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  1. False. Unfortunately there is no chocolate to not share. TPBM sits in the sunshine.
  2. Total Eclipse of the Heart (Bonny Tyler)
  3. Banned for not banning trystan yourself.
  4. Banned for wanting me to ban someone not posted on this page.
  5. Banned for having a new avatar that I didn't recognize.
  6. Banned because I'm now posting after you.
  7. Banned because for me it's long after sunrise.
  8. Oh, it happened to you, too?! I thought I missed something about the rules that some of the eggs cannot be picked up by me. It had that effect several times in the AP.
  9. I forgot that I had already eight eggs on my scroll when I bred an my Spinels. Of course the bred egg was an alt and immediately abandoned to the AP.
  10. Usually I do not care much for SAs, but I found this one just too lovely. Thank you, whoever tossed this baby to the AP.
  11. Loved the stories. But now I want to know if the dragons were indeed happy with the spells and had a nice valentine. (And I want to know how the little storm hatchling is doing.)
  12. I would love to have this feature, so support!
  13. I absolutely love this change. I'm more than happy to hunt normal and holiday eggs in the AP.
  14. The game is fun. My first try to make that rose turned something into a frog. 🤣
  15. Thank you, Imago. I run into the same problem and now add my egg by code. Works fine and I can give some views in return.
  16. Just bred my red pair and they gave me an egg. Nonetheless I bought two egg on the market.