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Cordially,SunriseDragon requests I follow with current work!Peach (art), Glacier Crystal (art), Olympian (art), Horoscope, Halo, Lightstrakedsunriseofthedragons.pngSorry if I don't answer or "disappear" from threads, I'm just very busy with RL. I usually answer PMs faster since they're personal, but if I don't reply to threads it's either because I'm busy, I've made no progress, or I don't feel like posting. Sorry if I don't respond, just please know that I'm still watching them.Art priorities: shading/lineart-->sketching-->redlining

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    Hobbies: manga, art, music/composition, dance/choreography, and t-shirt designing ^.^

    My goal is to have all CBs/first gens, second gens, third gens, or lineages. ^.^ Preferably second or third gens, of course. And also a male and female (or just two if genderless) of each species.