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  1. HAVE: CB Snow Angel egg with Z code WANT: Lower time CB Snow Angel without Z code Other offers ♥
  2. Hey, anyone who has hatchlings keep an eye on them. Mine were sick when I woke up.
  3. HAVE: CB Lurker Hatchling CB Caligene Hatchling WANT: 1:1 CB Grave or CB Witchlight hatchling Offer on Lurker Offer on Caligene
  4. HAVE: CB Pumpkin WANT: CB Marrow Hatchling offers
  5. HAVE: CB Lurker CB Desipis WANT: CB Shadow Walker or Marrow PM me with offers (on cool down) Will gift if this is your first Halloween
  6. you all have such super cute codes ;3; I hate you all
  7. HAVE: 3rd gen gold shimmer egg with gold shimmer x spitfire WANT: 3rd gen prize swap 2nd gen thuwed interesting offers? I don't entirely know what I want but if you think you have something unique or interesting feel free to offer it up offer on my shimmer!
  8. The best thing for prize winners to do for the influx of people clicking their eggs and visiting their scrolls is to hide any unprotected eggs or hiding their scroll.
  9. Honestly, I had super good luck with something irl yesterday. I knew that I gave up my chances for winning the raffle in exchange for it. Totally worth it though .
  10. -removed, this is not a gifting thread-
  11. Remember everyone: There will be a redraw in two weeks. From what I've seen the past there's always a number of people who don't confirm their entries. With such a large number of winners I would not be surprised to see an increase of redrawn raffle winners. In the meantime, if you do chose to PM a winner or two please be kind. Be polite. They're no doubt getting a swarm of PMs in regards to their future babies and could use all the kindness they can get!
  12. Not a winner, oh well ^^ Congrats to everyone who won!!
  13. I'm pretty sure emails are going to go out tomorrow. That way more people have a chance to see them when they get there (because weekend). Also I doubt DC is TJ's only job and setting things up to message 600 people has got to be a little on the tedious side. Though chances are he just wrote a script to get everything started.
  14. It's okay! We'll have poor luck together . I've only ever won by default (I was the only person in my age group) and this one time I didn't even know I had put in for a commission.
  15. If I won I'd probably gift a few second gens to friends and randoms... then idk there isn't much I want to trade for these days besides maybe neat lineages
  16. DC wont let me post images for whatever reason, something about not being allowed o3o. Do have a link instead. This accurately describes all of us rn.
  17. For anybody fretting over entries: I only got four. You guys are fine
  18. -vibrates- 600 winners o3o. I've only won something by default (only one in the age group ) but I'm super excited for all the future winners.
  19. ^ This. I've never once said that anyone should be banned from a first offence, but that it should be a punishment that people know can and will happen if they constantly overstep their bounds. Mods should ALWAYS investigate flags. Especially since it could be abused. If someone's tossing around flags on things just for the take of flagging people, they should receive a warning. If the situation is just between two users having an argument, issue the equivalent of a restraining order and if either of them takes it further to try and ruin the other's reputation, that's where more warnings and suspensions can come from. Bans should always be used for the most severe cases and be part of a step process. Unless of course you have someone run over to a picture board and post an extremely inappropriate picture or something (which DC has never had a problem with as far as I'm aware). And granted, I've been gone awhile but the only real time I've seen mods collectively come down on the community and pretty much told everybody to get their stuff in order was after the 2013 shimmers drama.
  20. Sorry for not posting in my own topic sooner but the redirect glitch was kicking my butt. To clarify: A random, out of the blue PM should not be considered harassment UNLESS it is specifically stated that the user does not want to receive messages of that kind (example: anyone who posts that they do not take breeding requests on their rares/do not have open commissions/etc.) OR unless someone is going out of their way to berate/bully you for any reason. To further clarify: "Hey, I saw that you have X and Y that could make a Z lineage, I didn't see anything on your profile against breeding requests, would it be cool to organize a trade or if I could be put on a breeding list?" = OK "Breed me X from your Y" (after overlooking notices stating they weren't interest in breeding requests) = You're really pushing your luck, pal. "I SAW THE BS YOU POSTED IN GENERAL DISCUSSION AND YOU'RE AN IDIOT FOR THINKING THAT WAY -nonsense nonsense nonsense huuuuur-" = NOT OKAY ------- I think action needs to be taken case by case. Not every interaction warrants an immediate smack-down but in some cases they should. Again, more things that need to be taken into consideration before saying "well everybody should be able to pm a mod to report them": - Some people have strong anxiety and do not want to burden the mods. - A lot of people who are being harassed and bullied do not bring other people into it because they think they can handle it. - Fear of repercussion from the harasser if they find out who reported them - Fear of community outrage - Not knowing it's something they can do or how - A conglomerate of other things that could get in the way of people protecting themselves in what should be a safe community.
  21. Things to keep in mind: We have a large user base. And with this comes a lot of people from different backgrounds. People here have social anxiety. People here get bullied in real life. My fiancé would be crippled by oncoming PMs that they couldn't just stop. Or if people sent them a trade request with a transfer link. The big thing people need to remember is not everybody thinks and works like you do. That being said people do get harassed. I've been harassed and I don't have a CB prize or spriter's alt.
  22. We should have a Mod that handles member relations anyways. Flags should not go to any and all mods, but those assigned to handle that task. It's why every company has an HR department. And there should be punishment for people who send people in for review willy nilly. When it comes to people not wanting to receive PMs they should have the right to turn it off. The system we have obviously isn't working and my ideas aren't fool proof but something does need to be done.
  23. Harassment includes all forms of harassment. Be it from trade harassment, to personal harassment (example: bullying). Any unwanted contact or communication. Anything that makes someone feel uncomfortable because someone is stepping in their boundaries.
  24. As the title states it's high time to implement a bigger, better anti-harassment system. As it stands, right now you're options are flagging a post or contacting a Mod. And getting a mod involved is kind of like a slap on the wrist. And if you're a prize owner or even a Mod, you can't take the mass swarms of PMs or talk to someone about every single person who just won't leave you alone. So I think the following changes should be implemented: - A way to flag PMs. At this point in time you can only flag posts made on the forum as against the rules. If someone messages you with something outside forum content your only option is to either block them or report them directly to a Mod. - "This user is not currently accepting PMs". This being a little check box any user can use at their discretion. Are you a forum celebrity of any kind? Do you have an awesome rare thing on your scroll that people keep messaging you about? Is your inbox filling up with unwanted mail? If yes, check this pretty little box and people will be unable to send you PMs. - If this is added, I recommend added a "white list" people can make for their friends and trusted trades. This way it would not completely cut off communication among the forums. - One-time user flag. Meaning a user can personally flag a user once per lifetime. Viewable to Mods only. One flag should be overlooked for petty arguments/discrepancies in trade. After an (x) amount of users flag one person, Mods are notified to investigate and take action. - Bigger punishments. Right now harassing someone on the forums is a bit of a slap on the wrist and a "don't do this again". Taking inspiration from things I've seen with other games, there needs to be a step system. Because right now the risk vs reward is skewed. Put their forum privileges at risk. Put their scroll at risk. Make it so they can't use their magi BSA for x amount of time. Just something to make people second guess themselves when they think about pming someone for the 34th time asking for the same trade. NOTE: A lot of these suggestions are purposefully more clinical because not a lot of people (especially on DC) have the confidence to approach a Mod with their problems. Be it because they don't want to be a burden, they don't want to make their situation worse or legitimate anxiety disorders; this is not a safe way for the harasee to protect themselves. I would like to see other user feedback and suggestions with this.
  25. Wandering, My fiance is actually the same way. They're agender, aesthetically attracted to men, pretty well demisexual but only interested in sex with femme nb to ladies (both cis and trans). So you're not alooooooooone~