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  1. *swipes 2nd gen metalics*
  2. COUNT ME IN! Forum name: Alse15 Scroll name and link: ashface53 Favorite aquatic breed, and why: Coastals. Because they look like little dinos .
  3. Thank you very much for the wish. I named the dragon "Romantic Dragons Loving Wish".
  4. The olives aren't fully in their boxes. A good half of their body is hidden.
  5. Apparently Olive's are a tinsy bit shy.
  6. Oliviero It's the Italian version of Oliver. And, I used this to name one of my Olives .
  7. YAY!! I finally caught my second CB brine. Goodnight and happy hunting everyone!!
  8. Aaand, another bust <.<. I am beginning to get the feeling that I am not meant to have a CB pair. Well, I'll stay up a touch longer before going to bed.
  9. does anyone else have the problem with Firefox where it randomly decides to screw with the formatting? I've missed at least ten eggs because it decided that it wanted to load the page horizontally.
  10. bust again . Though, I blame my cat for scratching on things and making me kick her out of my room
  11. my only issue with the ctrl clicking, is that I'm not fast enough with the keyboard to do this and hit f5 fast enough. But I'll try it at all the drops and hopefully something will happen!
  12. *stares at coast* I only have one free slot... *wills blockers to move*
  13. Honestly, I'm disgusted with what people are asking for the Brine eggs. I think it's one thing for someone to have a super rare, and ask for a new release, but when people have a new release and ask for something ultra rare, it's just greedy and unfair to the people who've had bad luck in the cave.
  14. I'm kind of sad, I refresh clicked earlier, was so excited when I thought I might get a CB metalic and someone beat me to it @.@. Fast fingahs!
  15. Another misclick *sigh*, so much for getting all my pairs on the drop day. Oh well, tomorrow's eggs will be just as good as today's.
  16. Whelp, after a couple misclicks today, it looks like I need to wait a little bit before trying to get a second brine. Hopefully they'll still be dropping at 11.
  17. YEEEEEEEES!! I finally caught one~! As soon as I can drop a misclick, I'll be able to attempt to catch another and I will be content with everything because I will be completely locked with 2 of each of the new releases.
  18. Am I the only one who really, REALLY wants to breed the brine to golds and silvers? I think they would look absolutely stunning in the lineage.
  19. Shoot me now I accidentally clicked on a water and now have to wait five hours before I can catch attempt to catch a brine =.=
  20. how exactly do you do that? I've seen it recommended before, but never figured out how to do it.
  21. I really hope so, because at this rate only the really REALLY skilled players seem to be getting them. I'm a pretty good catcher myself, but I haven't caught a single brine despite lurking at every drop (once for a good four hours straight)
  22. n.mb pjybzo freaking lag killed my chances this time *grits teeth*