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  1. Aww, that's a shame. Thank you for the suggestion and answer!
  2. Hi! I don't know if this is the place to ask this but I will since I don't know where else to ask about it. I have a scroll goal set for myself with CB dragons and I've previously used EATW's CB dragon checker to see how many I have of each, but now that it's closed, I can't find a similar tool over other sites. Does anything like that still exist or I have to do it manually from my scroll checking each of my 2k+ dragons (rip)
  3. Kinda sad the drops were only for 4-5 days, I thought they would've been 7 days. Easter hasn't even happened here yet
  4. I have a feeling these are a revamped version of the lagmonster hmmmmm.. Also I want to thank all the spriters and artists that made this event possible, TCA you're the bomb! The dress up was amazing. Marrionetta, Finona, Piemaster JOTB thank you so much, also birdz and proccess thank you for these new babes we have!
  5. Have: CB Desipis Want: CB Shadow Walker would be great but anything other than CB Desipis is fine. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Traded thank you!
  6. I got a male and a female and I bred them together. They gave me a white Zyumorph [lineage] . I summoned my female Sino from a female Zyu and my male Sino From a male Zyu. I'm not sure if it's just coincidence but throwing that out there.
  7. Thank you for pointing this thread out! I'll put it in first post as a pointer to a more in-depth discussion of the playerbase changes and suggestion to bring more people in.
  8. Well, yeah. If hey had the time to gain the numbers "organically", aka for a day or so, just 1 view would be needed to crack them at 4d. The suggestion/question is mainly aimed at ER eggs with 0 views. I'm also wondering if the neglecteds are affected by this (even though lower-timed eggs show up first).
  9. Recently, I think everyone has been feeling a steady decline in the playerbase. To be more specific, I've felt it this year. Maybe now that it is summer, it's even worse than general but still I believe there should be some rebalancing needing. So my suggestion is just to alter the views ratios needed just a little bit for the eggs. I generally use 3 hatcheries open to hatch ER eggs with no previous views, but lately it has proven impossible to hatch them for under 4-5 hours, while normally on slower seasons it has taken me about 1h. This is 4x times the regular. Also yeah, I know I
  10. Please tell me these won't give a 404 error since Tj's adults will grow on the 4th of 4th.
  11. Finally nabbed myself 5 of the gold/orange ones and 2 of the blues. They do look interesting, kind of like a mix of mutamore and anagallis babies as far as poses and shading go. I can't wait to see the adults! Thank you TJ and spriters! [Edit:] Perhaps the blues don't have dismorphism and the gold/orange ones do? Because TJ got 2 of the blues and 3 of the gold/orange ones. Honestly their colour reminds me of antique rich, dark gold with a lil mix of copper. I wonder if they are just shiny or could be in the metal category? Maybe something like bronze? Though it doesn't look quit
  12. Hey guys, whenever I try to click on any other than brent's house it just redirects me to brent's house. The links don't work. What can I do to fix that? Edit: Nevermind, when I refresh each time I'm at main page it gives me only 1 house to visit, the rest of the links redirect to said house. So I'll just refresh every time...
  13. The Aegis are incredible! Thank you Birdz and Odie! Also huge thanks to all spriters involved in the event and TJ of course! Happy Holidays to all.
  15. Maybe, but my bet is on wyrms, because they sort between whites and yoshi, wyrms fit the thing owo
  17. I figured out that the egg cracking sequence on dc is a perfect representation of my crumbling sanity.
  18. I really hope the adult sprites look similar to the avatars, I LOVE THE AVATARS YES
  19. Actually, because the drop is in all biomes and it is different, the catch rate is much higher imho. When there is one kind of egg in one biome, that is not common, it's hard to compete with 150+ people at once in the middle of the night (for some people, usually the releases happen in VERY odd hours, this time I was lucky tbh). Took me 3 years to get the hang of drop catches, and even now on some new releases I can't get any tbh. Everything is connection varriation.
  20. Yep, and there was this one girl who caught a gold like that. Sometimes DC is amazing.
  21. Woowoo finally locked The desert ones remind me of a magi x avatar of creation hybrid, actually they all look kinda hybridish to me, like the volcano one - copper x hatching ember, alpine - solstice x creation avi, coast - daydream x sunsong, jungle - golden wyvern x canopy, forest - yellow crowned x glory.
  22. This would be SO AWESOME I CONCUR. But if this is true, many people would hoard them... hunting them would be insaaaneee uah
  23. Me right now.... Honestly, very pretty eggs BUT OMG 60 more cbs to my scroll goal quota....
  24. This is from christmas, but I believe a good one: https://40.media.tumblr.com/9c60b15df55772c...qauco1_1280.jpg ~Linked for size~ WHAT IS A BOX? WHAT IS A BOW? I will probably never know.
  25. Have: CB Brown Copper Can add more. (see greenline in signature) Want: Valentine mates: 2nd Gen Lumina from Val09 2nd Gen Flamingo Wyvern from Val09 2nd Gen Ice from Val09 2nd Gen Red from Val09 2nd Gen Guardian from Val09 2nd Gen Royal Blue from Val09 2nd Gen Gold from Val09 3rd EG Gen Gold from Val09 checker 2nd Gen Purple Ridgewing from NORMAL Sweetling 2nd Gen Terrae from NORMAL Sweetling 2nd Gen Blusang Lindwurm from NORMAL Sweetling 2nd Gen Pink from NORMAL Sweetling and OLD PINK 3rd EG Gen Pink from Normal sweetling x new pink checker 2nd Gen Silver from Rosebud 3rd EG Gen I