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  1. ...Aaand I screech in with the hummingbird to make 40 with about 2 and a half minutes to spare. I had fun collecting all the lovely eggs. Thank you to everyone who put effort into the event this year!
  2. Yes! Finally got the tomb egg. I'm still missing 12 eggs, but I've got most of the eggs I really wanted now, so I'm happy. (Still hoping for the truck, PONG and Journey eggs, though!)
  3. I still have another 20 eggs to go! D: If a new egg drops every 5 minutes, I can potentially get all of them before the event is over with a few minutes to spare. Here's hoping.
  4. Haha, the Turkey egg totally made my day. Great job on the eggs, spriters! And great job to everyone involved. Another lovely event this year.
  5. Congratulations, everyone! I caught two of the new release eggs, my very first CB gold egg, AND I got my CB tan ridgewing to hatch using incubate this morning!
  6. Wow! I caught my very first CB gold in the jungle a couple hours ago during one of the 5-minute drops! I was rather slow in clicking it, too, so I'm surprised I got it. Congrats, everyone!
  7. Yes! Managed to snag two of 'em! Mis-clicked a winter, however, so now I'm egglocked until my thunder hatches (Or I abandon the winter) Good luck, everyone!
  8. Yay, a new release! Thanks, TJ! Still haven't caught any - Though I did just nab a gold from the jungle earlier, so I'm pretty happy. Good luck to anyone else who hasn't caught the new eggies yet!
  9. I have to say I strongly disagree with changing alpine to Tundra or Montane, or anything along those lines really. Mountains, though often having a fairly broad range of biomes, is still a very specific geological region. Merging it with Tundra wouldn't work at all, because, although there is technically 'Alpine Tundra' above the treeline, Tundra generally is reserved for regions like the Arctic; Very barren; with very few trees and a small range of plantlife due to the extreme conditions. (Though I do think a tundra biome would be nice since alpine is really the only cold biome we have r
  10. Yellow columbine coming your way. ^^
  11. Not anymore. ^^ Happy valentines!
  12. The flowers all look so beautiful. ^^ Great job, spriters! I especially love the columbine, as it's my state's flower.
  13. Yay! The eggs look lovely, I can't wait to see what they hatch into. ^^ Happy valentines everyone!
  14. Thanks for the update TJ! Can't wait for the valentines events to begin.
  15. Picked this vine up a few minutes ago; http://dragcave.net/lineage/iRAnG You ring?
  16. I received a gift Gift report: Crysera -> TradeMark: egg Do I need to be removed? Yes Happy Halloween! I received a gift Gift report: Vhale -> TradeMark: hatchling Do I need to be removed? Yes Happy Halloween! Thanks a million you two! Much appreciated!
  17. Please add me to the lists Forum ID: TradeMark Scroll Link: Here Proof that I read the rules: Honeysuckle Can you get on at all during Nov. 3rd? If so, when? Already passed Didn't make it online, I thought the drop was going to happen today, and I never got the time to get on to check earlier. If you cannot, when is the earliest you can check your PM box? I'll be sure to check it regularly these next few days. Happy Halloween!
  18. Haha, the late-1012 holiday festivities have been awesome so far! I finished Aliset a few days ago, and I just got all 33 Trick-or-Treat items! I love the dragon costumes! Did anyone else notice the Olive male is dressed as a Princess, and the Olive female is dressed as a bearded-viking? lol. Great job TJ/Spriters/Everyone and anyone else involved in this seasons festivities! Everything looks great!
  19. Yes! I just caught my first Blusang! Now I'm just hoping my Brimstone and musty pairs gender differently!
  20. Yay! New eggs! I've already gotten one musty and two Rancids (Hopefully they'll gender differently!) but, of course, I'm still waiting on that brine.
  21. Hm. So I was just looking at the rather large lineage of a black egg when I saw Midas Dorkface on the fathers side. Not sure it counts since my little egg is the 8th generation from Midas and Shallynaar, but thought it'd be worth posting. 8th generation Dorkface http://dragcave.net/lineage/GMOeO