-treating/ Hope you all had a great Halloween.
  14. I knew there was some kind of thread like this. So I created my own DC spreadsheet with all of my scroll info. I already had a spreadsheet I was working with, but I just took an excel class and threw a whole bunch of fun formulas into my old one, redesigned it and revamped it! It's a good way to keep track of my scroll goals. Basically, if something is below my goal number, it gives me the amount of dragons I need to complete that goal. If I haven't completed my goal, and either male or female is below a certain threshold, it gives me a "male" and/or "female" value as well. If anyone wants a blank one with their own specific goals, lmk. SPREADSHEETS BE HERE Does anyone else keep track of their exact scroll stats on spreadsheets or anything?
  15. I got all the treats this morning, and I'm loving these incuhatchable eggs in the AP.
  16. I should be washing my hair since I haven't washed it since my head injury 2 days ago. But I'm scared it's gonna huuuuuurt Either that or doing homework.
  17. My baby Lurker is looking super cute in her pink ballerina costume. I have a feeling that since more people are probably catching CB's than AP things, we'll have Halloween eggs in the AP for a WHILE after the event is over. (That's my hope at least). I managed to catch all the CB's I needed, my freezie hatchlings are all bred and on the way, and I somehow managed to trade for a lovely 3G Caligene from a SA. (One of the nicest things I've ever gotten during a holiday because I'm not very good with trading ). I also caught an incuhatchable 2G PB Desipis that is super lovely. This is the best Halloween ever on DC thanks so much to TJ and spriters. <3 ETA: I've seen 2 Graves, 4 SW's, 5 Caligene, 2 Pumpkins, 1 Witchlight and 1 Marrow
  18. I chose a Lurker because they're such cute smiley babs
  19. Lol I have a video of myself in 7th grade dancing and jumping around my room after nabbing my 09 Valentine that year. I finally filled up on 3 Pumpkins, a SW, 2 Marrows a Grave and a Witchlight. I'm dumping the Grave and Witchlight if anyone wants them, PM me in 3 hrs. I'm so stoked. I need 1 more CB Pumpkin, 3 Witchlights to freeze, and I'll be ready for the new eggies. ETA: I chose a Lurker baby. That smile and that purple were irresistible.
  20. I can't wait to nab my first CB Pumpkins! This is the best! Thanks TJ!
  21. Yeah I've come across a bunch. The person ranting, I just told them to PM me, bc honestly, no one wants to read the same meme on 2148098324 descriptions. That's why there are rules. And I have plenty of dragons on my scroll with song lyrics incorporated. Copy-pasting song lyrics is not only against the rules, but it's borderline plagiarizing. If you're talking about the dragon who kills hatchlings (essentially children) by luring them in and killing them w/ grapefruit or w/e, yeah I rejected that so fast. It was morbid. The site is PG-13 and mild violence such as "X's watched his family slaughtered by humans, and he was all alone." Is okay. That doesn't make me uncomfortable. Untimely death appears in Disney movies, after all. However, going into morbid detail about brutally murdering things is too far. Also, sorry guys I'm trying to catch up on descrips, I knocked out about 100 tonight, but I've been so busy. I'll try to catch up soon to see that 0 again. There's about 119 in the queue rn.
  22. I should be doing stat for economics homework.... but I'm not. Due Sunday? DO Sunday!