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  1. I don't do any sports except for competitive swimming. I swim for a college club team (Plus three other teams, but I don't really count school team and two summer league teams), and I practice 2 hours a night save Saturdays and Sundays. When I move up a level, I'll probably swim Sundays as well. I'm hoping to get into one of the lower level colleges by a swimming scholarship. (Due to the fact that I swim AT UGA's pool, I've been considering trying for UGA, but their team is just over the top.) Swimming is the only sport I adore because of the work out it gives you! I just love how swimming makes me feel overall. It works every muscle in my body, and has gotten me to eat much healthier.
  2. Accept: All your dragons need are leather, chains, and motorcycles, and I'd go riding with them. Aw this comment made me laugh~
  3. I believe it's sort of become ridiculous how incredibly rare Golds and Silvers have become, but I shouldn't complain. I kind of wish I had snagged more CB Vines when they wouldn't leave the cave. I hardly ever see nebulas anymore in the cave, but I suppose I'm just not looking hard enough. Also: I sincerely hope that nocturnes continue blocking the cave because I adore them. and I also hope that the breeding accuracy of the Tinsels don't slow down too much.
  4. Hold Me Closer My Darling - Write that description! Is she perhaps very affectionate? ~~~~~~ Many of my dragons have descriptions; please check first.
  5. Ahhh, I've never figured that one out. Thanks But still the 666 thing is a bit strange.
  6. Okay so this egg is at 3 days 20 hours and it simply refuses to hatch. What makes it strange is that it's stuck at 666 views. Every time I sneak and put it in one hatchery, it gets softshell.
  7. My friends Painter and Drigon (Don't know if they're still here, I know their scrolls though) showed me their scrolls and I decided to get one. That was about three years ago.
  8. I respect the wishes of the spriters wanting to discontinue them, but I really miss Bright Pinks. I have four of both BP's and Frills, and I suppose I have what I want, but I kinda wish I could reverse the growth of one of my pinks to get one of those sweet looking hatchlings.
  9. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! -is screaming- JUST GOT GOLD I'M FREAKING OUT GUYS! I am really actually screaming and scared my cats to death. -extreme proud nerd spazz moment omgggggg- I have been aiming for this for months! Wish I could change my vote now. !
  10. S1 - Definitely nebulas. (Shallow waters in second place) S2- Definitely neotropicals. (however, I adore the Tinsels too) Favorite between the two- Neotropicals.
  11. Accept: Lol Beatles reference? Anyways, nice description! Ahhhh~! I love it when people pick up on my obvious Beatles references!
  12. I've had this baby described for months, and it's yet to be accepted. I've gotten lots of comments though~ * Accept: * Accept: I'll visit him. * Accept: * Accept: Who forgets about a tombstone, alone alone alone. * Accept: Poor little stone dragon. * Accept: * Accept: * Accept: * Accept: lol * Accept: * Accept: love it! * Accept: How sad. I will visit him 'k? I don't seem to understand how you guys can visit Your Tombstone. It's Your Tombstone. Thank you guys for the nice comments, though! I'm trying to figure out if that one comment is an excerpt from a poem or something~
  13. Member No.: 19,194 Joined: 23-October 08 Pretty decent. I'm a teacher~ Seems like I've been here forever.
  14. I didn't like lineages until I realized how pretty they could be. It gives me a little thrill when I pick up an egg from the AP and it has a pretty even-gen lineage with perfectly blending colors. Ugh my eyes likey. Then I realized that it would make the game a lot more fun if I collected a bunch of one dragon and made a monster lineage. (my project right now) It always makes me feel guilty when I see eggs get picked up and appear seconds later in the AP, I grab them and realize that the previous person discarded them just because their lineage wasn't perfect. But I suppose lineages are all in good fun.
  15. Well Purple, Red, Black, White I believe. (: Ahhh memories. I still remember having four dragons.
  16. Oh wow! The adult is stunning! These will look beautiful on my scroll. (: Thanks again to TJ and spriters for the best Halloween ever!
  17. Yesss! I got four in the first drop of Halloween! <3 I also successfully got a Zombie, 4 pumpkins, and a new Marrow. Best. Halloween event. Ever! And the new eggs look so freakin' amazing!!! I can't wait to see what they are.
  18. Wow! I was only planning on snagging two pumpkins, but I've gone sort of click-crazy. I've gotten four! Eagerly awaiting trying at some zombie hatchlings and snagging at least four of the new Halloween eggs! Thanks so much TJ, the event this year rocks!
  19. Got one of each because silly me locked myself for trying to get a gold tinsel. But I'm not complaining- I can't wait to get many of these new babies on my scrolls! Thanks so much TJ and spriters!
  20. I'm not going to post a link, but my first dragon was a purple named Iris Fantasy.
  21. I will have one. Next year at least. I will have one.
  22. Purple (Iris Fantasy), Red (Maximo Inferno), Black (Moonlite Sonata), Magi (Flipendo Veles) I loved them so much.
  23. WOOOOO! Got mine from the first wave of eggs. Happy Christmas everyone! <3
  24. Y'know guys, it's not really in your right to whine about the Hollies. The whole fun in dragon cave is to race to get rare dragons. It keeps us coming back for more! If TJ made them common, then what are we supposed to try for on Christmas? Come on, put in a little effort and you'll get one. Once you get one, it'll make you SO happy! If they're more common it'll just be like. Eh.
  25. Best Christmas ever, TJ! <3 I don't even know how, but I happened to get a Yulebuck and a Snow Angel from the AP. And this year, I'll be home to snag the new Christmas dragon. <3 I am SO excited!