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  1. SillySunshine needs help navigating the forums. Perhaps they could use a mentor?
  2. I don't actually remember rejecting this. When was it submitted? Before June of last year? I usually remember a description that I've rejected. But I mean yeah, it's fine. Also, backlog is about 380 rn and I'm crazy sick and busy.
  3. No win for EG again. But I'm looking forward to February and some luck. Odds are both things I want to happen in Feb won't, but I'm really hoping for a Prize. Congrats to the winners this month!
  4. Yes, that's fine. Just don't use the term in a sexual way. Also, we would never wipe names for having 1 bad name; that's a bit excessive. That's fine. Sounds like Finding Nemo to me. Harmless and cute. Any mods wanna agree/refute this?
  5. Please: Use the search feature before creating a new topic to make sure you are not recreating an already created topic. Look for the correct section to place a topic in before creating your topic. Read the pinned topics to make sure that any questions you have are not already answered. If you do not understand why this topic has been closed in this manner, feel free to contact me.
  6. I usually look up tattoo shops in my area and they usually have their artists' galleries on there. I take a look through their stuff and decide if any of it fits my style or if I really like their style. I have a really simple star and lightning bolt Bowie tattoo that I got right after his death, and I just asked friends where to go, and there's a nice shop in my town that seems to be the "best one", so I went there and made an appt. It really depends on what I'm getting. I drove 2 hours for the artist I wanted for my back piece because of the color and shading involved. My first tattoo was just random though because I was 16 and we went to the nearest shop (I had parental permission and got matching script with my mom). Edit: and when it comes to cleanliness, it's hard to find a shop that isn't clean in this day and age. They'll get shut down at the first sight of a dirty needle. Just make sure to watch them take the needle out of the sealed packaging. Don't be afraid to ask them questions, either. Also I know that a lot of people, once they find "their artist" will always go back to the same person.
  7. I mean, it's against the Description Guidelines to have a place like that. Just make sure it fits the guidelines.
  8. Thank you, everyone. I've been talking to him about how some of the things he says puts me down. He says that he's just joking with me most of the time... but I'm just so overwhelmed. I don't have the time to straighten my hair and wear nice formal clothing every day to class and work. I barely have time to do laundry. I've been putting in the effort, though, I bought makeup for both his house, my house, and my parents house so I don't have to haul it around (and I don't mean nice makeup, I mean dollar store stuff ). But he says stuff to me sometimes like last night "Can you please run a brush through your hair so it doesn't look like crap tomorrow". I mean I had just gotten out of the shower... I said something last night that was kind of mean, too, I guess. He drinks quite often, but he has an illness where it's not very good for him. The other night we were with one of his friends and he was feeling very poorly, and I told him, just stop drinking now (they had almost finished a 30 pack of Natural Light), and his friend went on and on about how he was less of a man if he quit drinking. So I said last night that he succumbs to peer pressure easily. He got really furious and said that I didn't need to say things like that to put him down and make him feel bad about himself. But I don't know how to word telling him that things he says about my appearance really hurt my feelings. I was bullied my whole life for being the "ugly girl", which I know now is far from the truth, but I have a lot of body image issues. It doesn't offend me ya'll telling me like it is. I've been in wayyy worse situations with a boy who never wanted to compromise or hear me out. I have some confidence that I can convince my bf to listen to what I have to say. I'm probably going to end up getting the tattoo anyway. I just refuse to change something about myself that I've loved and has been one of my favorite attributes. I love tattoos. Absolutely love them. Always have. And I love my tattoos. I think they're very pretty and they mean a lot to me. He made a big deal about them when we first started dating, too. About how his parents would look down on me and be super against us dating and he would be embarrassed if they saw them. I became very self conscious and wore a sweater over to their house in 90 degree weather. When they finally saw them one day, they were taken aback, but they really didn't care. They liked me for me. Same thing with his grandparents that he said would be against it. His family is very open and welcoming to me and don't judge me. I told him he was an idiot for making me so scared. I hope I start feeling more appreciated soon. I try my best to be good for him, and he's gone through a lot of changes as well. It's an ongoing process, I suppose I just had to vent. We're both still young, growing, and learning. This same thing happened to me! And I was finally going to get to go to therapy for the first time for my concussion issues, now I have no health insurance. The whole process is a joke. They did something similar last year as well. I signed up for a low payment one because I have very little income, about $80 a month, and they swapped plans on me and charged me $375(!!!!) a month! (Way more than my RENT). Luckily, my parents stepped in to help me out, but I wasn't sure what I was going to do there for while... I still feel horrible about it. I'm so sorry you're going through this. You'll make it! I found the best way to get results, is to speak to people in person. I sincerely hope everything works out for you <3
  9. I tried to do that, but I just don't have the time. I only had enough time to clean it up. In hindsight, a Wishlist Links would be a pain in the behind to keep up with on my part. I started it but I never finished.
  10. The "gay" part can be construed as offensive to LGBT people. There's no way to tell by looking at someone what their sexual orientation is. I said "His mate is The Mosa" assuming "The Mosa" is an actual dragon on your scroll. Otherwise, no future references make sense. DC has a specific universe and lore. I would take what Herk and I have said and rewrite. You can have an island called Isolated Island, but it can't be very special and it can't take place in the future.
  11. I feel like I just need a hug. I'm so overwhelmed. I've been working 40 hrs a week (I work 3-4 days a week) in my future career, so everything has to be perfect all of the time for the sake of my future, and I take classes in between (one of the most difficult classes in my program with hours of hw nightly). I'm commuting a hour from home to school every day and essentially living out of a suitcase, crashing at my bf's house (paying rent on a home that I barely even stay at). In addition to all of this, my bf has been extremely sick lately (he had the same GI bug I had), and I took care of him exclusively. Now he's having complications and he's really really bad off, and I'm trying to care for him, and nothing I'm doing is helping and he's becoming impatient with me. And now he's telling me that I'm not doing enough to keep up with my appearance... but all I'm doing is working and studying and I have very little time for laundry, cooking, cleaning, maintaining my junk car, taking care of everything he needs from me, etc. and so any extra time sleeping is appreciated... so now I feel gross and disgusting and that I'm completely useless. I'm also so extremely weak from that bug... I lost 10 lbs and I currently weigh the same as I did sophomore year of high school. I'm just so overwhelmed, but I really want to succeed.... ugh... ETA: I also thought "hey, I've got a bit of extra funds saved up... I'm gonna treat myself to a new tattoo [a pretty affordable one, at that], and my bf tells me not to get it because green tattoos look ugly on me and make me look like a lizard... (I have a large tattoo on my back that has a lot of green in it)... I think he's just against tattoos in general... but I had 3 before I ever started dating him.
  12. I have finally decided to get my fourth tattoo! I'm in the middle of designing it; I know what it's gonna be. The Beatles have been my favorite band since I was 8 years old, and I've never been able to decide what to get without being basic and getting "Let it Be" on my wrist or "All you need is love" with a heart. I thought about getting this tat 2 years ago, but Bowie died and I decided to get my Bowie tat instead. So far I know it's going to be the outline of the Apple "logo" filled in with a watercolor rainbow. I also want script with it, but I can't really decide which lyric to get. I really want something trippy. I was thinking about a lyric from "It's All too Much" or something else from the Yellow Submarine/Magical Mystery Tour soundtrack. Something upbeat and positive. Something that makes sense with the piece. If anyone else is a Beatles fan, and you wanna PM me and help me decide, that would be wonderful.
  13. Please: Use the search feature before creating a new topic to make sure you are not recreating an already created topic. Look for the correct section to place a topic in before creating your topic. Read the pinned topics to make sure that any questions you have are not already answered. If you do not understand why this topic has been closed in this manner, feel free to contact me.
  14. Thanks for the link, Ruby Eyes.
  15. I would say Influence. Precog is limited for me since Aeons are relatively new, so I have like... 6 of them. On the other hand, I have 70 Pinks. I know it can fail, but it's pretty rare. Incubate is more convenient than necessary, and Teleport is also convenience. I never had a problem with the AP method of trading Except for when I was a n00b and missed a messy silver a friend tried to send me because I was confused on how the method worked. I cried for hours. Fertility would probably come fourth; I've been using it a lot to ward off rejects for lineage projects. c:
  16. I'm on TJ's staff and from conversations I've had, I would assume that this game has a base in the U.S. But I mean you're entitled to think the way you want about names. If something makes you uncomfortable, contact the mods, and maybe tell the user how you feel. But if it's not violating any of our rules, we can't do anything. That content is inappropriate in any language. Especially for a PG-13 website. All of these are fine. We allow religious names as long as it isn't bashing a religion. I would avoid rapers of my wisdom. Reapers sounds good. Also, there is a dragon with that censored word as a name. I think we ruled that if you're meaning it as an illegitimate child, it's okay. Not as an insult though. I'd need a mod to weigh in, but I think that was the consensus. That's fine. If a another mod disagrees, though, then maybe not. I legit JUST watched the Family Guy episode where he golfs with him.
  17. This is inappropriate. I'm personally fine with Gypsy. I know a girl named Gypsy. I wouldn't kill a dragon over it. No and yes. Just nothing sexual please. Literally immediately thought of Cohen when I saw there was a convo about "Gypsy" as a word. No one is being too sensitive; they are voicing their concerns. But it isn't a slur here, I agree. Fleetwood Mac would attest to that as well as the use as a name. If anyone was naming dragons slamming the Romani people or speaking negatively, the mods would shut that down quickly, believe me. We try to be accepting of all peoples here, definitely. It's just there has to be middle ground when referring to words that may have different connotations elsewhere. Dragon Cave, as I see it, is a fairly "American based" game, as even in descriptions we require American English rather than BE or anything. But NO ONE is being too sensitive when bringing up something that may make them uncomfortable.
  18. The Dead Hooker one is the only one I take issue with. And The Sex Pistols are a very well-known band, and I 100% would be offended if my 13 year old child didn't know who they were. The problem with a lot of episode titles or song lyrics is that it can result in censor evasion or dark themes that could make someone uncomfortable. The thing about band names and names of celebrities aka "Dick Cheney"/"The Sex Pistols" or whatever is that people DO know who most mainstream celebs are. If there's no blatant censor evasion in those names, people usually recognize them, and a google search isn't going to be inappropriate. Also, Poledancers =/= strippers these days. It's a pretty well-recognized sport and exercise. I mean I'm pretty sure there's classes like there are for bellydancing and things like that. P sure my university has classes similar at our gym complex. Also, geology puns are funny. A+ Also: if anyone is getting super worried about inappropriate names... 1. If you're not blatantly evading the censor like CLEARLY evading it, 2. you're not being explicitly sexual (and I'm talking nasty nasty) or 3. You have one really explicit name or something that's borderline, and we feel like you really didn't know, or 4. You post it here and ask, You WON'T have dragons killed and you won't have your naming privileges taken. We'll let you know. Trust me. And all the mods have to agree to have action taken. There is never just one person in charge of those decisions. Just check it here if you're unsure. Don't be afraid to ask us.
  19. I have officially hit my 9th page. (I have 6 dead things but... )
  20. I hope everyone had a lovely holiday! Thank you TJ and Spriters for an epic adventure. Also, special thanks to Odeen and Fiona BlueFire for their lovely new Christmas dragons. I will close this now that the event has ended. Garland Breeding Plans New Sprite/Misc Discussion
  21. Hope you all enjoyed the event! I'm going to close this now that the event is over. Great job to both sides.
  22. *noms cookies* Hope you all enjoyed the event! I'm going to close this now that the event is over.