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  1. I bred a gold egg from a very stubborn pair. However, I completely lost the information of who I owe it to. Hopefully they'll contact me in time.
  2. I haven't seen anyone doing the last one. I would love to see a competition sprouted for people to collect one type of dragon and so many people who collected the most in X amount of time to get a shimmer of any lineage (kind of like the holly contest).
  3. What happens is someone posts a lotto. If you're interested you say "in" and the lottoer gives so much time before they close it. They then attatch numbers to names and have the bot select a random number.
  4. It happens in a couple hours. Right now it's about 12 DC time.
  5. Drat, I may have to be somewhere at that time. But I'll be darned if I don't try to make it to that lotto .
  6. I wonder if the owner of filly even has a forum account. I know there's got to be a couple prize winners who don't.
  7. Amusing for me, but I named a metal I Will Never Gender. I was kind of shocked no one had taken it.
  8. Alse15

    Glomp Gifting

    Kiramay ---> 2nd gen ice egg Zigadooz ---> gold egg
  9. I absolutely love where his name came from. I grew up with my nose shoved in those books. Only thing I have to say is I was a touch disappointed with the ending. But seriously, I'll be stalking trades for a high gen offspring from him .
  10. I actually think they'd look best with blusang. They both are extremely detailed and they may balance each other out.
  11. I wish she had been a regular release, and then bumped to ultra rare >.>
  12. They're all so lovely. The only issue is I'm not sure what would look good as a pair anymore
  13. Holy crap, give me some of that luck . I caught a CB tan ridgewing
  14. I'm really hoping to be able to get on a bronze and silver list. If I manage do to that, my whole year will be made . Anyways, I'm super excited to see what the adults look like. I'm sure they'll look wonderful.
  15. Missed both a CB gold and CB Silver, only to catch a winter. Goodness, that was a fun drop >.>
  16. Nuuuuuh, I'm happy they're dropping in the cave. But it's very disheartening when I miss both a CB gold and a CB silver in a 1 minute span DX.
  17. I just saw a gold one hatch, they're rather lovely~
  18. I knew they were aquatic. I did, I did. I looked at their egg and was like "that's a water thing!"
  19. Goodness, I just saw the spriter's alt egg. I would sell my soul for an offspring from that egg. That shade of blue is my favorite thing ever.
  20. The eggs are absolutely stunning. However, I don't know why, but they look like they might be aquatic. I could be crazy, but it's just how it looks to me o3o.
  21. I'm still currious as to what the HMs chose.
  22. Still not me. Of course . Congrats to the new winners