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  1. Honestly, from what I see every year it goes as follows: >People get hyped for prize raffle >People ask for increase so they have a better chance of getting a prize >Prizes go out >Those who don't get prizes either A) go on their merry way and hope for next year get salty and request the remove the prize program entirely or C) swarm prize winners with messages. Honestly if I won a prize I'd probably keep it to myself until the blow up cools down and delete any unwanted messages until I either wanted to trade or had someone I wanted to gift. I can't fathom how a pixel game gets people so salty. Of course, that being said I feel like the people who are most demanding tend to be newer users. The ones on trade who caught a dino or paper egg and want a CB gold for it because they haven't grasped what the market is like. Or people who think they know the market so well that they have a PERFECT trade set up that you obviously can't refuse.
  2. Honestly when it comes to prizes and 2nd gens it all depends on timing and who you know/how you ask. I remember one of the lists I got on in 2013 I was put on the list simply because I didn't demand an egg and I was polite. Some very hard to get items traded for next to nothing because of timing mood. I think the biggest problem is the entitlement a lot of users have. I know when catching CB metals was really easy in 2013-2014 when I offered up trades people would pm me with their offer and all but tell me to trade with them. I rejected them on principle, especially when I ended up gifting the metals to people because there wasn't anything I was enthusiastic about. Even today if I have a nice item up on trade or I drop something nice in the departure thread I have a bunch of people messaging me, telling me to put them on my list. I think a better harassment system needs to be implemented tbh.
  3. Last year I traded 25 cb hatchlings for the ND on my scroll. And I traded 20 common hatchlings for my first 2nd gen gold.
  4. f I could have ANYTHING I would request the 2012 Halloween geode I'd link a picture but for whatever reason DC hasn't been letting me do that. It's in the Wikia though. Other than that.... probably a shimmer.
  5. How rare is rare? I got this in the alpine and I saw that it's considered rare but I have no idea how much it's worth. From GW rare to CB metal for scale
  6. Are hollies still rare? Before I went on hiatus they were the rarest dragon in the game and now there's so many in the AP I find myself leisurely tossing bad lineages back.
  7. got a red copper! My second one <3. I hope these guys get to be more common.
  8. I just accidentially a CB Gold. I jumped past it in the cave while location hopping and noticed the description, went back and somehow grabbed it. Have they become more common? Or am I just ridiculously lucky?
  9. Are these guys still dropping? I havent seen any
  10. oh my heck, that was the worst lag I've ever come across. Got nothing.
  11. This is what I get for having only one horse. Was able to breed one from a male hellfire but it'll be awhile before I can get one from a female.
  12. This was made by one of my favorite artists on dA.
  13. No more crimsoms for me since the first drop. But on a bright note I did catch a CB gold in the volcano.
  14. If you don't want it, offer it up on a depature thread. There's pleanty of people without the resources to breed them and that way it'll get a home right away instead of sitting around the AP for two or so days.
  15. Click a CB Gold egg -> overburdened message -> whut -> hatchling locked DX
  16. Not so much common, but a lot of people just flat out don't want messy things on their scroll.
  17. The more I've been thinking about it, the more I'm beginning to think I would sell my soul for a silver x tsunami line.
  18. Managed to catch two CB golds and two CB silvers today. It's been a glorious couple of hours.
  19. Honestly, you have to look at what people are offering in compairison to what they're getting. I've seen a lot of people offering lots of metals, but are yet to be on a list. It really depends on what the shimmer owner wants at the time. For example, I've opened up a couple lists to offspring that I'm owed and I've taken as little as two blusangs because it's what I needed at the time.
  20. Oh that makes me so sad. The first shimmer offspring of luckiest catch has died from sickness.
  21. As happy as I am to have to have a new release, I'm sad to say that I'm pretty disappointed. The art and anatomy don't mix well with the rest of DC. I see a lot of issues when it comes to the posing and it really disappoints me that this wasn't better ironed out before being released into the cave. I'll keep my four of each breed and likely gift anything else I catch.
  22. Honestly, the only times I have ever caught CB metals was when I decided to lurk in a biome without knowing what exactly I wanted. I actually just refreshed when I saw a gold, clicked it and somehow managed to have it on my scroll.
  23. Caught a CB gold <3. This is the first one I've seen since the metal rush started.