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  1. back and ready to hunt! I will catch a brine today!!
  2. I'm heading to bed, too. Hopefully ill have better luck tomorrow.
  3. I just... I just want one brine... I'll stay up a little bit longer but something tells me I won't catch any tonight. You know... not to long ago I was wondering what people would do during a holiday and only had one slot left in this situation: They're looking for a new release, it's getting close to midnight. A CB metalic and new release holiday pop up. What do they pick?
  4. Nononononononono!! I'm not ready for the cave to go back to normal TT3TT
  5. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! So many tabs... and nothing I'm going to go cry now.
  6. Aww man... the latest one to drop had a nice code too >3>. And something tells me I am going to love all of these new release. The leaf one reminds me of my dog
  7. YAY! After switching over to firefox I am finally able to see them at the 5 minute drop again. This raises my hopes.
  8. The Brine is so beautiful.... that's it. No sleep until I get one *determined face*
  9. T.T *goes to my sulking corner*
  10. I meant that I stop and stare at the description for a brief moment before clicking on it, and thus, miss the eggs.
  11. Am I the only one who does this?: *f5f5f5f5ff5f5f5f5f5* A BRINE *gawk for half a second* *click and miss*
  12. Guys, I think we need to stop complaining. Most of us still posting are having a rough time catching a Brime, and whinning about how unfair it is will only worsen your mood. Honestly, I know the odds are against me on catching one tonight, but I'd really like to get one before I go to bed because getting them tomorrow will be a monster, but if I pass out, then I pass out.
  13. I think... I'm going to cry... I opened up 15 tabs and nothing DX
  14. I need... Caffine... Now *slams head on desk*
  15. I think the cave is trolling everyone who wants a Brine >.>. At least I've actually been able to see them the last few drops.
  16. Bah! Sleepyness, go away. I don't plan on talking to you for awhile.
  17. Right now I have: 2 rancid 1 leaf 0 brine
  18. Son of a ... grrr... My computer mocks me. It decides to get slow until the all the eggs are just about snatched up and by then it's useless. Oh well, at least I don't have to work tomorrow, so sleep isn't entirely an issue.
  19. More eggs. So, while they will go fast, they won't go AS fast. And I just developed a good method for catching new releases on the drop, so... I'm hoping it works.
  20. They go so fast *.* I think my only chance at catching one will be at the hourly drop.
  21. Can't you ER your GoN? It looks like it should be hatchable
  22. Bah! don't tease me like that T.T
  23. I do wonder what all these will look like, since their descriptions are kind of... gross?
  24. I'm excited for the hourly drop. Since there will be a lot more than just one or two dropped.
  25. same here I'll be lurking for more >.>