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  1. I don't see any problem with that at all. Original works would be a good place for it. Then it'll come through me to the good ol' queue.
  2. I almost made it red yesterday, but I was like... is red too angry? But yeah, much more fitting. You're welcome They were mostly second gen PB's I think. I didn't finish breeding tho. Just submitted another hard one for fire. <3
  3. I went through a lot of trouble breeding a mate for a Rosebud in 2016... and I just now remembered I bred the mate. So I missed a whole Valentine's day to try them out [x] and [x] will make a nice matched pair.
  4. The market should definitely be changing. A LOT of the new Prize owners gift their 2Gs, so traders will be less inclined to offer high value eggs and hatchlings for one. Eventually, a guess a couple years down the line, swaps won't affect very many people, because most traders will be looking for them. That's my prediction. If I won a Prize, I would probably swap as well as gift. I mean, now that 2G prizekin are becoming more and more common, people need mates. Do I think 2G prizes are worth ND's at this point? Probably not... but what else are you gonna trade ND's for? However, soon CB Gold and CB Silver will be worth more than a 2G prize, and the market should go back to the way it was before the Prizes were originally introduced.
  5. The Dawgs are heading to the National Championship! What a time to be alive!
  6. The meme was successful. Happy New Year, everyone. *noms turkey sammiches* I love ABBA. Also related meme:
  7. I really need to be getting ready for work where I need to be in 10 mins..... but I haven't finished my coffee yet.
  8. Heads up, everyone in EST or west of me. If you play "Wake Me Up" by Evanescence at 11:59:08, it will play the first "WAKE ME UP!" at 12:00 am on the dot. You're welcome. I'm by myself this year, so I'm doing it for the meme.
  9. It's a guess for you I think. I'm gonna cut a decade and guess 17 for you. Lol last time I posted, someone said I was 29. Nah. vv Wow. that game ended for me very quickly. Great guess.
  10. 1. Earth Gurl 2. CHOCOLATE WITH CHUNKS OF FUDGE IN IT. Aka all the chocolate! Good luck everybody <3
  11. This playlist coincidentally is FIRE. Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel <3 I've been submitting fire since the first day.
  12. My bf is in Los Angeles for the Rose Bowl game (he was obligated to be there and he's currently at Disneyland), so I'm stuck here by myself. I'm at my parents' house, but I honestly don't care about New Years. I've worked every day for the past couple weeks and got off early today. I'm gonna spend it in bed watching movies. I'll Facetime my bf at midnight, (9 pm where he is). I miss him so badly, but I had a lovely New Years with him last year at his parents' neighbors' house. <3 DC New Year for EG this year! My resolution is to cry less, enjoy the moment more, let things go. I had a horrible concussion in October, and afterward, it messed me up so bad I cried every day for 2 months. It's been a few weeks, and I haven't cried a single time. I want to be a more emotionally stable girlfriend. Second part of my resolution is to gift several eggs a month to people. I need to give more. I have a lot. More things that I would like to accomplish are graduating college Magna Cum Laude and possibly getting engaged this year (since I'll be moving in with my boyfriend at the end of the year). Though, that's not up to me. I also hope to be successful at my new career, since I already have a position waiting for me at a large company. Lots of people say that each year is a trainwreck for them, but 2016 & 2017 have been wonderful years (besides the loss of my beloved avatar). Yeah there's been hard points, but I've traveled so much and learned so much. I can't wait for 2018. I'm visiting Nashville for the first time in a couple weeks, taking my bf there for his 21st bday, and my parents invited us to Miami with them for spring break. I'm also going to The Netherlands for the third year in a row to visit family. I also plan on buying Carolina Rebellion tickets (still deciding and prodding my bank account). Hopefully, I get to return to Michigan with my bf this year as well. I am very excited. Bring on 2018! The YEAR OF EG!
  13. I actually took care of that problem by adding a group called "CB's", so now I just filter thru that. Maybe that'll be helpful for someone? I would also like to see something that marks CBs on the regular scroll or a filter.
  14. *hugs* Happy birthday! I was hoping to win in my bday month as well, but no luck here either. I'm rooting for you next month.
  15. 5 Kills and 5 disintegrates. 4 on messy Bronze Shimmers and 1 on a CB Baikala. Annoying, but kind of glad to be rid of those Shimmers.
  16. I wish there was a way for me to earn mine as I am honestly 100% sure I will never win a raffle in my life. I have 0 luck in raffles, but I can work hard. but I'll try again every month anyway. Congrats to whoever won!
  17. Might as well post my haul <3 Hollies Lovely broken stair x Autumn Great code! Thanks, anon! Spiral with pinks and Arias thanks, anon! Stair with Red Nebs thanks, anon! Yules 3G checker w/ Monarch thanks, @Nakuru! 3G checker w/ Val 09 thanks, @olympe! Super adorbs 3G checker with Stripe thanks, @Alayajoy! 3G checker with Stripe (unrelated) thanks, @Miral! Ribbondancers 4G checker with Gold Lunars thanks, anon! 3G checker w/ Vine thanks, Nyara! WM 3G Checker w/ GW thanks, @LibbyLishly! 3G checker w/ Astrapi Thanks, @pinkgothic! 3G Checker w/ Royal Crimson Thanks, stargazer_7! Wrapping Wing 2G from Fever Wyvern Thanks, @Natayah! I have a couple others with the same line. 2G from Frill Thanks, Saikachan! 2G from Royal Crimson Thanks, anon! Solstice 2G from Bronze Shimmer Thanks, @Grandfather_frank! I could hardly believe my eyes! I wonder if this would make a festive mate? 3G checker w/ Bronze Tinsel Thanks, Anon! Mistletoe 3G Checker w/ Terrae sorry about the influencefail, but thanks, Ramani! 2G from Anagallis Thanks, @Duae! Definitely helps with lineages. 4G checker w/ Winter Thanks, @Grandmother_cathie! Also helps with lineages. Aegis 2G from Enraged x Omen Thanks, @Pigonator! Will be enraged. 2G from Enraged x GW Thanks, @Miral! Will be enraged. Snow 2G from Silver Thanks, anon! A misleading 2G from Anagallis Thanks for the laugh, @Natayah! Also, great code! Looks like "giving". 2G from Azure Glacewing Thanks, anon!
  18. Oh my goodness this adult is one of my favorites by far <3 I'm in love
  19. Every single one I caught was tricolored! They were such pretty lineages too!
  20. No one breeds their white winged snow angels. That's my bad luck. The worst luck was getting my least favorite in the first place. But I love my SAs anyway <3
  21. I've had some stellar luck with Winter Magi this year (which is good, because I didn't have very many of them). 3G from CB Hybrid HM Thanks, @Gluria so lovely!! It's my first dragon descended from a CB hybrid. 3G checker w/ Bronze Shimmer Thanks, anon. <3 Maybe one day I can continue it. 3G from Spriter Alt x Gold Thanks, @panthera1! Very close to being a 2G from a spriter alt (which is my dream). I'm usually never this lucky.
  22. My new release eggy has the code ahYAY! Totally fitting. Also my future enraged Aegis seems to be feeling a little s0r. Your sore what? Tell me so I can direct you to the nearest White Dragon!
  23. It honestly should be impossible to reject a description without a comment lol