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    Swipe A Dragon!

    *leads the CB female gold away all ninja-like*
  2. someone named this dragon after my dragons .
  3. Alse15

    Glomp Gifting

    Alse--> hoboflotovoto ---> something pink Accepted! Today feels like a day full of glomps *evil laughter*
  4. Okay, I see both sides of the argument. People could spam users for things like 2nd gen hollies, 2nd gen tinsels and whatnot, but that doesn't mean that most people will. Also, I don't see how it makes the game easier, except for people who have a lineage they can't continue for whatever reason. Honestly, I like this idea for various reasons. Chances are, people wouldn't be able to find your scroll unless they peeked at what you have through the forum (which is also how some people find people to PM for ious). Let's say... I really want to breed one of my pretty metalics. But I can't continue their line because I'm too new to have a holiday. Now, let's pretend someone else wants another metal from a line like mine. We could talk it out and agree to breed our dragons and see if we can get an egg. With the idea at hand, we could either agree to take turns getting the egg we want, or maybe they would be more intersted in something else off my scroll. Plus, with the additional option recently provided by shadowdrake, you could block them if someone just wont relent on trying to get an egg from you. Though, I personally would be more likely have all my dragons available for request.
  5. Congrats, Id kill for something from a Gold x Turp .
  6. Honestly, I've been having issues with breeding all my rares. From tinsels to stripes. Not sure whats going on besides bad luck.
  7. this is a very informative website, I studied it well when I was new to DC. which egg is which? and dragon types
  8. What is a complete trio worth? Both CB and 2nd gen.
  9. The last two times I've used bite they egg vamped and stayed on my scroll. I blame not expecting anything good to come from it >.>.
  10. Got on the Thuwed list~ I'm so excited
  11. This purple hatchy I caught is stunning http://dragcave.net/lineage/84kUO
  12. I said I'd hesitate, that doesn't mean I couldn't eventually believe you. In fact, I could see why someone who is gay would nip at their own sexuality. I know people who are christian and say they hate chistrians. It isn't meant as hypocracy but just that they hate the people who follow the religion because of their actions versus hating the religion itself.
  13. I'd hesitate to believe you, honestly, but I could believe it in time. Of course, the two of us are wired very different. If I was in a group that was being walked over, I'd make sure my voice was heard on how much I hated the opression. But, you don't seem very passionate about your opinions, besides to be neutral.
  14. This is were we differ. The reason I have not joined a religion is because if I am unable to fully understand something, I don't buy into it. I think more time needs to be made for mutual understanding. Maybe then, the toll of violence and energy waisted on hatedred can be pulled down to a minimum.
  15. This is a debate, not an argument. I gave my side, you gave yours, I rebuttled, you rebuttled and so on. My opinion is firm, yes, but I've believed the way I do since I was just a little girl, before I had gay friends. I am trying to understand the other side's side, but the thing I can't wrap my brain around is how not just one group, but many, can completely overlook someone's humanity and treat them like animals simply because of a disagreement,
  16. I never said the larger of the population, I said "a lot of people are jerks, a lot of people aren't". Regardless of sexuality, they're still human and deserve to be treated as such. How many straight people cause bad business for companies that they don't like? So many people sue simply because they can. Take this for example: A thief broke into someone's house, got trapped in the garrage, being forced to eat dog food until the family arrived. Later, that thief sued the family and won. People want a scapegoat, something to blame for national problems. So when they hear a story, like the one with the hotel, they are more than ready to blame the sexuality, rather than the individual. On another note, I've never boycotted an industry because of their choices, whether I agree with them or not. However, since Chic-fil-a is an example, if they ever started supporting the physical harm of people and turning their head when people were murdered from hate crimes.. then, I would cease to go there.
  17. I don't think they're holy. I think they deserve a chance at happyness. I thought history has taught us not to judge the actions of few as behavior of the whole. Sure, a lot of homosexuals act like self absorbed jerks, but a lot of them are also the sweetest people you'll ever meet.
  18. Okay, so I'm confused. Did you allow your opinion to be swayed by others or simply lower it so you wouldn't step on anyone's toes? I think on my side because I can't understand the other side. How can people think a population is evil because of their sexuality. It's not like they are actively harming anyone. I could understand if the larger part of the homosexual population raped and murdered on mass amounts. But they don't.
  19. when I say blood, I pretty much meant anything with DNA. At least, to my knowledge it's any fluid that contains DNA. But like you said, it really is a shame they're shunned for their sexuality. Especially when there is no real proof that says "gays have a much higher risk of having HIV than heterosexuals". If a study says that, I have no doubt the sample is skewed or outdated.
  20. That's really dumb. Heterosexual couples have anal sex all the time, so why not just say "all individuals that have had anal sex cannot donate blood"?. It's silly really, having such intercouse does not actually increase your chances of getting AIDs. It's coming into contact with infected blood that passes it. I could touch some blood on the street and wipe my eye later because it itches and become HIV positive.
  21. Am I the only one who finds this extremely adorable?