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    Hoarding all the Royal Blues yeh.

    IOU Friendly.

    For trades and breedings, all sorts of things - pm me or contact me on IRC

    Scroll Goals: 10 cbs from each breed and colour in cave.
    Vavilon Project: 1cb from each breed colour and gender with a specific name code. What do I concider a name code - a pronouncable or at least semi-pronouncable all letters (no number) codes with only 1 capital letter at the beggining (eg. Guait). If I really like the code I could concider it being all caps or no caps at all. No jumbled caps.
    They shall form pb pairs and have unique descriptions surounding a secret theme of mine, will not breed with anyone else and have stories.
    !!! I REALLY VALUE THOSE, so if you have some of those, PM me and we can work something out :3


    ~~~~~~~~ Holiday Mates:
    Not up to date, will update shortly.

    ~~~~~~~~ Scroll Goal centered:
    IMPORTANT: Name Codes CBs for the Vavilon Project
    Cb Xenos
    Cb Gemstones (green or red only)
    Cb Coppers
    Cb Golds and Silvers (I wish I wish I was a fish.... have 0 currently LOL)

    2g Shimmers from 2013 up Holidays
    2g from Spriter Alts (loveeeeeee spriter alts)

    Profile Icon belogns to http://teralilac.deviantart.com