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  1. Aw I had the perfect name for my little wiggle wyrms, but it was taken. I guess that's how life goes. This event is incredible. Happy for the non-stressful game, too. I always love the Christmas games the best. ETA: My CB Hollies, Yules, and SA's also grew up last night. <3
  2. Havana oo na na Maybe language warning? Young thug is in it.
  3. I was hardcore obsessed with Pokémon from the ages of 4-12. I've played all of the gens but irl has definitely gotten in the way of my playing. I was so obsessed as a child, though, that that's all I would do all day. My favorite games were Gold, Ruby, and Diamond. Gold has about 500 hrs, Ruby has 999. Diamond has about 700 hrs (I played diamond with a friend and raced her to the end ) I remember having a slumber party where we both raced to catch Cresselia and the other migrating one... Mesprit? I transferred my Ruby version Pokemon up to my Sun and Moon games. My Gold version, unfortunately, the battery ran dry so I lost my favorite Pokémon of all time... Killer the Typhlosion. And since "killer" isn't an acceptable name anymore () I can't ever have another one. I've caught a few shinies in my day and age (and cheated a could as well lol). I caught a shiny Metapod in Gold, a shiny Mr. Mime in Silver (got it from the game corner in Kanto), a shiny Makuhita in Ruby, and a shiny Bidoof in Diamond (lol I know). I've gotten a lot of shinies thru chain fishing and those friend things or whatever they are. I really need to get a Switch. From the ages of 4-9 I used to eyeball and draw my Pokémon cards into a little composition notebook and act like it was my own Pokédex. Pix here I mean I had to have spend thousands of hours on it. I have a second one as well that I did around 10 years old, but it isn't as in-depth. One of my most prized possessions by far. I also have a pretty extensive collection of cards.
  4. Yeah I'm currently hyperventilating over the amount of Hollies in the AP. I need to rewire my brain. They're no longer rare!
  5. Congrats! This is honestly the best birthday, Christmas, Christmas event on DC that I've ever had simply because I was able to get a CB of my favorite dragon <3 I've been dreaming of this for 9 years. I'm so excited for the "event" and the new derg.
  6. Was super sleepy last night and instead of fogging, I abandoned a 2G Ribbon Dancer from Stripe that I needed for a lineage. Whelp, maybe next year.
  7. I notified TJ. Idk what could be going on.
  8. I finally found this and I think it's relevant. Shoutout to 2010 and not being able to catch Hollies in the AP Maybe language warning? Aka old ragecomic reference hah [clicky] Good luck to everyone still trying to catch hollies. If you're getting sick of the message that another user got it, call your spirit Pokemon to destroy your computer.
  9. Someone viewbombing an egg isn't a problem with the site. Hide your scroll, fog & ward your eggs. That's what those features are for. People are horrible sometimes, but that's what happens sometimes. He won't post if it's something he doesn't see the need to fix because there's already features that fix the problem.
  10. Ahhhhh okay that would make more sense. Sorry I didn't know that! So no one can get a female CB except for HM? That's a relief hah
  11. Wait... can you not influence Hollies? Has this been brought up on here before? I was able to precog mine, but they're both the same gender.
  12. So it is a 2CB limit for Hollies as well? I think I have everything I needed if that's the case.
  13. I'm scREAMING I just caught a holly and i'm sobbign ugh LATE BDAY PRESENT FOR ME <3 ^^ seems like a fluke bc I got nothing from that 45 drop
  14. I should be studying for my fifth and final final today.... it's at 2:30.......... but I don't wanna. vv Thank you! I'm zooted from the past 3 days (and cramming 5 grade-determining tests into them), but I got this!!! <3
  15. WHO'S THAT COMING DOWN THE TRACK? (who's that coming down the track?) IT'S THE MEAN MACHINE IN RED AND BLACK (it's the mean machine in red and black) AIN'T NOTHIN' FINER IN THE LAND (ain't nothin' finer in the land) THAN A DRUNK, OBNOXIOUS GEORGIA FAN! (than a drunk obnoxious Georgia fan) GO DAWGS! (go dawgs) GO DAWGS! (GO DAWGS) GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DAWGS! SIC 'EM! WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF UGA IS THE SEC CHAMPION! We're comin' for you, ...whoever we play next. I LOVE MY SCHOOL SO MUCH! IT'S GREAT TO BE A GEORGIA BULLDAWG!
  16. Well Shimmerbab is merely a dream. Maybe my birthday month.
  17. I had a dream last night that I won a Bronze shimmer *fingers crossed* I've never won a raffle in my life. VV Idk what its gender was, but the name was "Shimmerbab" which I just put on a placeholder.
  18. I think arse is acceptable since there's already a dragon with that name... @purpledragonclaw opinion? Also beer is fine.
  19. This is not my jurisdiction, but please keep it civil. Calling others names will not be tolerated. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and shouldn't be disrespected.