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  1. I stalk the other thread, so this idea has support from me .
  2. It's the same mint. No one wants it
  3. Since when do mints drop in the coast O.O?
  4. No. Nope. Not happening. The witch that killed my best friend is NOT getting a plea deal. I don't know what you're talking about.
  5. would it be fair to ask for 1-2 blusangs for a CB stripe?
  6. Traded for a wonderful 3rd gen gold and *finally* sorted my scroll.
  7. I've been lurking in the forest. I threw something when I missed the gold >.>
  8. I know christmas is a little bit off, but what kinds of things would I need to gather up to get a 2nd gen IOU of a winter magi from winter magi x gold?
  9. Oh castiel, I've missed you so. (Yes, I'm having a supernatural moment)
  10. Looks good. My only real iffy opinion is that it doesn't seem logical to ask people to do a subscription and not really give them any perks. I know, people of the site are against paid perks, but coming from a psychological stand point, people are not very likely to give money on a regular basis to something they get nothing from in return. Granted, there's also a group of people who will do the ad free subscription, as seen by the people who have participated in the beta testing of it. But when it comes down to it, people need a reason to not click the "cancel subscription" button when times get rough. Adding a few perks, which don't even need to be large for paying members would not make it any less free for people who opted not to subscribe. It could be little things like on dA. For example: No ads (which is already implimented) Custom Skins Changing username Other options given in the suggestion area Again, nothing huge. No special dragons. No faster browsing. Just more things that will make people more likely to hit the subscribe button.
  11. How do you find it on explorer? *is too lazy to get on firefox*
  12. Just a thought, but what if frills were temporarily re-released. Like... for a day or so at a time. That way they don't become the huge problem they were before and people who don't have them can grab them.
  13. I don't value NDs quite THAT much. Honestly, you also have to factor in just how fair that is to the person who has to sacrifice their halloween to fill that IOU. Honestly, if I had a ND to trade, I'd ask for three at most. Any more just doesn't seem fair IMHO.
  14. My rarest dragons that I caught are my CB gold and silver. Somehow I managed to catch them six days apart o.o.
  15. I would say two, mainly because summers are so much easier to pick up than stripes (I see anywhere from two to four summer drop on the hour). But people are still on the mindset of how hard to come by springs were last season. So I say put it up and see what happens.
  16. what could I get for three chickens and a CB summer?
  17. I was goofing around the cave while egg locked and wondered what would happen if I put "view" instead of "get". I thought the page was pretty interesting.
  18. This will be my first christmas, so I am hopeful for everything
  19. Alse15

    Glomp Gifting

    alse15--> Valkiepoo ---> two CB skywing hatchies
  20. I agree with the fact that projects should be able to have blacklists. It helps people who are looking to gift their eggs to know who not to gift to, especially when that person has broken several of the project's rules. Also, I am happy to see that blacklists are off profiles. I never added one to mine, since it always just seemed a little underhanded to try and darken someone's name who you've had a conflict with. I have members I personally do not want to trade with for reasons that are my own, but that doesn't mean another person wont have a great experiance trading with them.
  21. Would I be able to get a nicely lineaged metalic (4th-7th gen) with a CB stripe and a CB magma?
  22. jANUs My first real cool code. For those who are unfamiliar with this name here's a source. I love greek mythology *snuggles egg*
  23. Caught a CB black and two very low time eggs in the AP. Will be attempting to neglect them *crosses fingers*