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  1. Banned for not living around any AMC theatres.
  2. From Neverland. Can I trade adults?
  3. You need another pen. What can I get for a CB metalic?
  4. No one knows besides the couple themselves on whether or not they were testing the hotel to see if they would be kicked out or not. For all we know, they could have just needed a place to sleep, made arangements with the first available hotel and been outraged when they got thrown out because of their sexuality. Regardless of the hotel's religious practices, no one should be kicked out for such a silly reason. How would you feel if you got kicked out of a place because of your skin color or the country you come from?
  5. Banned for breaking the silence.
  6. Alse15

    Recommended Books

    Hm... Honestly I don't have much to offer, since I am a big fan of fanstasy. I would suggest going to Wattpad (website) for some casual reading.
  7. I noticed that I am still on the "needs to give back list" when I have recently given back via glomp.
  8. This is just my opinion, not nessasarily what other's thing. But I would rate a pb gold as a little bit under one with a holiday mate. Just because not a lot of people have CB metals and it would be tough to find/make a mate for it.
  9. Okay, so I feel like there's a lot of points I would like to make and I'll try to keep it as organized as possible without ranting. On the subject of prayer in school: As an agnostic, I don't want to be forced to pray. I feel awkward when I'm forced to bow my head down and close my eyes when eating dinner at a friends house. I have nothing against religion, but it feels wrong to me to be actively doing something you don't believe in. Why force other people to be uncomfortable for the sake forcing everyone to pray in school? I don't mind the idea of "thinking time", since people will pray to whatever god they believe in and people who don't have a god might just sort their thoughts. Abortion: Personally, I disagree with this being used as a birth control method, but who am I to force children to suffer because of their parent's mistakes. If a parent is unable to care for a child financially/emotionally/mentally, then do not force them to keep the children. Also, to completely ban abortion really sucks for the people who get pregnant and find out that having the baby could kill them, or get pregnant because of rape. Gay Marriage: I don't care if you're gay, straight, black, white, or even yellow with purple polkadots and I highly doubt God gives a crap either. Otherwise, why would you see examples of homosexuality in the animal kingdom? I think it's wrong to condemn people strictly because of their sexuality. Them being with their own gender does nothing to you. They do not need to be saved. And contrary to some of the beliefs here, they do not feed off the government. I've been hit on by a number of my friends who are bi or lesbian and it doesn't bother me. No, I don't like girls. I take it as a compliment and tell them that I'm not interested. Then, it's over and we're back to normal. I think people who go out and physically harm homosexuals because they think it's evil, are disgusting. We've gotten past the issue of skin color (mostly) and religion (mostly), so why can't we brush aside the fact that people like other kinds of people? On another note, I think gays should be allowed to marry. I understand that it is seen as a religious thing and being homosexual goes "agaisnt" Christianity, but it's so much more than that now. It's a matter of legality. It's not right to prevent someone from giving another the health insurence they need to save them, visit them in the hospital or rights to children in case of a break up simply because they aren't married. No matter what, we are all human and deserve to be treated as such.
  10. I've gotten my best rares by biome hopping and having "ZOMGRARETHING*clickclickclickclick*. Otherwise, I hit refresh in a biome until either I bust or something pretty pops up. Though. I have a bad problem of gawking at descriptions for a couple seconds before clicking.
  11. I really like this idea. Mostly because I think all of us have influenced/incubated the wrong egg.
  12. I still dont understand what the big uproar is with this idea. Maybe someone could explain it in better words besides that "I don't like it because it'll clutter my scroll/spontanious egg creation sucks/I don't want to be bothered" In my opinion, if you don't like it, don't do it. Just like the raffle/decorating contests. This doesn't have to change the way you play, but it'll be something nice for people who's slow internet won't allow them to get rares. I know of several people who have gone YEARS without obtaining a single CB metal. For the issue of releasing dragon, maybe someone could recieve a notification that the dragons used to earn the prize dragon have been released and the prize could be removed. Or maybe even an automatic removal? And prices could be set for the rare. So if you want a CB metal, you have to show a lot of determination. Not just "oh, I collected so many ___ I can choose anything!" but more of a "okay, I raised ___ amount of dragons. I can pick __, ___, or ___". Y'know?
  13. Gift Report: Alse15 -> Lexi R: Silver Metallic: egg
  14. silverfeather has a silver egg. Not sure if they recieved it from the thread or not. But they're marked as not having one. Wll be glomping someone momentarily.
  15. Offered Notori Morte an egg, waiting on response. they have already recieved a PM PMed SoulFeather
  16. nine metals and nothing produces T.T
  17. Y U NO BOY Y U NO GIRL Theo Lynn Pyroclastic Eruption Suha (very uncommon name, but still a name) Waldo's Bride The Dungeon Bat UpToNoGood MischiefManaged
  18. I've noticed that it seems like whatever rare I try to breed my lumina to, I just get luminas.
  19. Personally, I rather like this idea. I have a friend who has a laptop with slowish internet and no usb mouse. This makes getting CB rares impossible for him. For the complaints about inflating your scroll, look at the holly contest. It pretty much says "get all the BBWs you can by christmas and you'll be gifted a bred holly". If you don't want to participate, you don't have to. There's no need to get wound up about it. A suggestion, maybe the ammount of caveblockers raised for a certain "quest" could depend on what the rare you're trying to get is. For example, you might need to raise 50 very commons to get a CB thunder (I picked this because this is what I most commonly see of the rares) and 200+ of something for a CB metal.