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  1. This topic (or the majority of the replies to this topic) has been deemed spam. Spam is not allowed per the board rules. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.
  2. I agree with everything you said except for this. That's a spoopy way for some malicious user to steal your password. I'm also not sure how the scrambling would work (seeing a different code than the actual egg is?) Otherwise, I do think the sickness system is broken. Also, there used to be a fansite that you had to log into to use (not sure if it's still around). Perhaps sickness disappears after a day or two. That way if you add an egg to a fansite, you'd have to stick around to watch it hatch, but after a day or two, you can throw it in without worry. That way you could keep it fogged for the amount of time sickness is in play (or ward). Hatchlings could also be vulnerable for a certain amount of time to add a bit of challenge, but if you fog immediately, it won't be in danger. I feel like that would deter viewbombers enough to not be able to kill even ER eggs. This also. Codes are a pretty big part of my playing experience right now as well.
  3. We live in the South US. I grew up with dogs exclusively outside (we wouldn't get one that needs constant attention or that needs to be inside) and we wouldn't chain them. We typically want tons of land for them to run, fences, and perhaps some sheeps for them to mess with. The dogs that we had had a shelter (like large dog house deal, we called it a doggie condo) and access to a pond and constant drinking water. We would definitely let them in during significant weather events.
  4. But if the majority of people don't have a problem with it, is it a problem? But I consider a lot of people here as my friends. More so than my "Facebook friends" which are mostly acquaintances at best. I would probably like more things here than there. The reaction feature isn't supposed to replace dialogue. And the nature of this board as a forum will probably result in no fewer posts since most people DO want to post their opinions. Also no one can actually say they dislike or like it at this point because we haven't had the opportunity to use it yet.
  5. Idk it's fun to give hearts to people's posts when they have an accomplishment or you like what they're saying. It's just a satisfying thing to me. I'm pretty sure there's actual science behind it. It's the same as on FB or anything like that. One of your friends has something cool happen to them... boom like. or heart react. It just makes it easier than posting to something "Congrats!" or "Awesome!" which would be spammy and I don't like doing that. It's fun neat little feature. I mean, a lot of other people may agree. We don't really know until we can try it. I like giving hearts more than receiving them. I wouldn't really be concerned about how many people react to my post, it's more of a poke like "hey I read your post and neat!" rather than "The only reason you're relevant is because I hearted this" because I think that's a poor way to view receiving reacts on your posts, and isn't really their intention.
  6. I think you're right that it would probably just be another feature that doesn't tremendously help or harm. Either way its a kind of fun idea, and I'm sure if anything bad happened with it TJ would discontinue the feature as he did with polls (even though it wasn't discontinued due to a bad occurrence). From what I saw from where someone posted a link to a forum like this and people were using reacts, it didn't seem as if they were being abused... they were just kind of there. Which was neat to me. I'm sure if I noticed that there was a lot of negativity being spread, I would probably personally ask for it to be removed. It's just a hard thing to speculate about either way.
  7. Oh my goodness I didn't realize he was odd-eyed! That's so funny. My bf and I want an odd eyed Aussie and we were going to name him Bowie as well. Omg so sweet. I want to squish him. <3 <3 We're also thinking about adopting a male and female and naming them Forrest and Jenny. We have to wait until we have a large enough yard until we get a dog. We hopefully want them to be exclusively outdoors because we already have a cat, and she's not really compatible with other animals. We love her though. We are 100% sure we want to adopt though. tbh your dog is one of the prettiest and most photogenic dogs I've ever seen c:
  8. Well... isn't that what reporting to mods is for? It seems like a far-fetched hypothetical. Again, wouldn't that help the mods narrow down who is doing the viewbombing? It's not like rules can't be put into place about it. I'm sure the feature can also be taken away if someone abuses it. But... if we nab the few people doing it, it wouldn't happen again... and I don't really understand how a few small instances will take away from the overall point of them. We can also ban spammers, but that doesn't really prevent it from happening. Pretty awful things have been posted on the forums before, but the ability to post hasn't been taken away for everyone. I think that there is a lot more potential for positivity than negativity, and none of these arguments have really provided enough evidence for me otherwise? That's to say it's all "expect the worst" speculation. But I do agree with ya'll. Those things could happen, and I do think we need to keep that in mind, but maybe think of ways to prevent it rather than scrapping the whole idea altogether. I think it could be fun! I still say a trial run would be best.
  9. I find it interesting how people see it differently too. I think I see where you're coming from with this. But I also think reactions may help the problem you have with not getting a discussion. Many posts may not actually be discussing things, just saying "Great idea!" without saying why. That will clutter the board for the responses you DO want to address, but you can still see how many "support" reactions you have on your original post. That may also be good for gauging interest. Then perhaps you may expand your idea and see how it evolves. I think it would mostly be a tool to use. I think I would be open to a trial run of the feature just to see how people like it/dislike it in general.
  10. That face! WHAT A GOOD BOY OMG. AND THAT NAME. This just made my day so much better.
  11. You can do any of those things, honestly. I would say Reject or Abstain. That lets me know that there's something wrong with the description. Then make sure to go into detail about what corrections need to be made; saves me tons of time, then I can correct the mistakes or put "Make suggested corrections" based on what you said. I often do the former if I'm not in a hurry. @JavaTigress Check your descriptions; I'm pretty sure I cleared yours out.
  12. I don't have DSL or fiberoptic (I live in a low-income rural area that doesn't even have cell service in many places)... and the ads load a solid 2-3 seconds AFTER eggs appear. The eggs appear almost instantly. I've also found DC is one of the *only* sites that actually loads (images and all) when our service is at its worst. I turned adblock on and off, and saw no difference in the amount of time the eggs appeared to me (updated). However, the ads themselves do load more slowly when enabled which is kind of annoying to see the page spinning a bit longer. I can also refresh the page as many times as I like before the ads load, and the eggs still update on the AP instantly. What TJ says about how the cave is supposed to load checks out for me.
  13. I personally am neutral on this also for the most part, but overall I think it's a good idea. Especially in suggestions or a thread like that. My thought processes is mostly that we can avoid "I support this." with no additional suggestion by having some kind of "support" reaction. This would make it easier to see what people really think of ideas and maybe they could progress a bit farther. I mean, TJ says they're configurable. We could easily have a "support" react. I like the "like" one too, if it's a heart, then it would be good for threads like the Congrats thread and things like that. "Hey I caught a CB gold!" *racks up some hearts*. Some people don't want to go through the trouble to post "CONGRATS!", so they don't congratulate people at all. The only hesitation I have is that DC forums turns into a popularity contest. 30 people get hundreds of likes for some reason; whereas, newer/lesser known members don't get any. Then we turn into social media mining for likes. However, that is a worst case scenario, and I don't think many people will like something at all. It'll just be a feature that a few people utilize, but still a thing that's available. The only default ones that I see that are relevant are "Like" and "Haha". Some people say funny things. I'd like to laugh at their post without getting off topic. I think this is a more fun, fresh idea than a harmful one meant to make users feel unappreciated. I DON'T think under any circumstance that there should be NEGATIVE reacts available. ETA: Another thought. If mods would be able to see who reacts, and no one else will be able to see, we will be able to nip harassment in the bud (and probably remove reactions), and we would probably have a better way to gauge who is doing the harassing. May be a helpful thing across the board.
  14. I have never really seen where the ads have prevented the actual cave page from loading. Usually, the ads take a bit longer than the eggs to load, so I fail to see how the non-invasive ads interfere with catching. DC has never been in any way, shape, or form a pay to play website. Nonetheless, I'll move this to Suggestions and see what LadyLyzar and TJ think. I don't think it really fits in SD as it's more of a suggestion thread. And if the "PLS DON'T BLOCK ADS" ads are the issue, I don't see why you don't just not block ads for DC? I'm not trying to be unhelpful, just trying to really understand the issue you're having. Also the point of ads is to generate revenue to keep the site running... if ads are an inconvenience I think you can donate any sort of amount to DC and have the ads removed. I've never done so; kind of debating it now. I feel as if the small donation fixes the problems as well. Edit: Also, sorry I didn't see the option for leaving a link in SD from where I moved this, I hope that doesn't cause issues with your finding this thread.
  15. Perhaps PM any of the spriters who worked on the last event. You can find the credits in this post: I'm fairly certain Process orchestrated the event for Valentine's Day. If you have any more questions, perhaps @ some spriters in this thread: https://forums.dragcave.net/topic/169995-tiny-little-questions/ If you have any additional questions, feel free to PM me. I'm going to close this as it's more of an answered question than a discussion thread.
  16. I knocked about 100 or so out last night. I would say 2-3 weeks at the most. The last time I cleared it completely out was last month. Every time I turn around, I knock it to 100 or so in the queue, and I blink and it's at 300 again.
  17. I can do it a bit later. Just PM me which posts to clear.
  18. Now that she's all grown up, I'm happy to say I've gotten my second ever 2G prize. I'm so happy <3 She's my first with a common mate as well, and I thought I made a fitting choice of mate <3
  19. Missed a CB silver. I forgot how bad the feeling hurt.
  20. That's fine; there's already a dragon named arse. I feel like not everyone knows that term. PDC can weigh in, too tho. c: That's fine too. I'm also not sure if I agree with the inebriation one. I feel like there are lots of dragons with alcohol references. It's never really been an illegal substance.
  21. Please: Use the search feature before creating a new topic to make sure you are not recreating an already created topic. Look for the correct section to place a topic in before creating your topic. Read the pinned topics to make sure that any questions you have are not already answered. If you do not understand why this topic has been closed in this manner, feel free to contact me.
  22. Thanks for the link, Ruby Eyes. I'll close this.