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  1. I'm sick, I have staph infection on my face, I have sores all in my mouth so I can't eat, AUBURN BEAT ALABAMA (though we have a second chance to own them), and Pokemon is going to Switch and I can't afford a Switch. Cries. I'M SO ANGRY. Plus my bf can't come over bc tequila is more important than me. Go figure.

  2. 3 uncommons = CB Silver? Or no? (Green Copper, Paper, Aeon)? I'm not expecting it to go through, but it was worth a shot. XD 



    vv What does that mean. :unsure: Not enough or too much? I haven't traded in so long. XD 

  3. If someone repeatedly spams the description queue without changing anything or reading the guidelines, I kill the dragon. That's what 2nd warning means. Please listen to mods in the description queue or take it to the Description force thread. It doesn't mean you'll be banned. I'll use a different word than "warning". 


    Just clarifying that it takes a LOT of spamming to make me do that so don't worry about it! @SingularSingularity, I've approved many of your descriptions; you don't need to worry. I think you have a firm grasp of the guidelines now and your descriptions are great. :) 

  4. 55 minutes ago, Toyo said:

    Is "Karl Hungus" ok?


    As in Big Lebowski, "I'm here to fix the cable." 


    I don't know the context, so I'm not sure. It sounds okay to someone who's never seen that movie. @jerzeeshadow there were so many that a list was unnecessary. When you have 9 pages of them with dozens and dozens of names that, quite frankly, made me queasy,  that's when your naming privileges get wiped rather than having a couple dragon deaths. Very very few people have had this action taken against them, and it's irreversible. If you have any specific questions about it, please PM me. We're not going to address anything publicly as it is YOUR business. If you wanted a list, all you had to do was ask.

  5. My Flamingo is High is fine. Funny Sex is fine, sexy fun is eh. Sexy fun time was more inappropriate tbh. @purpledragonclaw what do you think? 

    I mean the site is PG-13. If you can imagine your 13 year old daughter/son reading something, and you would rather she/he not be exposed to the language or concept, it's probably not okay. 

  6. 2 hours ago, GhostMouse said:

    So naming this one 68Lap Dance after her code should be okay, right?


    @purpledragonclaw I'm okay with this? I have a chicken named Poledancer. 


    I also think Weeping and Sore Privates is questionable and I'd maybe steer clear of that. :) Otherwise, everything else is fine. Basically anything that suggests doing inappropriate acts, referring to them, or referring to partaking in anything illegal is off limits. Naming AFTER drugs is fine, implying the illegal usage of drugs isn't. ETA: Something like "Shooting Up After School Lol" or  "Abusing Prescription Pillz" basically stuff that could maybe be really hard for someone to hear that struggled with these types of things before. Just use your discretion, really. And if you have a question, posting here is fine.

  7. 12 hours ago, Chaos Rider said:

    It's a reference to how what Snow Angel colour goes with what scroll was figured out before it got changed. http://dragcave.wikia.com/wiki/Talk:Snow_Angel#How_Users_Worked_Out_What_SA_They_Were_To_Receive. Since I can't specifically mention the type of cookie stored on ones computer as that's too modern, I made it part of the Magi's nonsense lecture. From the Snow Angel's point of view she is expecting a plate of cookies and is disappointed when it turns out to be more gibberish.


    Ah okay. That's clever.

    12 hours ago, Chaos Rider said:

    Yes Cerith is the dragon's name. I thought it showed you the dragon's name along with it's breed name and sprite? Or at least it does when I review descriptions. I don't see why it would be different for mods.


    I didn't see it in the queue; I just read it here. 


    12 hours ago, Chaos Rider said:



    And another thank you to whichever mod approved this dragon's description. https://dragcave.net/lineage/IVrmd. I wrote the original description years ago and forgot about it until now. When I went to look at it there was a moderator reject suggesting I should flesh it out some more. Thing is I really couldn't think of anything more to add so I figured I'd give it another go as is and if the consensus was the same then I wouldn't bother with it


    Both were probably me. I probably ran across it when I approved the other 20,000 descriptions and was moving very quickly. After reading it a couple days ago, I found it sufficient. Gotta break a couple eggs to make an omelet; I probably made tons of mistakes when I was trying to kill the queue. Short descriptions aren't bad, but I usually listen to the comments, and if several people suggest that it is a bit too short, I go along with the consensus. 

  8. 16 hours ago, Chaos Rider said:

    So I updated the description of the Snow Angel I posted about earlier so that question marks weren't necessary:


    Gold is a nice colour although on its own it's pretty boring thought Farlith as she entered the Magi dragon's lair. She asked him if it was possible to use magic to give her wings red and green stripes like other Snow Angels. "Unfortunately that's not possible" said the Magi. When asked why not the Magi droned on about seemingly random stuff involving male sheep, scrolls, pebbles and a coat hanger. She woke up when he mentioned cookies but whatever he was talking about it was most definitely not baked goods. "In conclusion the ninth blue diamond." finished the Magi. "I do have another idea however - we'll use paint; now if you'll just stretch out your wings."


    And got this comment:


    Reject: I would suggest placing thoughts in '[thought]'


    1. I already made it plain that it's a thought in the description

    2. Why reject a description if your only complaint is a matter of style? At worst that's an abstain imo


    I usually don't accept descriptions that are narratives like this one. Also, usually when a character in a book thinks, the text is placed in italics, or it is separated from the sentence. As there is no italics, I would suggest putting it in quotes. It is clever, though! Perhaps try something without as much dialogue. :) It's easier to follow without it.


    Farlith thought gold was a nice colour on it's own, but she found it rather boring. She sought the help of a Magi dragon and inquired whether or not it was possible to use magic to give her wings red and green stripes like the other Snow Angels. "Unfortunately, that's not possible," said the Magi. When she protested, the Magi droned on about seemingly random stuff involving male sheep, scrolls, pebbles, and a coat hanger, causing her to doze off. She woke up when he mentioned cookies, but whatever he was talking about was most definitely not baked goods. The Magi did suggest using paint, however, and commanded that the Snow Angel spread her wings.


    Also, I don't understand what "She woke up when he mentioned cookies, but whatever he was talking about was most definitely not baked goods" means. What else would it be other than cookies? 



    "But it's not an illusion. I really do have four wings like you," said the Cerith to the visiting Nhiostrife. "Left wing," she said as she flapped her left wing, then "Right wing," as she flapped her right. "If that wing was the right wing then this wing must be the wrong wing," continued Cerith as she flapped the first wing again. "No, you already flapped that wing," said the Nhiostrife. "No I didn't, I flapped the opposite wing. Wrong is the opposite of right you see," said Cerith. "And this wing," she said as she flapped her right wing again. "This wing is the other one. That makes four: left, right, wrong and other."


    Is Cerith the dragon's name? The Cerith? What is a Cerith? In this case, I think the dialogue is okay, but this is a bit hard to follow. Maybe make the following changes:


    "It's not an illusion; I really do have four wings like you!" said the Cerith to the visiting Nhiostrife. "Left wing," she said as she flapped her left wing and then "Right wing," as she flapped her right. "If that wing was the right wing, then this wing must be the wrong wing!" continued Cerith as she flapped the first wing again.  The Nhiostrife pointed out abruptly that she had already counted that wing. "No I didn't; I flapped the opposite wing. Wrong is the opposite of right, you see," said Cerith. "and this wing," she said as she flapped her right wing again. "This wing is the other one. That makes four: left, right, wrong and other."


    This is a cute description indeed. 

  9. Please:

    • Use the search feature before creating a new topic to make sure you are not recreating an already created topic.
    • Look for the correct section to place a topic in before creating your topic.
    • Read the pinned topics to make sure that any questions you have are not already answered.

    If you do not understand why this topic has been closed in this manner, feel free to contact me.

  10. Actually, there is a topic for this! Lagie has run this thread for a while now, and we should definitely bring it back. Feel free to post your groups here: 

    This thread went through changes once the queue was emptied out, so now it's 1 post per player and you can share your description groups. :) I'm going to close this since the thread already exists.

  11. 2 hours ago, Lurhstaap said:

    Some silly people like me actually collect naughty codes. Even that is allowed. TJ can't be bothered to program it not to generate such words, so it's not our fault that they exist as codes. We're only liable for names.


    Good to hear about Weed God. I was concerned for some of my babies. :P


    Yeah, if ya'll are ever in doubt, check out my Sunsongs. XD 

  12. 2 hours ago, Lurhstaap said:

    Gahhhhh. Last night, I decided I wanted to write a few descs. I figured since two of my five undead dragons have approved descs, I should get the other two set up. I did my best to come up with relatively originally stuff, even. This afternoon I check to see if there are any comments yet. Two out of three of the zombies got this as one of only two reactions so far:


    Reject: it ded (sic; 'it's dead')


    No... No, they aren't. Can people maybe click through to check before doing this, please? Once wouldn't have bothered me much, but two out of three? And it's clearly the same person. It also wouldn't matter so much if there weren't a post in this thread about a mod reject of a zombie desc for this very reason. I put time into those, man. If they get rejected, I'd like it to be for cause.


    I quit rejecting descriptions for dead dragons because they're dead, since I know that sometimes it doesn't show as an undead. Don't worry! :) 


    Also, everyone bear with me. Queue is at about 450, but I just got on holiday break so I can tackle this after work in my free time.

  13. Thank you @QueenErica and @Marie19R. That means a lot to hear that. My roommate suggested I contact her therapist who charges $50 a session, but I'll probably hold off until I have time to work more hours. I really need to have a bit of spending money for Christmas this year. My parents have always been supportive, but I don't know if it's their conservative nature (?) but they've always been highly against therapy. It would honestly be so refreshing to even talk to a licensed professional. The most they did was take me to my regular doctor when I was a junior in high school for anxiety, and she prescribed me Buspar. It was okay, but I found it hard to do anything while taking it. Now I would love to have something like that to bring me out of my panic attacks. My dad basically worded it over the phone has "Are you out of your mind? You're just going to have to get over it. They're just trying to get more money out of you, you're smarter than that. You have nothing to worry about. You can't afford that right now." and I could hear my mom yelling in the background "She thinks she needs therapy? Oh my god :rolleyes:" When I was going through a lot, and I was on the buspar, my dad told me he didn't like me taking medication for anxiety (probably stemming from my mom's stint with prozac), so I came up with my own coping methods that simply don't work anymore.


    I just have a hard time seeing my problems as valid. I have everything I've ever needed, I'm privileged beyond belief, born with a silver spoon. I live in a lovely town and go to a wonderful university, and I shouldn't have a worry in the world. But I'm all messed up. A lot of the things I've gone through, I like to second guess that they actually even happened because sometimes when I tell people, they don't believe me or they don't understand. The bullying hurt bad. I went to a private religious school with a class of around 30 people. I was branded the ugly girl and no one would talk to me, and if I said anything I was dismissed. I couldn't ever dream of even dating someone. And I'm not ugly at all, but I just accepted it. It's given me a warped sense of myself. I've had things said to me that I still can't believe a human being could say to another. I have a lot of things buried. And that's not even getting into my first serious relationship.


    The hospital sent me to the university health center, and the health center sent me to a concussion research clinic. My dad seemed to not understand the connection between a head wound and being referred to therapy to assess any emotional problems/irritability/depression/anxiety that I've been experiencing along with it. I'm very sorry to hear about your mono, Marie19R. I've heard it's the worst of the worst. :( Those sound exactly like my symptoms. The murderous rage has always been there though for me. I've learned to control it for the most part. I have pretty serious anger issues. I've cried every day since the accident over NOTHING. Just panicking over nothing. I cry and flinch whenever my boyfriend even tries to give me a hug and I don't know why. (He has never done anything to hurt me EVER). My brain shuts down when people ask me questions or ask me to remember things or whenever I'm confronted with a minor problem. I get random stabbing headaches or random pressure headaches behind my eyes or in my temples. My boyfriend says I've been acting very different.


    That counseling center sounds absolutely wonderful. Unfortunately, CAPS (the free counseling service for my university) has a horrible track record of reporting students to the authorities if they speak about underage drinking or minor drug usage. (Not that either of those issues I've dealt with but are VERY common in university life), but it makes me feel like they don't really care. I was stalked once at the university for a couple weeks, and the Equal Opportunity Office basically told me I was lying after several girls (whom I didn't know were experiencing the same problem) came forward about the same guy. The guy from EOO told me over the phone "He said he was under the influence of drugs and that none of this ever happened, so I think that you should close your case." I no longer trust my university in any sensitive aspect. I would love to go to a neurologist but there's no way I can afford it. I'm already dealing with a $7,000 hospital bill (my insurance paid $300) just for being admitted, having a CT scan, and getting staples. 


    Thank you both, I no longer feel alone. It feels really good to talk about what I'm going through with others. I need to get active and social and meet some new friends to spend time with and get my mind off of things. 



  14. Yeah I don't know what to do. I recently had a really bad concussion (my 8th or 9th I believe) that required 5 staples. I had my first stitches in my head at 2 years old, my second at 7. Since then, I've had multiple undiagnosed concussions that resulted in my blacking out, having seizures, or resulted in severe headaches. I was referred from the university health center to the concussion clinic on campus, and they determined that I have balance and memory problems along with the severe anxiety and "I don't feel right..." symptoms. They referred me to a therapist. I've never been to one before (even thru some severe trauma from my ex boyfriend as well as severe depression and anxiety in high school; anger issues, the like), and I thought yeah maybe I'll try this out. I called my dad, and he and my mother outright laughed at me and became very angry that I would even consider seeing a therapist. They made me feel stupid and ashamed of myself.

    I am overwhelmed to the point where I don't enjoy things anymore. I slightly speculate that I have some sort of personality disorder stemming from family history (that includes schizophrenia among other things), a history of intense bullying, abuse, and childhood trauma. I feel ashamed to even say that, because I've had a perfect life. I had a happy childhood, I'm smart, I have a bright future. But I feel like I need to talk to someone. I don't feel right. Additionally, I'm taking more hours at school than I ever have and my car just went out on me (one of the most favorite things I have). I've been struggling at school more than I ever have. I'm an honors student and I can't make the grades I want anymore, no matter how much I study. I'm also utterly alone. I have my boyfriend with me 24/7, but my friends and I have drifted apart due to some traumatic circumstances. I've just experienced some things in college that have really changed me and changed my outlook on life, and I don't know what to do without a therapist. My insurance won't cover it either. 

  15. 17 minutes ago, jerzeeshadow said:

    Here's a question.  Has there ever been, in the history of Dragon Cave, a dragon which had to be killed because it's code was bad?  And by bad, I mean absolutely offensive to any and all peoples.  (And I guess we'll never know its code on these forums without getting sued.)😆


    No. Codes are randomly generated numbers and letters. No one is being punished for codes that weren't generated by them. I've heard there are some users who asked to have dragon codes changed due to their offensive nature, but I mean a code is a code, and releasing it is probably the only way of getting rid of it. Also no one on DC gets sued, idk what that has to do with the question. :huh:

  16. Yeah, idk I didn't see the Weedgod one. I have a bunch of druggie dragons. Drug names are fine as long as they don't imply that the user is doing anything illegal or inappropriate. Something like "Weed Dealer" may be objectionable. That name was fine. @Niomedes


    Sorry about the confusion!