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  1. There both awesome! thanks so much Ivy!
  2. My giftee was great and my gifter were all very great
  3. Well this week has been quite successful for me! -2 CB Golds -1 CB Silvers -2 CB Coppers -2 CB Ice's -1 CB Magma -1 CB Winter (Traded the other) -And Caught this tinsel in the AP http://dragcave.net/lineage/EZ6Hf -And got anouther 4thgen bronzeshimmer+a 5thgen goldshimmer Im on fire!
  4. Just Caught Myself A CB Gold! So excited And on a side note got two more lowgen shimmerscales
  5. Well Im happy with the result . Might Change it to normal ice later Dragons LastDefence Fort
  6. Awesome Cant wait to max out again, also do i need to enter the raffle or is it automatic?
  7. Got myself 2 already, got really lucky, but now im only getting errors , well atleast i got them, best of luck to the rest who are still hunting! Well im gonna get off now, but ill be back on later, goodnight!
  8. Eh, anyone know what to do when your HP goes up? mines at 13/12
  9. That's A Good Question.... -CB Frill or -CB Silver or -My Guardian Dragon
  10. Was Woundering if i could request a gif? Avatar sized one please.... Could his tail and legs be moving, with some fire to, with some wing movement please? Thank you for reading.
  11. Finally first GoN is here Thinking i would fail i didnt! Only 4 try's Keeping it hidden so no jerks try to kill it on the first day ....Well ill eat my words and the second one
  12. Finally! After i got all three of my trio's 2 months ago, i havnt been on in so long and a friend told me hey you do know you can summon right? And i said oh okey. (Knowing to myself it would fail or so i thought)! Right before our eye's was my guardian dragon! So Shiny
  13. My Day ~Go on the Pc in the morning ~Then Sport's ~Lunch ~Hang out with a Friend ~Then Sport's again ~Chore's ~Then i go shoot hoop's or go to the batting cage's with a friend or alone. ~Xbox360 ~Dinner ~Xbox360 or Pc ~Long A waited.........BED! And that's my basic free day.
  14. Congratz all GoN Summoner's! My last summoning was a fail But at least I got me a CB Mating pair or Thunder's My Influnced Male Electric (The Female) Cant Wait to Breed them!
  15. I have had this guy for a while. His code made me laugh when i got him ! S3XNY Code And this one remind's me of a BLT Blt-ish code And this little guy's code has m14 in it from Cod He's Got a m14! And this girl already had a name >.< NOeh-
  16. My first rare was ether a CB vampire or a magma dragon
  17. Got a Silver metallic and CB Thunder!
  18. Mostly because my dragon's breed wrong or a mis-click in the cave. And Sometime's i drop hatchling's as gift's
  19. I was wondering how much a 5th gen Gold tinsel x CB White Strip And a 9th gen silver Gold Tinsel Silver Tinsel
  20. Got a 5th gen Gold Tinsel from Apollo! And got a 9 gen silver tinsel from the AP! Plus a purple ridge wing hatchling/ and purple hatchling/ and lumina hatchling And my Other CB purple hatched My fourth magma finally genderd right! My 4 gen Green strip with code eNOEh Finally hatched Oh and got a silver tinsel 7 gen hatched. And my spring prduced an egg! To bad i was egg-locked And a couple day's ago my 2 gen Thunder with the code S3XNY Grew up! And my red strip grew up as well! Lot's of thing's i know
  21. How much would a CB Purple egg be worth with the code I6PMn? And a How much would a 7th gen silver tinsel from cb deadline be worth? Be warned DEADLINE! Im hoping for 2 metallic's or a cb ice/ or a dino or two/ ND would be a dream. And a Cb Golden Wyvern? It's on cooldown at the moment Thank's, Dragon
  22. 2nd try result's in anouther fail i just want one at least!
  23. Got a 6 gen silver tinsel! With a cool linage! Cool Linage!
  24. A ice hatched! P.s. It's my birthday finally